Do you Ever….?

Do you ever feel helpless when fighting against unfair treatment from banks, insurance companies and the like, who take advantage of you, their customer? Do you ever feel that you would like to be able to make a difference when you see children being abused through poverty, which is politically generated, and therefore politically curable?

Do you perhaps feel that your vote, your voice, or you personally, can't really make a difference?

Do you feel controlled? Are you perhaps afraid when you go out, or even in your own home, feel that the police aren't doing anything in reality?

Are you fed up with politicians having a go at each other, just to remove the opposition from their seats, only to later take over and do exactly the same stupid things, and maybe not even as well?

If you feel that even some of these things are true, then now is your time to join up with others of like mind, and make a real difference.
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A message for Diana

This is a message for a woman by the name of Diana, who will have been born with a caul, may still possess it, and was expected to make contact with the High Caulbearer some time ago. It is quite possible that you may have been previously misdirected from your path of inquiry.

The reason that this message is being left here, is that you may still be searching for answers to things you don't yet understand, but cannot ignore. You can send a message concerning this matter by posting a comment to this message below and/or sending an email to