4. The Seven Ponderings

The Seven Ponderings

Ponder on your life. Where is it going, or is it going anywhere that you would like it to go?

Ponder upon the day, and what you have learned and experienced from the day.

Ponder upon your fellow man, and what they may have learned from your example, good or bad.

Ponder upon your actions for this day, and again ask what you have done that you should not have done and what have you not done that you should have done. Ask also of yourself, “Why did I do or not do?”

Ponder you upon the Wisdom of The Way, and again ask yourself where and why are you lacking, that you may seek to improve in knowledge, in reason, in logic, in truth and in the searching for further truths.

Ponder upon the actions of your fellow man, and ask yourself what have they taught you to do, and what have they taught you not to do.

Ponder upon the teachings and philosophies of the seven High Caulbearers. Keep them always before you ,and forget nothing of them.

Ponder. Think well, and consider you upon the pentacle daily, as you turn it in your fingers. Such is the way of the true follower. There are twenty eight points in all.

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