2. The Seven Respects

The Seven Respects


Respect the Earth as you are of the Earth. The Earth sustains you in all your needs. Abuse it not, and husband it with care.


Respect the waters of the land and of the seas. The waters bring life to all things. Foul it not and lay it not to waste, as you will die because of such neglect.


Respect the air, and be ever aware that your well being depends upon that which you cannot see, as it is with many things.


Respect light though it costs you nothing, and like unto the cost of it no thing can grow without it. The purity of it has no price, as it has no price. Understand this.


Respect you all that grows upon the Earth and from the Earth, especially the green things which do not bleed as you do nor cry out in pain. You live only because of them. They stand not only between you and death; they are your link with the Mother Earth.


Respect the beasts of the Earth, as you too are only a beast. Forget it not. Even the smallest of that there is of them may be greater than you in its own purpose. They give you companion and lend you their beauty. They are more than just service to you. They are more than just food. They are as you are.


Respect you knowledge, as it is the most important of all things. Without knowledge you shall understand of no thing. You shall die in the darkness for lack of it. Abuse it not, for it is the key of life itself that opens all eyes and all portals, and it shall show you The Way.

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