Welcome to The Order of The Way website. The primary purpose of this website is to provide a public explanation for prospective, new and existing members of the Order of The Way, on the precepts, mindset and outlook of those who follow the philosophy that is known as The Way.

The site may also be of use to those who are not of The Way, but wish to know further of its outlook in general. We appreciate that much of the information provided here may be completely new to visitors, so we will attempt to provide explanations in as simple a manner as possible, and hope that you get something from your visit.

You are completely free to read any public text and information pages on the site and our social networking pages (Facebook and Twitter), and we appreciate that all of our ways may not concur with your particular way of thinking.  We therefore ask visitors to respect this fact, and to refrain from any contact or behaviour that is disrespectful, abusive or offensive, as the choice in so acting is your personal responsibility. In other words, please be polite and reasoned in your contacts with us, and we will then be able to deal with you in kind.

Due to problems with spam, visitors to the site may post messages on articles only if they register. Registration is free, and allows you to post comments on blog articles etc. (if you are interested in becoming a member of The Way itself, please see “Membership“). You can easily deregister at any time by using the unsubscribe links in any of the messages you receive. Messages posted on the site, Facebook or Twitter accounts, will be screened, filtered and removed without notice if deemed offensive or pointless.

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