The Truth as we Think we Know it, or Don’t Know It


 Copyright 2016 The Order of The Way
Copyright 2016 The Order of The Way


Have you heard the saying, “The truth will set you free”? So what does a half-truth get you? What does misleading information get you? Would you recognise the truth, if it hit you in the face with a wet herring? Why is one man's truth different from another's? Well, just to explain, one man's truth is different from another's, because they believe different things; and hold different opinions, often based on nothing rational. They have different experiences and upbringing. So, taking this into consideration, where lies truth? Is there in fact, any such thing, as real truth?
Some say that God is truth. Some say that the Bible contains only truth, while another will quote the Koran as truth. They both say that these books contain nothing but the truth, yet they are not the same, with both containing many contradictions. But then again, there are many different versions of the Bible, and different sects read and interpret the Koran differently. Does this mean that truth depends on interpretation? And, if this is the case, then how can there be truth, if there is space for interpretation? If it relies on interpretation, then everyone who reads these books will come up with something different, and call it, and view it, as the truth. Confusing, isn't it?
Then what about this God that so many people have fought and died for? What of religions that have caused so much war, each claiming God on their side? How many wars have been fought on the behalf of one god or another, or even multiple gods? How much suffering has there been, because of this kind of thinking? How can such a being be on both sides at the same time? It’s one of the great mysteries, you might say.
Do you know for a fact, that an entity called God really exists, or how would you interpret all the evidence against such a possibility? No one has ever seen him, or heard him in reality; and even the Bible clearly states that no man has ever seen God. How many prayers are in fact answered; and how many are not? And, why not? What evidence do you know, or have, to prove beyond doubt that God exists?
I've asked many men of the cloth this questions, and they all point to the Bible, or the Koran, amongst other books. But that's not evidence; especially as there are so many versions to choose from; all claiming that therein is the truth.
Can we ask ourselves yet again, what truth? Real truth, or their truth, based on their personal and individual interpretation? Perhaps then, whatever you choose to believe, without any evidence of fact, is truth. Is that possible? So if the truth isn't true, so where does that leave us, the seekers of actual, provable truth? Where does that leave you in the so called great scheme of things? Your life, or at least your quality of life and peace of mind, depends on it.
Everything depends on what you know or what you think you know. Belief isn't truth, as it isn't fact. When you know something for sure, it is no longer a belief: but only that which you imagine and hope is true, is belief. I have added a few dictionary meanings of truth below.
Is it just possible that you’re being misled? And why would you think that? You will die. That's fact, not belief. If you do as your churchmen and state tell you to do, then you will go to paradise after you die. Is the latter true? It only depends on what you have been taught to believe. In reality it has to be nonsense; and you, in your deepest heart, know it; so what's your problem? Now, can you consider what causes most of your problems? Confusion, perchance? Stupidity? Insanity? Think about it.

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