Governments are not our masters

Belief creates a prison for the mind


It is always to be remembered that governments are not our masters, but our servants. Governments of today have forgotten their place in our varying countries, and use their positions like robbers in the night. As long as our governments serve as, and consider themselves to be our masters, we remain as slaves. We used to have freedom of opinion, but not anymore. We used to have many rights which have been slowly replaced with privileges. Privileges that are paraded as rights, but most certainly are not. Freedom of speech and opinion have been taken from us.

Freedom of opinion based on fact has been neutered by statute, yet we still allow our minds to be neutered by belief in the unbelievable; and the blindness of religious faith. Such blind faith can be seen in the esteem we hold our rulers in, no matter how often they let us down. No matter how many lies they tell us. No matter how many innocents die because of their design. We need law, but only good law under which we can remain free. Where we actually own what we pay for, and own even our children which all states claim prerogative over.

Consider if you will. What use is the worship of gods, when the whole world lies in such a mess and we have become caged by the bars created by all religions? They teach of false beliefs that are beyond belief, and still we refuse to see them as a type of prison in which our minds remain solidly closed in, creating many confusions that bind us even more tightly. To only believe without evidence of fact, or study only that which is at least possible, is folly. Religion is used as an excuse for war, and the slaughter of millions is so justified. People believed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It was a lie from which the favoured few profited, and many innocents died, and are still dying.

Religion and politics through belief gives justification, which is only an excuse, as there can be no justification for what we see in the world today. Christianity is only made up from the real Christ's life and teachings. Even that they have bent. Politics has become a form of religion, upheld by belief, and many excuses are believed by the voters. Excuse by definition is a lie. We now live on our knees; better we stand on our feet, and fight those who oppress us by whatever means necessary to return the human race to reason. Whether this oppression is performed secretly, cunningly, or otherwise, it has the same effect on us all. If the human race is to survive we must turn to,“and follow only,“certain knowledge, reason, logic and provable fact (real truth). Even the King James version of the Holy Bible, first published in 1611, was made up from compromise. One hundred and twenty three religious scholars were brought together by King James at the behest of the pope; and a compromise was forced upon them. And so it was written. How can there be any truth in compromise? There are now about forty different versions of the Bible. All claim that they are the real truth. How can that be? Where lies truth?

Bob crosbie

The Seven Respects – Respect the Beasts of the Earth

Even the smallest of that there is of them may be greater than you in its own purpose.

Photo credit: June Purkiss – on Flickr

Respect the beasts of the Earth, as you too are only a beast. Forget it not. Even the smallest of that there is of them may be greater than you in its own purpose. They give you companion and lend you their beauty. They are more than just service to you. They are more than just food. They are as you are.

The Seven Respects

France and the UK are on the edge of Kafkaesque surveillance


Telecom network cables in Paris. The enactment of the ‘Big Brother' surveillance law threatens France's long-cherished secrecy of communications.

Photograph: Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images

The problem of our laws, wrote Kafka, is that they can involve arbitrary, secretive acts on the part of elites. The law, on this view, has “brought only slight, more or less accidental benefits, and done a great deal of serious harm, since it has given the people a false sense of security towards coming events, and left them helplessly exposed”.

“We live”, Kafka concluded, “on the razor's edge”.

Most would find Kafka's parable, published in 1931, a mischaracterisation of the rule of law. In democracies with a separation of powers, there are checks and balances between legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. There is transparency, rigour and reason, rather than secrecy. There is accountability and oversight. ….. read more





Consider the alternatives to believing in the unreal

All religions are belief systems. As belief is not fact, then why consider it to be so? What is the point in imagining that you know something when you don’t? What are the consequences of thinking and living in this way? Why pay for promises that can never come true? Is our world not being destroyed by the blind following of unsustainable beliefs?

Consider, if you will, what you believe, and consider whether you want to just believe without any reason or evidence, or do you think that perhaps there is a better way? Consider using knowledge with a foundation in fact, instead of belief. Especially belief in things that are beyond, or outside reason and hard fact. Consider a different way of living and organising your life. Consider instead facing up to what your life, or indeed all life is about.

Is it about death, as it is in religion, or is it about life as it is in The Way? Is your life about ignoring fact, and living in the darkness of falsehood and belief, or living with truth?

In The Way we teach truth that is within reason and based on fact; knowledge that we are sure of as truth. We know much, but there is much more to learn.

Do you consider learning to be boring, or do you consider it as a necessity? A necessity to enable you to live in a better, more reasonable and intelligent way. Your life is all you have in this world, so it is vitally important, not only to you, but also to your family and your community. It will help to improve all societies world wide. It is said that to save one person is to save all mankind.

Do you want meaning in your life? Perhaps a deeper and better meaning than belief affords you? Have you considered what the reason is behind what the powerful want you to believe? How often are promises made and broken by politicians and priests alike? Does what you believe hold water in the cold light of reason? Is there a place for belief beyond that which is reasonable or do you doubt?

Do you have doubts about life after death? Why do you want to learn or not learn? To avoid learning, limits your understanding. So where does that leave you? In the dark perhaps? Why live in darkness, when there is an alternative? Consider well.

Do you have a purpose in your life or do you just drift along with the crowd? Perhaps you are afraid of standing out from the crowd? Maybe you are afraid of being alone in this world? In The Way you are not alone. We preach reason and fact, and we search for more truths that are at this time hidden from us. Beware what is hidden and beware even more why it’s hidden from you. Open the eyes of your mind and learn; study and improve yourself and those around you. To avoid improvement is to damn yourself to a wasted life, and wasted opportunities for self improvement. Consider The Way. You have nothing to lose other than the darkness of not knowing. Living with and in belief in the unbelievable, is to live in ignorance. To live your life and not improve as a man or woman, is to waste your existence. Surely the purpose in life is to improve? To improve is to seek and know what is real and what isn’t. Reality is cold compared to belief. You can change belief, but you cannot change fact, so living in the light of pure knowledge is not as easy as living with belief alone as your guide. However, belief is just that. It is hoping that want you only believe is right. But how can it be?

Consider well and decide to put your foot in the first step to enlightenment. Real enlightenment of knowledge, reason, logic and provable truth. There is nothing else for you in reality, and reality is outside what is only believed. Think about it and decide. Follow the light of reason. The torch bearers of The Way and its brotherhoods will welcome you.