Which is the most evil sign? The Cross, the Crescent, or the Pentacle?


Symbols 13.09.2015


The cross is a symbol of cruelty, execution, pain and suffering. The pentacle can be seen in most fruits and flower. It is a natural thing, which warns and reminds us of our seven most important responsibilities as we live our lives each day. The circle represents the world we live in and on.

The upper point represents the wearer, which warns, reminds, or tells us of our responsibilities. The circle represents the world we live in. Our first responsibility is to the self, which is against Christian teachings, but if you don't take care of the self, then how can you take care of anyone or anything else?

The second point to the left according to the wearer’s view, represents your parents. It reminds us to take care of them, as they did when you were young and couldn't take care of yourself. You owe them your care.
The third point to the right of the wearer is to remind us of our children. They are our only everlasting life. In other words they carry your genetic information forward into the future. This is why those who follow The Way value their children so highly. They are a mixture of their mother’s and father’s genes; and so pass them on again to their children. There is no other form of life that can be described as everlasting or real. Your children carry on your genetic information after you are dead. They, in fact, are you; and not separate. They may be individual, but they are still part of you, and you are part of them.

The fourth point represents your spouse, or in the case of polygamous marriage, spouses. It represents a leg. Kick this leg from under you and you will fall. So you have a very important responsibility to them also. We see nothing wrong with polygamy, as we consider it to be up the individuals concerned. It is their choice and so should be respected. It is not the business of anyone else. Polygamy was considered normal, but it only became wrong or ‘sinful’ with the need to divide people into smaller groups to make the masses more easy to control. Today we are being divided into even smaller groups, as the powers that be know that there is strength in numbers, and that blood is thicker than water. It's outlawing is more to do with the needs of the few than those of the many.

The next leg represents your fellow man. Kick this leg from under you and you will also fall. No one can stand alone. In other words we must consider our fellow man in all decisions that we make. We need each other; and our actions affect each other. This is regardless of the things that divide us, especially today, with all its troubles. Today we are apparently more divided than ever before.

The hole in the centre represents the spirit of man. That thing that we all share, in our various natures. That thing that allows, or makes us thinking beings. It requires constant attention.

So when you consider both symbols, which one do you think is the better one? One that represents cruelty, or the one that represents reason? It all depends on whether you are a reasoning thinker of not.
This is not to say that the suffering of Jesus is to ever be forgotten or undervalued. The pentacle was turned into a sign of evil; and is today considered to be a sigh of witchcraft. The idea of making it an evil thing, was to turn people from The Way which Jesus preached; and into, or towards Christianity.

The Way accepts no gods as real, as there is absolutely no evidence and any such entity or entities. No evidence of magic, apart from clever trickery. Christianity is based on belief, like all religions. The Way is based on the accepting of fact or provable truth only. Truth requires evidence that it is factual; and not just belief in something that can be either way, and usually lets you down. We can also accept things that make good sense, knowing that that which is correct will prove itself through its application to problems. Belief is however just that, but it can be used to overcome your ability to reason, and so keep you confused. It weakens you, by causing fear, and benefits only those who are controlling you.
Fear is your strongest instinct, as it is to do with the instinct of self-preservation: the strongest of instincts, next only in strength to reproduction. All religions are there to control you through your thinking and your inability to use pure reason. So belief is pressed and like a hypnotist they use convincers. The four pillars of The Way are knowledge, reason, Logic and provable truth (fact). All religions were based on the teachings of The Way and a few gods and a shovel or two of beliefs concerning these imaginary entities added. The most important thing in all religions is to instil and reinforce your beliefs, so children go to school early. It's easier to mould them to society's needs. But what of their needs?

What I write is about getting you to think in a reasoning manner instead of in a believing and only trusting without thought, in information that you have been taught to accept as fact. Belief can only exist in the absence of truth (fact). The problem: your problem is the strength of your brainwashing. How much are you overpowered by it? Can you actually reason? How can you reason, if you can accept beliefs that make no sense as truths, where lies reason? How can you accept beliefs that are beyond belief? Are your powers of reason neutered to the point of no return to what is truth? The truth is obvious and before your eyes, if you only look and think about it. The evidence of what I am saying is before your eyes every day. Just watch what's happening in this sad world today, as the unholy trinity (state, church and bank) move you more into their total control, day by passing day. look at ISIL. Madness, or what? But you might think that you are different to them. Well, if you are religious and a believer in that which is beyond belief, then you're no different than them. Christians have their fanatics as well. Think about it.

We must also consider the sign that is used by Muslims. The sickle moon and the star.
From the Internet: “The crescent is symbolic of the beginning of the lunar month according to the Muslim calendar. It brings back to our minds the story of Hijra (migration) of our Prophet Mohammed from his home in order to spread Islam and teach the principles of right and virtue. The star represents our smiling hope, the beauty of aim and object and the light of our belief in God, in our country, its dignity and honour which illuminate our way and puts an end to darkness.”

So where have they gone so wrong with all the slaughter and insanity we see today and every day? Belief is and has been the problem. What they claim to believe has changed from its original design; and now it is believed that all non-Muslims are infidels and unfit to live. Regardless of what it proclaimed today, it is now the duty of every Muslim to kill the infidels. Many virgins await in paradise for those who kill infidels. So many today give their lives to this purpose and to gain such a reward. When they talk of infidels, they mean you and me.
It mentions the light of their belief. Belief doesn't create light: only knowledge is light. That's why we have the Brotherhood of Light, also known as the brotherhood of Nazarenes. The word Nazarene means teacher. That's all. The brotherhoods are those who teach. Knowledge is, or should be based on fact, and fantasy should be kept apart from it. It should not be limited to what others only want you to know. This is simply because it has an effect on our lives and everybody's life. Education is controlled by the state and the churches. They in turn are controlled by money: meaning the bankers. Hence the title “the Unholy Trinity”.

Islam was supposed to stand for the principles for right and virtue. They have obviously changed such belief, just as the Pope is going to change the rules regarding divorced people who have been denied what is called ‘the sacraments. Obviously god has now got with it, and has come out regarding homosexuality, changing his non-existent mind. My point is that what is right is right today and will be tomorrow. Wrong can be viewed as the same. Right and wrong, like truth, cannot be changed for any reason, or unreason. It cannot, and should not, be changed through changing your beliefs. Certainly not to gain members, or hold on to them.
How can you change the truth unless you replace it with that which is untrue? Dignity and truth will light your path, so it obvious that they have no dignity to even attempt to change such glowing and rightful precepts.
You’re all being fooled. Think about it. It's tantamount to fraud. So why do you need gods and beliefs? Do you atually know? I have asked many people and none could give me an answer that made any sense. Some have said things like, “I need God because he gives me life.” No he doesn't, because he can't, as he is like Father Christmas and doesn't exist outside the imaginations of men, and of course women, who seem to go for the idea more than men do.
So what do you know that proves any such entity exists? You will find that the answer is nothing. So why do you buy the idea and protect it so carefully and often violently? When you buy new shoes you know why, so why don't you know why you buy into these belief systems? Think about it. Consider everything you know for sure, meaning everything that you have witnessed and can prove beyond doubt. Consider well and think about it.
Which sign would you actually prefer to live your life under? Which light will you choose to follow? The darkness that the priests of belief call light. The ignorance of belief or the everyday realities of the pentacle? Jesus taught The Way, so why isn't it good enough for you? Remember what the pentacle really means; and ignore what you have been taught by those with an axe to grind and finances to consider. Again, I ask you to simply think about it.

Bob crosbie © 13/9/15

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