Way thought for the day, 30th June 2012 – The charitable man



“The charitable man has found the path of salvation. He is like the man who plants a sapling, securing thereby the shade, the flowers, and the fruit in future years. Even so is the result of charity, even so is the joy of him who helps those that are in need of assistance; even so is the great nirvana. We reach the immortal Way only by continuous acts of kindness, and we perfect the inner man by compassion and charity.”

From The Hallowed Book of Man

(Chapter: Of Teaching and Learning)

Way thought for the day, 29th June 2012 – Though a person be ornamented with jewels


Instead of disgust with the world, Yasa felt the cooling stream of hallowed wisdom, and, having obtained the pure and spotless eye of truth, he looked at his person, richly adorned with pearls and precious stones, and his heart was filled with shame.

The Tathagata, knowing his inward thoughts, said, “Though a person be ornamented with jewels, the heart may have conquered the senses. The outward form does not constitute goodness or affect the mind. Thus the body of a samana may wear an ascetic's garb while his mind is immersed in worldliness. A man that dwells in lonely woods and yet covets worldly vanities, is a worldling, while the man in worldly garments may let his heart soar high to the most hallowed thoughts. There is no distinction between the layman and the hermit, if but both have banished the thought of self.”

From The Hallowed Book of Man

Chapter: The Spotless Eye of Truth

Flooding – again unprepared

OVERNIGHT FLOODING in Cork, Belfast and elsewhere, along with the misery and financial loss it caused to householders and businesses, is again in the headlines, this time in mid-summer. The situation is expected to deteriorate in coming years as extreme weather events are predicted to be more frequent. Minimising the impact of global warming by way of flood management and storm-surge measures are of critical importance while, at the same time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of low carbon technologies and renewable energies.

The Environment Protection Agency has compiled an unambiguous report on what to expect. Starting from the premise that Ireland's climate has already changed, with higher temperatures and more intense and frequent rainfall, it predicts a rise in sea levels and a greater number of storm surges, along with more intense storms and rainfall events that will cause river and coastal flooding. That prognosis requires careful planning and sustained Government investment.


Way thought for the day, 28th June 2012 – The shoot springs from the seed


“Now, attend and listen. The senses meet the object, and from their contact sensation is born; thence results recollection. Thus, as the sun's power through a burning-glass causes fire to appear, so through the cognisance born of sense and object, the mind originates, and with it the ego, the thought of self, whom some Brahman teachers call the Lord.

“The shoot springs from the seed; the seed is not the shoot, both are not one and the same, but successive phases in a continuous growth. Such is the birth of all animal life.

“Ye that are slaves of the self and toil in its service from morn until night, ye that live in constant fear of birth, old age, sickness, and death, receive the good tidings that your cruel master exists not. Not within fire or deep within the earth, but only in the minds of the evil ones who seek to rule mankind through fear.

“Self is an error, an illusion, a dream. Open your eyes and awaken. See things as they are and ye will be comforted. He who is awake will no longer be afraid of nightmares. He who has recognised the nature of the rope that seemed to be a serpent will cease to tremble. He who has found there is no self will let go all the lusts and desires of egotism.”


From The Hallowed Book of Man

(Chapter: The Spotless Eye of Truth)

Periodic elections a corruption of people’s sovereignty


A celebrated writer felt representative democracy was rotten as it left people out of key decisions in society.

A FORMER “best friend” described him as “false, vain as Satan, ungrateful, cruel, hypocritical and wicked”. He arranged for his five children to be given over to a foundling hospital immediately after their birth. He was vain, truculent, obsessive and solitary.

He changed his religion several times, probably opportunistically. And yet when he died he was one of the most admired people in his country of residence, and his remains were later moved to a distinguished resting place in the nation's capital. His ideas were among the most formative of his and later ages.


Way thought for the day, 26th June 2012 – The truth is the immortal part of mind

Bodies fall to dust, but the truths of the mind will not be destroyed. Truth knows neither birth nor death; it has no beginning and no end. Welcome the truth, which is fact. The truth is the immortal part of mind; it is The Way. Establish the truth in your mind, for the truth is the image of the eternal; it portrays the immutable; it reveals the everlasting; the truth gives unto mortals the boon of immortality.

From The Hallowed Book of Man

Chapter: An Account of the Buddha