1. The Seven Responsibilites of Man

The Seven Responsibilites of Man

You shall observe seven responsibilities that shall be as cast within the star within the circle. Give you great honour to this star and to the circle of light, for it is light, as light is contained within.

You shall hold responsibility to yourself firstly, for to do less is foolish, as all things start from their root, and all that you art and all that you might achieve comes from the root of your being.

The circle is to hold before your mind the Earth, upon and within which lives your existence and the existence of all life about you.

Dwell upon the point of the star that is to the left of your vision, and have a mind for both your father and your mother, from whence you came. From this fountain you didst spring; from even you shall spring forth your children. And so to your children’s children for all eternity, unless shall men be stupid to the Ending of Days. Take care of your father and your mother, as they did you.

And so shall you take a care to your children, which is shown by the point that is right. And so shall they take a care of you in your time of the infirmities of old age, for it is fitting, and so is it just.

To the lower point that is to the right give you great contemplation, for it is as a leg upon which you stand. Should this leg fail you, or should you fail this spouse, then shall you surely fall. Should your spouse fail you, then put them from you, but beware that is not you that is in breach of their trust. Be you honest in these matters, and above all, be you just.

The point that is the lower and to the left, shows as your second leg and your support. This reminds you of your fellow man, without whom your existence shall be but a misery and have no point. Again, study well your actions and his actions, and be you just and serve this support well, for your own sake and for justice’s sake.

The inner circle, which is the hub, is to remind you to take care of that of men which is spirit. Hold you to the needs of this spirit, for it is our connection to the Force of Life that is within us all, and within all that is about us.

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