Way thought for the day 31st October, 2011


Maintaining unity in all things is virtuous; for the inner world of thought is one with the external world of action and of things in constant change. The true Followers avoid their separation, by breathing as the sleeping child, and thus maintaining harmony within and without. He cleans the dark mirror of his mind, so that it reflects without intent. He conducts himself without contriving, loving the people, and not interfering. He cultivates without possessing; thus providing nourishment, he remains receptive to changing needs, and creates without desire. By leading from behind, attending to that which must be done, he is said to have attained the state of true knowledge.

Way thought for the day 30th October, 2011

The Follower works quietly, seeking neither praise nor fame; completing what he does with natural ease, and then retiring. This is The Way and the nature of The Way, which is the pathway leading to a greater understanding and a realization of a not-yet possession of the understanding of true wisdom.

Way thought for the day 19th October 2011

The follower does not contrive to find his self, for he knows that all which may be found of it is that which it manifests to sense and thought, which side by side with self itself, is nothing; nothing also being something, as it creates consequences by its existence and by its apparent believed none-existence due to interpretation. Nothing is therefore something existing within the consequence of its nothingness.* It is by sheathing intellect’s bright light that the follower remains at one with his own self, ceasing to be aware of it, by placing it away. So detached, he is unified with his external world; by being selfless he is fulfilled, thus the pure self is assured.

* Note of explanation: Doing nothing, or the absence of doing something, has consequence, due to the absence of the action or the object. Therefore, it is necessary to look at both sides of a thing: the doing or not doing, the being or not being, before taking action or deciding to not act.

Way thought for the day 18th October 2011

Like the sheltered, fertile valley, the meditative mind is still, yet retains its energy as the hibernating animal retains life within its whole being, and is unaffected. Since both energy and stillness, in themselves, do not have form, it is not through the senses that they may be found, nor understood by intellect alone, although, in Nature, both abound.

In the meditative state, the mind ceases to differentiate between existences, and that which may or may not be. It leaves them well alone, for they exist, not differentiated, but as one, within the meditative mind. When living by the True Path, awareness of self is not required, for in this way of life the self exists and is also non-existent; being perceived of, not as existent, nor as non-existent.