Rules Concerning Death of Way followers

1. When death comes, the ancient rules are that the body must be buried before the sun rises twice.

2. The body shall be wrapped, or placed in a coffin.

3. It may or may not be embalmed.

4. The body shall be placed on its back, with arms folded and right leg over left, according to tradition, so that the deceased shall always be known as a follower.

5. An ordinary member who is not in good standing may not be buried closer to a Caulbearer than ten body lengths.

6. A Caulbearer who is not in good standing shall be buried ten body lengths from all followers, to demonstrate his or her shame. They shall not be honoured after burial.

7. Mourners' feelings shall always be taken into account regardless of the circumstances, or others’ feelings regarding the deceased.

8. It was the custom that a rod was driven through the heart at the graveside to ensure that the person was in fact dead. (Better to be spiked than buried alive. Hence the idea in the story of Dracula) Though it is not necessary in modern times, it is nonetheless acceptable if preferred by the deceased. A pistol or rifle shot will also suffice.

9. A statement of his or her position in The Way shall be given. An account of special deeds and generosities shall be given by the highest degree present; preferably not by a family member for modesty’s sake, but it is acceptable if there is no one else available.

10. Suitable verses may be recited, read, or favorite songs may be sung.

11. Some of his or her words may be read or recited, and reminiscences may help the mourners in their time of grief.

12. No slight or rebuke against the deceased shall be uttered.

13. Appropriate words of the True Wisdom may be read, to remind others of their purpose.

14. The Covenant should be read over the open grave.

15. The body must be buried no less than what is now measured at three feet below the surface, and covered with stones for protection. Should the depth be deeper; then the stones are not necessary.

16. The body of a Caulbearer shall be honored by placing stones upon the grave from the time of the last spouse's demise. It shall be done every time anyone comes close to the grave. Such shall be done in honor of the deceased and his or her deeds.

17. A marker should be raised above the grave giving a record of degrees and titles attained by the deceased.

18. More than one body may be buried in the grave, such a wives or children who are followers. They may be buried either beside or above.

19. Any who are not followers of The Way may not be buried within a follower’s grave; other than a spouse or child of the deceased.

20. Relatives shall visit the grave to give honour at the anniversaries and at Solstices unless they are within three days of each other.

21. Cremation is acceptable to all, but Caulbearers and the body of a Caulbearer shall be held as sacred, and must not be defiled.

22. The burial gardens shall be maintained by the followers of The Way, either directly by labour, or by the giving of donations. All must participate, lest their good standing be compromised.

I have been asked why Caulbearers must not be cremated. The answer is simply so that people who follow The Way have a grave which is a marked place, where they can go to in order to contemplate the life of the Caulbearer and follow the example of that life.

If it was a good life then they can learn what to do. If however the Caulbearer was a bad person, then they can also learn, but they may learn what not to do, which is equal in importance to that which they must do. Mankind must know and understand both. Therefore the sayings, wisdom and actions of the Caulbearer and all the other Caulbearers, especially the six gone before, can be contemplated in the presence of their earthly remains during man’s endless search for true enlightenment.

Unfortunately, in their efforts to destroy The Way, other religions have destroyed the graves of the six, but not the graves of all Caulbearers, as in their latter years they have failed to understand what the piles of stones are all about.

I have even seen Christian crosses placed on the megalithic tomb sites, so that people will think in some perverse way that they were Christian, or at least associated with them in some way, in the hope that they may profit in some way. I cannot help wondering what they would say or do if we placed pentacles on their cemeteries. Yet, to illustrate the ignorance, stupidity and conceit of them, you will find pentacles in nearly every church in the Christian world, along with dozens of other symbols of The Ancient Way.

By the way, in case you are wondering why I use the word Ancient, it is to differentiate between other uses of the words by modern usurpers, such as Christian groups, modern Taoists and others who have take the Ancient Way or Tao and its teachings and perverted them. They have done this in order to give credence to, make up, or invent their religions and reinforce their false beliefs in the eyes of the ignorant.

Way thought for 1st October 2011


Even the finest laws are not The Way itself. Even the finest name is insufficient to define The Way. Without words, The Way can yet be experienced within, and without a name, it can still be known. To conduct one’s life according to the spirit of The Way is to conduct one’s life without regret, raising no cause. To realise that unique potential within oneself , is a benefit to all mankind.

Birth – Introducing the Newborn

Bring the child before the community for introduction, so that they may be known, and that all followers be aware of their individual and collective acceptance of responsibility towards this new member of the wider family of The Way.

All members, wherever they may be in the world, and regardless of any other thing, are held to be both father and mother to every child born within The Way, and of any who enter The Way. They must protect them and, if and whenever necessary, they must clothe them, house them with the same love, affection, and with the same sacrifice that they would for their own children. They must keep watch for their well-being at all times.

Any fear of deprivation, abuse, or even the slightest problem that any such child may have, is their responsibility, and they must view it as such, and act on the child’s behalf, ensuring their safety, health, happiness, education and well-being, without consideration of costs or effort required in such pursuit. Any person who does not live up to this to the letter, with all reason, common sense and logic, is not of The Way, and shall be abandoned.

A ceremony shall be held as soon as is practical, and all members within the region are expected to attend. Should it not be possible to attend at that particular time, they shall however attend as soon as possible.

Take this matter more seriously and conscientiously than any other.