Membership Application

Declaration of Intent

The following is a declaration of intent and is not a contract binding on either party.

I, having sought membership in The Way, do solemnly declare my intention to follow its philosophy, laws, rules and precepts to the best of my ability. I understand that initial membership is at the level of Novice.

I confirm that I have read and understood the Way Information Guide 2015.

I understand that my membership can be canceled should I become considered unfit for continuance of membership.

I shall respect the rights and privacy of my fellow members.

I understand that any information I receive will not be used outside The Fellowship of The Way for any purpose or usage, written or verbal, without written permission. I will not join or begin any other group or groups that may cause damage to The Way, or any of its members.

My purpose is to remain within in The Way, and I have no other intentions. Should I leave The Way, I will do so at or before first degree.

I understand that The Way and its writings are copyright, and the sole property of The Way and its brotherhoods.

Above all, I shall do no harm.


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