Which is the most evil sign? The Cross, the Crescent, or the Pentacle?


Symbols 13.09.2015


The cross is a symbol of cruelty, execution, pain and suffering. The pentacle can be seen in most fruits and flower. It is a natural thing, which warns and reminds us of our seven most important responsibilities as we live our lives each day. The circle represents the world we live in and on.

The upper point represents the wearer, which warns, reminds, or tells us of our responsibilities. The circle represents the world we live in. Our first responsibility is to the self, which is against Christian teachings, but if you don't take care of the self, then how can you take care of anyone or anything else?

The second point to the left according to the wearer’s view, represents your parents. It reminds us to take care of them, as they did when you were young and couldn't take care of yourself. You owe them your care.
The third point to the right of the wearer is to remind us of our children. They are our only everlasting life. In other words they carry your genetic information forward into the future. This is why those who follow The Way value their children so highly. They are a mixture of their mother’s and father’s genes; and so pass them on again to their children. There is no other form of life that can be described as everlasting or real. Your children carry on your genetic information after you are dead. They, in fact, are you; and not separate. They may be individual, but they are still part of you, and you are part of them.

The fourth point represents your spouse, or in the case of polygamous marriage, spouses. It represents a leg. Kick this leg from under you and you will fall. So you have a very important responsibility to them also. We see nothing wrong with polygamy, as we consider it to be up the individuals concerned. It is their choice and so should be respected. It is not the business of anyone else. Polygamy was considered normal, but it only became wrong or ‘sinful’ with the need to divide people into smaller groups to make the masses more easy to control. Today we are being divided into even smaller groups, as the powers that be know that there is strength in numbers, and that blood is thicker than water. It's outlawing is more to do with the needs of the few than those of the many.

The next leg represents your fellow man. Kick this leg from under you and you will also fall. No one can stand alone. In other words we must consider our fellow man in all decisions that we make. We need each other; and our actions affect each other. This is regardless of the things that divide us, especially today, with all its troubles. Today we are apparently more divided than ever before.

The hole in the centre represents the spirit of man. That thing that we all share, in our various natures. That thing that allows, or makes us thinking beings. It requires constant attention.

So when you consider both symbols, which one do you think is the better one? One that represents cruelty, or the one that represents reason? It all depends on whether you are a reasoning thinker of not.
This is not to say that the suffering of Jesus is to ever be forgotten or undervalued. The pentacle was turned into a sign of evil; and is today considered to be a sigh of witchcraft. The idea of making it an evil thing, was to turn people from The Way which Jesus preached; and into, or towards Christianity.

The Way accepts no gods as real, as there is absolutely no evidence and any such entity or entities. No evidence of magic, apart from clever trickery. Christianity is based on belief, like all religions. The Way is based on the accepting of fact or provable truth only. Truth requires evidence that it is factual; and not just belief in something that can be either way, and usually lets you down. We can also accept things that make good sense, knowing that that which is correct will prove itself through its application to problems. Belief is however just that, but it can be used to overcome your ability to reason, and so keep you confused. It weakens you, by causing fear, and benefits only those who are controlling you.
Fear is your strongest instinct, as it is to do with the instinct of self-preservation: the strongest of instincts, next only in strength to reproduction. All religions are there to control you through your thinking and your inability to use pure reason. So belief is pressed and like a hypnotist they use convincers. The four pillars of The Way are knowledge, reason, Logic and provable truth (fact). All religions were based on the teachings of The Way and a few gods and a shovel or two of beliefs concerning these imaginary entities added. The most important thing in all religions is to instil and reinforce your beliefs, so children go to school early. It's easier to mould them to society's needs. But what of their needs?

What I write is about getting you to think in a reasoning manner instead of in a believing and only trusting without thought, in information that you have been taught to accept as fact. Belief can only exist in the absence of truth (fact). The problem: your problem is the strength of your brainwashing. How much are you overpowered by it? Can you actually reason? How can you reason, if you can accept beliefs that make no sense as truths, where lies reason? How can you accept beliefs that are beyond belief? Are your powers of reason neutered to the point of no return to what is truth? The truth is obvious and before your eyes, if you only look and think about it. The evidence of what I am saying is before your eyes every day. Just watch what's happening in this sad world today, as the unholy trinity (state, church and bank) move you more into their total control, day by passing day. look at ISIL. Madness, or what? But you might think that you are different to them. Well, if you are religious and a believer in that which is beyond belief, then you're no different than them. Christians have their fanatics as well. Think about it.

We must also consider the sign that is used by Muslims. The sickle moon and the star.
From the Internet: “The crescent is symbolic of the beginning of the lunar month according to the Muslim calendar. It brings back to our minds the story of Hijra (migration) of our Prophet Mohammed from his home in order to spread Islam and teach the principles of right and virtue. The star represents our smiling hope, the beauty of aim and object and the light of our belief in God, in our country, its dignity and honour which illuminate our way and puts an end to darkness.”

So where have they gone so wrong with all the slaughter and insanity we see today and every day? Belief is and has been the problem. What they claim to believe has changed from its original design; and now it is believed that all non-Muslims are infidels and unfit to live. Regardless of what it proclaimed today, it is now the duty of every Muslim to kill the infidels. Many virgins await in paradise for those who kill infidels. So many today give their lives to this purpose and to gain such a reward. When they talk of infidels, they mean you and me.
It mentions the light of their belief. Belief doesn't create light: only knowledge is light. That's why we have the Brotherhood of Light, also known as the brotherhood of Nazarenes. The word Nazarene means teacher. That's all. The brotherhoods are those who teach. Knowledge is, or should be based on fact, and fantasy should be kept apart from it. It should not be limited to what others only want you to know. This is simply because it has an effect on our lives and everybody's life. Education is controlled by the state and the churches. They in turn are controlled by money: meaning the bankers. Hence the title “the Unholy Trinity”.

Islam was supposed to stand for the principles for right and virtue. They have obviously changed such belief, just as the Pope is going to change the rules regarding divorced people who have been denied what is called ‘the sacraments. Obviously god has now got with it, and has come out regarding homosexuality, changing his non-existent mind. My point is that what is right is right today and will be tomorrow. Wrong can be viewed as the same. Right and wrong, like truth, cannot be changed for any reason, or unreason. It cannot, and should not, be changed through changing your beliefs. Certainly not to gain members, or hold on to them.
How can you change the truth unless you replace it with that which is untrue? Dignity and truth will light your path, so it obvious that they have no dignity to even attempt to change such glowing and rightful precepts.
You’re all being fooled. Think about it. It's tantamount to fraud. So why do you need gods and beliefs? Do you atually know? I have asked many people and none could give me an answer that made any sense. Some have said things like, “I need God because he gives me life.” No he doesn't, because he can't, as he is like Father Christmas and doesn't exist outside the imaginations of men, and of course women, who seem to go for the idea more than men do.
So what do you know that proves any such entity exists? You will find that the answer is nothing. So why do you buy the idea and protect it so carefully and often violently? When you buy new shoes you know why, so why don't you know why you buy into these belief systems? Think about it. Consider everything you know for sure, meaning everything that you have witnessed and can prove beyond doubt. Consider well and think about it.
Which sign would you actually prefer to live your life under? Which light will you choose to follow? The darkness that the priests of belief call light. The ignorance of belief or the everyday realities of the pentacle? Jesus taught The Way, so why isn't it good enough for you? Remember what the pentacle really means; and ignore what you have been taught by those with an axe to grind and finances to consider. Again, I ask you to simply think about it.

Bob crosbie © 13/9/15





Men fear most what they cannot see. They seek with the most diligence that which is hidden from them, and may not even exist outside the imagination. They remain blind to which lies before their eyes. They value the singer of songs, yet may know that they are not the words of the singer. Though they spring from his lips, they probably did not spring from his mind. The songwriter remains obscure, yet the singer grows rich.

Riches are then the mark of a man, yet what is the value of that man? His riches are his only worth, so what worth is he in reality? Riches bring power, but it is seldom considered how the riches were acquired. So where does this leave mankind as a whole? What is really of value? What kind of man should be revered? Perhaps the wealthy? Perhaps the singer or the actor, who is dumb without the writer? Probably dumb anyway.
Imagine the writer as the Force of Life that is mostly ignored until death comes and all is over. Imagine the priest who sings the songs of gods and asks for blind faith in his particular god, which is only imagined. What can either the priest or his god actually do that is real? He can make men malleable before his rulers’ and that's the only point of all religion. Every country says that it a free country, though the opposite is true, yet men go on claiming that they are free regardless of the evidence to the contrary. When freedom is claimed, what are you actually free from, when you consider the evidence? Free from what? Free only to die, because the rulers and the power-mongers can do nothing about it. If they could they would control even that, so they just tax it. They take away your hard earned money in this manner and they will keep doing it until the own it all. They already own you, but tell you to believe that they don't. Most are happy to believe them and keep their eyes and their minds closed for comfort’s sake.
Death comes to the powerfully and the wealthy as well as the lowly. So where stands their gods when sickness and death comes upon us or them? Where can all the beseeching and praying get them; and what can it get you? Sore knees, perhaps? Perhaps a feeling of being righteous, when they know well that they are certainly not? How can such people consider themselves to be anything but evil? Then they keep their eyes closed and shout, “Hallelujah. God is great!” or whatever nonsense allows them to avoid their own reality and affords excuse.
Gods cannot cure anything, because they don't exist in reality. Yet men give thanks when sickness is overcome. Not to the doctors and nurses, but to a non-existent entity. Such thanks is usually superficial anyway.
Gods stand only in the imagination, and are not real. So why do men value their beliefs so greatly, in such imagined gods? Why do they not pay homage to the Force of Life, which is the force that is both within us, about us, and actually obvious. The truth is that the Force of Life is from where we come; and to where we will return after death claims us. The Force of Life that is life, remains beyond the vision of men, yet is all about him. Why is mankind so foolish as to be led like a sheep, and treated as a fool?
The powerful ones believe themselves above all things and all men, yet are not above death. They too die, just like the most lowly of us. They moulder in the grave and return to their elements. Their elements return to the earth of which their bodies are made, and which sustains them through their lives. All things are of the soil, yet they call it dirt. Can this be because all men are fools, or only viewed as fools by those who make fools of them? Are men all fools? Are we all fools to our bellies’ needs and our greed, or just fools?
What do we see when we view our horizons? The sunrise, or rows of possibilities that can rise us up and allow us to become powerful? To have power over what? Other men, perhaps? Over our poverty, perhaps? What kind of poverty makes a man so blind, if it's not poverty of the mind; ignoring what we don't want to see; and valuing what we cannot see above all things real. Gods in their heavens on golden thrones? A life after death?
Are we all fools or are we insane? Perhaps we are just ill informed and afraid of what we don't understand. Yet we don't understand gods. Strange creatures. Never seen, and never heard. Only imagined. Only heard of. Madness, isn't it, when you think about it? It’s the real road to damnation. Damnation in life and nothing after death, regardless of promises and money spent. The churches get rich and you get poorer. Do you not think this is insane?

© 2015 Bob Crosbie

Governments are not our masters

Belief creates a prison for the mind


It is always to be remembered that governments are not our masters, but our servants. Governments of today have forgotten their place in our varying countries, and use their positions like robbers in the night. As long as our governments serve as, and consider themselves to be our masters, we remain as slaves. We used to have freedom of opinion, but not anymore. We used to have many rights which have been slowly replaced with privileges. Privileges that are paraded as rights, but most certainly are not. Freedom of speech and opinion have been taken from us.

Freedom of opinion based on fact has been neutered by statute, yet we still allow our minds to be neutered by belief in the unbelievable; and the blindness of religious faith. Such blind faith can be seen in the esteem we hold our rulers in, no matter how often they let us down. No matter how many lies they tell us. No matter how many innocents die because of their design. We need law, but only good law under which we can remain free. Where we actually own what we pay for, and own even our children which all states claim prerogative over.

Consider if you will. What use is the worship of gods, when the whole world lies in such a mess and we have become caged by the bars created by all religions? They teach of false beliefs that are beyond belief, and still we refuse to see them as a type of prison in which our minds remain solidly closed in, creating many confusions that bind us even more tightly. To only believe without evidence of fact, or study only that which is at least possible, is folly. Religion is used as an excuse for war, and the slaughter of millions is so justified. People believed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It was a lie from which the favoured few profited, and many innocents died, and are still dying.

Religion and politics through belief gives justification, which is only an excuse, as there can be no justification for what we see in the world today. Christianity is only made up from the real Christ's life and teachings. Even that they have bent. Politics has become a form of religion, upheld by belief, and many excuses are believed by the voters. Excuse by definition is a lie. We now live on our knees; better we stand on our feet, and fight those who oppress us by whatever means necessary to return the human race to reason. Whether this oppression is performed secretly, cunningly, or otherwise, it has the same effect on us all. If the human race is to survive we must turn to,“and follow only,“certain knowledge, reason, logic and provable fact (real truth). Even the King James version of the Holy Bible, first published in 1611, was made up from compromise. One hundred and twenty three religious scholars were brought together by King James at the behest of the pope; and a compromise was forced upon them. And so it was written. How can there be any truth in compromise? There are now about forty different versions of the Bible. All claim that they are the real truth. How can that be? Where lies truth?

Bob crosbie

The Seven Respects – Respect the Beasts of the Earth

Even the smallest of that there is of them may be greater than you in its own purpose.

Photo credit: June Purkiss – on Flickr

Respect the beasts of the Earth, as you too are only a beast. Forget it not. Even the smallest of that there is of them may be greater than you in its own purpose. They give you companion and lend you their beauty. They are more than just service to you. They are more than just food. They are as you are.

The Seven Respects

France and the UK are on the edge of Kafkaesque surveillance


Telecom network cables in Paris. The enactment of the ‘Big Brother' surveillance law threatens France's long-cherished secrecy of communications.

Photograph: Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images

The problem of our laws, wrote Kafka, is that they can involve arbitrary, secretive acts on the part of elites. The law, on this view, has “brought only slight, more or less accidental benefits, and done a great deal of serious harm, since it has given the people a false sense of security towards coming events, and left them helplessly exposed”.

“We live”, Kafka concluded, “on the razor's edge”.

Most would find Kafka's parable, published in 1931, a mischaracterisation of the rule of law. In democracies with a separation of powers, there are checks and balances between legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. There is transparency, rigour and reason, rather than secrecy. There is accountability and oversight. ….. read more





Consider the alternatives to believing in the unreal

All religions are belief systems. As belief is not fact, then why consider it to be so? What is the point in imagining that you know something when you don’t? What are the consequences of thinking and living in this way? Why pay for promises that can never come true? Is our world not being destroyed by the blind following of unsustainable beliefs?

Consider, if you will, what you believe, and consider whether you want to just believe without any reason or evidence, or do you think that perhaps there is a better way? Consider using knowledge with a foundation in fact, instead of belief. Especially belief in things that are beyond, or outside reason and hard fact. Consider a different way of living and organising your life. Consider instead facing up to what your life, or indeed all life is about.

Is it about death, as it is in religion, or is it about life as it is in The Way? Is your life about ignoring fact, and living in the darkness of falsehood and belief, or living with truth?

In The Way we teach truth that is within reason and based on fact; knowledge that we are sure of as truth. We know much, but there is much more to learn.

Do you consider learning to be boring, or do you consider it as a necessity? A necessity to enable you to live in a better, more reasonable and intelligent way. Your life is all you have in this world, so it is vitally important, not only to you, but also to your family and your community. It will help to improve all societies world wide. It is said that to save one person is to save all mankind.

Do you want meaning in your life? Perhaps a deeper and better meaning than belief affords you? Have you considered what the reason is behind what the powerful want you to believe? How often are promises made and broken by politicians and priests alike? Does what you believe hold water in the cold light of reason? Is there a place for belief beyond that which is reasonable or do you doubt?

Do you have doubts about life after death? Why do you want to learn or not learn? To avoid learning, limits your understanding. So where does that leave you? In the dark perhaps? Why live in darkness, when there is an alternative? Consider well.

Do you have a purpose in your life or do you just drift along with the crowd? Perhaps you are afraid of standing out from the crowd? Maybe you are afraid of being alone in this world? In The Way you are not alone. We preach reason and fact, and we search for more truths that are at this time hidden from us. Beware what is hidden and beware even more why it’s hidden from you. Open the eyes of your mind and learn; study and improve yourself and those around you. To avoid improvement is to damn yourself to a wasted life, and wasted opportunities for self improvement. Consider The Way. You have nothing to lose other than the darkness of not knowing. Living with and in belief in the unbelievable, is to live in ignorance. To live your life and not improve as a man or woman, is to waste your existence. Surely the purpose in life is to improve? To improve is to seek and know what is real and what isn’t. Reality is cold compared to belief. You can change belief, but you cannot change fact, so living in the light of pure knowledge is not as easy as living with belief alone as your guide. However, belief is just that. It is hoping that want you only believe is right. But how can it be?

Consider well and decide to put your foot in the first step to enlightenment. Real enlightenment of knowledge, reason, logic and provable truth. There is nothing else for you in reality, and reality is outside what is only believed. Think about it and decide. Follow the light of reason. The torch bearers of The Way and its brotherhoods will welcome you.

Global Warming/Climate Change; living in denial

Graph demonstrating the increase in atmospheric carbon due to human activity
This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased since the Industrial Revolution. (Credit: Vostok ice core data/J.R. Petit et al.; NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 record.) From the NASA website.

I see that the last prophecy of Jesus is being criticised and challenged. It has been said that there is no sign of Global Warming and Climate Change yet. Are these people blind, or can't they see anything? Perhaps they don't want to see anything that upsets their sense of security. Perhaps such criticism is just a ruse to gain attention, like an immature child? Perhaps they are afraid of their beliefs letting them down in the end? Maybe they have had their applications to join us refused? Perhaps they have been expelled from The Way, and are trying to prove some kicking back obscure point? It's probably easier than changing their ways.

I don't know why anyone should behave in such a manner, as there is no point to it. Reason is obviously not involved. If anyone doesn't like us or The Way, or even the last prophecy of Jesus the Christ, why not just ignore us and go their way? No one is forced to read what I write, or what has been written by others over the centuries. We don't expect everyone to like us. Just “having a go” in an attempt to upset and offend us, proves nothing either way, apart perhaps from an apparently large degree of inadequacy on their behalf. Pathetic attempts at being a nuisance proves more than such people realise about themselves, and not us.

Regarding Global Warming and Climate Change, ask any farmer and they will all say that it's now very obvious that warming is having an increasing negative effect on crops. This will cause food shortages, and so the prophecy unfolds. You can see its effects in the extreme weather all over the world. Put this together with all the prophesied wars, and get ready for real trouble; troubles that will affect us all. It's happening slowly I grant you, but slowly or not, it's happening.

Starvation already exists in many countries, and the body numbers are piling up. The Unholy Trinity of banker, priest and politician will tell you what they want you to believe, as their attitudes and designs are purely monetary and control based. During this time of dragging on, whatever chance the human race has to avoid complete extinction, can be used to tackle the problems that will arise and be ready for them. To be prepared will give a chance; not just for us the ageing ones, but our future generations. But then who cares, when they can't yet feel the wind blowing about their houses? Such is blind complacency.

“There shall be mighty winds and disease, as you open the Sixth Seal. And few will listen, saying,”’All is well. The wind has blown not about my house'.

Denying the coming problems and mindlessly giving encouragement to others to do so, will not make it go away. Denial of signs is a poor approach and a stupid thing to do. Some take this approach because they hate me and The Way, and just want to try to destroy for their egos’ sake, using anonymity, and false identities being the preferred method. They know not what they do, and care less, as long as their emotions and overinflated egos are satisfied. Such is the way of the Beast; and they know, but unsuccessfully try to hide it.

The Way is strange to the believer's mind, and that's to be expected. They believe whatever suits them, to imagine something is not happening in spite of the evidence all about them. “God won't let it happen.” They believe in the power of their god or gods that only exist in their imaginations, and rely on the non-existent to put it all right. They look to these imagined gods to save them. Nothing will save mankind, outside of the realms of reason.

Keep looking, and think about it. We trust that you are not all fools, so trust in nothing that isn't real. Global warming and climate changes are real. Jesus might have been out by a few years, but two thousand years is a long time, so what's another year or two? A nit-picker’s avoidance of reality, maybe? It's happening slowly, day by day, make no mistake. You can't avoid it. All we want people to do is look, listen and think with reason and knowledge, based on more than belief.

Bob Crosbie

Injustice: a battle we must win at any cost

A hand gripping a wire fence

As so many powerless people suffer such harm by the bully boys in our various societies, all followers of The Way have a duty to protect them wherever possible. This is an important part of our purpose; that most important purpose of justice and freedom from legal and political abuse for all men, as well as all other abuses and injustices found everywhere today. New members at whatever degree they may be, or may become, should know, understand, and accept this; and observe it as a solemn oath. A matter of honour. They should be willing to practice this noble purpose, at all and any cost to themselves.

While injustice lives, there can obviously be no justice. At this time, there is little to no real sense of what is right; and so many care little for what is wrong, especially our politicians, church leaders and bankers. They see only what profits them and have no care for the suffering masses. They are bully boys. Wolves in sheep's clothing. It's up to all followers to engage themselves in this fight, and it will be a long and desperate struggle in order to put right what is wrong.

People are trained to believe instead of know.

You can see wrongs and injustice everywhere. You can see it in courts of what is called law. It can be easily seen in religion, and especially in banking and politics. People are fooled into all sorts of debts by bankers. Just look at the PPI fraudulent insurance scandal. If anybody else committed such a huge crime, or even one a great deal smaller, they would be jailed. We are trained, like dogs, to accept things like debts and obligations to an imagined god, believing that the priests of all religion will save our imagined souls after we are dead, and all sorts of insane and only imagined impossibilities. People are trained to believe instead of know. To ignore what is reasonable and factual. They think that believing, and holding to blind faith over reason and actual truth, will buy them a seat in paradise after death. It is insane, but it is also evil.

Look at your lives, and try to see how you could improve and make a difference to yourself and to others by, or with just a little effort. See what is going on around you with drug companies, health services, property taxes, and so many more things. Think, and decide whether you can help. Of course you can. All it takes is the will to do so. Join either The Way or The International Golden Movement, and do it today. There are no fees; it costs you nothing to join. Who knows, it may give you some point to your life. It will certainly give you an important purpose, and at least an interest in your own well-being.

What fools we are

What do you know?


Do you ever sit quietly and think whether you are a fool, or just a fool that hopes that that you're wise, or perhaps both? Then can you be both? How can you be wise in some things and stupid in others, but it happens. So you, like me, are a wise fool. You get things right and then the next thing wrong. Confused? I am; maybe that's why I so often wonder about myself and hold such strong doubts regarding my average score.

Do you ever long for yesteryear? Dream of how life could be, not seeing what you are or have at the moment? Blind faith in your future when you day dream of how it could have been and perhaps should have been? Why must faith be blind and if it's blind, what does that mean? Floundering in the dark perhaps? Spending your time in wishful ignorance? What is wishful ignorance anyway? Ignorance is choosing to ignore. Wishing is just that; and gets you nowhere, because when you come out of your dream world, little or nothing has changed, or so it seems. But you have grown older, even by a little bit, and opportunities may well have passed you by. How do you know what it would have been like if you had done this or not done that? How can you really know? You can believe it would have made things different, but then that's belief isn't it.

Opinions are based on what you know, but do you in fact know anything? You know what you have been taught, but what about all the things you have not been taught? Do you think that the things you haven’t been taught, cast a shadow on what you know and have been taught? Do you actually know, or do you just go on blind faith that you have it right? Perhaps you believe that you have been taught all that there is to know, but no matter how old you are you still haven't lived long enough and never will know all that you can know. Why don’t working hours make room for learning? Why do you think in this day and age that your hours are so long, when we have such wonderful machines that can do so much?

Maybe it's designed that way, so that you don't have time to think; and when you do there's football, or some other nonsense like getting drunk. Getting drunk alleviates the inner frustrations, as maybe to look too close is scary, if you can even look at all. Then that's where blind belief comes in.

Wisdom comes with age or so they tell us, but I'm old and can still be foolish, even though I learn about everything I come across. I'm still limited in spite of my years. So how about you? Are you a know it all, or a rejecter of knowledge as being of no value to you, and so making yourself deliberately into an ignoramus? Not a nice name for you is it, but does it fit? Why not stretch yourself a bit? You never know till you try it, and who knows, you might like it. You might learn something, though it may not be of use to you today, there's still tomorrow.

Are you religious? If so, you will look for things to believe in, just as you have been trained to do. So what do you believe in; and does it make sense? What do you really know about such things for a fact? Do you believe in a god who takes care of you and grants favours? Do you perhaps believe in a paradise after you’re dead? Do you have faith that your team will win the cup, maybe even the saucer? What makes you believe in such things? What makes you follow blind faith? What do you know for sure and what do you only believe? What's real and what isn't? What have you learned, and what do you ignore, or have ignored? Think about it.

Bob crosbie. ©