Origins of The Way

The Way is probably the oldest philosophy known to man, as it developed over the great expanse of time since the first man, or man-like being, stood upright, walked upon the earth and gained reason, and began to wonder about his place in the greater scheme of things. Therefore, the philosophy developed from man’s earliest search for reason and purpose in the world around him, from both a practical and a philosophical viewpoint, as he realised that there was more to him and his world than the simple sum of their respective physical parts.

Because of this, the primary founding principles or rules of the philosophy were founded, refined, tried and tested, over many thousands of generations, by individuals and groups who observed the natural laws of the Universe, and understood how it expressed its purpose and design by following all that is truthful, knowable, logical and reasonable. Therefore, when man saw and began to understand this order or “Way” within the naturally occurring structures and patterns of the Universe, became familiar with its workings, and strove to follow that path, the already pre-existent and eternal Way became the Way of Man. Once this happened, man could then progress from his former position of an unknowing beast, towards becoming a more humane and reasoning being. It is not possible to be fully human without first following reason, which is a form of forward looking calculation and evaluation according to knowledge and logic.

Over time the process of learning and accumulation of knowledge became the basis of a philosophy, a widespread and collective body of incremental understanding and knowledge, which was to be passed down the generations, for the benefit of all that might ever yet exist.

As early human societies grew, their need for further understanding became more and more important, and so they began to organise structures within their communities where the most enlightened amongst them were chosen to be their teachers, and from this the title or office of “priest”, originally simply meaning “teacher”, came into being. The office or position of priest originally had no religious significance, as this came much later on, for negative purpose. In those times, in a world where survival was paramount, truth, knowledge, logic and reason were what life was all about. Anything else was regarded as being a pointless waste of time, as life, being often sharp, harsh and brutal, could only be sustained to any degree of comfort by living by those straight and narrow principles that were commonly and simply known as ‘The Way’.

Over time it was noticed that many of the most gifted of these teachers were individuals that had natural insight in matters of judgement, and understanding in many areas and disciplines. It was also noted that the births of these particular individuals could be calculated or predicted in advance, and none others, and it was from such understanding that the designation of such individuals as “kings by right” came into being, as their comings were seen to be as a sign from the Force of Life itself. These individuals, both male and female, were known as Lords of the Veil; and also by the specific title of Caulbearer, once proven to be so born.

In time, the more devious amongst men plotted and schemed to make abuse of such hard earned knowledge, and killed and persecuted those who kept to the Way methodology of only following what could be known for fact. They did this by developing belief systems around the twisting of the original Way teachings, usually shortly after the teachers of reason were dead. It was from this theft and abuse of knowledge that systems of religious belief were created and promoted, for the benefit of the few, and against the collective benefit of the wider societies of mankind.

Many kings by might of armies and power found such systems beneficial, as they kept their subjects in the dark on most matters, while holding the threat of retribution of their created and imagined gods over their heads, should they be so impudent to question their kings motives or authority. In this way, and in whatever society it happened, mankind strayed from the straight and narrow Path, or The Way, as it was generally referred to, with eventual and inevitably negative results.

This, therefore, is the Path or Way we both follow and progress, so that mankind may yet know of the value of true life, which is life lived with integrity and truth in all aspects of his and his world’s existence.