Way Thought for the Day 30th October 2012 – As an Old Oak Tree

Photo credit Hquer

And now imagine me; I am as an old tree,

Standing within a windswept field

That was once part of a great forest.

My roots were once deep within the soil of my destiny,

My branches held aloft as if in worship of the sky.

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My winter is here now; it is cold,

And the wind strengthens within the branches of my being.

I no longer can bend with it as when I was but a sapling.

Now I creak, and the timber of by being rends and cracks.

I look out upon the desolation of the forest of my purpose,

Whose destruction that the stupidity of man has brought about.

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If I was a willow I would weep,

If I was a willow I could bend and sway.

But I am an old oak.

<br >

The wind blows strong, and the time of my breaking is close at hand.

Soon I must fall and all the promise contained in that long ago forest,

Shall be but a desolation.

Weep not for me for I am just a tree.

Weep for the forest that once was here, and is and shall be no more.

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© R.G.Crosbie. 8/4/2002

Way Thought for the Day 27th October 2012 – He said to them, “Whoever has ears,


© The Order of The Way 2012

Et in arca dei ego sum


His disciples said to him, “Show us the place where you are, since it is necessary for us to seek it.”

He said to them, “Whoever has ears, let him hear. There is light within a man of light, and he lights up the whole world. If he does not shine, he is darkness.”


Extract from The Hallowed Book of Man

(Chapter: The Writings of Didymus Judas Thomas)


Way Thought for the Day – 25th October 2012 – Bank of Life

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear what is written without word or spoken without sound

Photo copyright The Order of The Way

There are sixty seconds in a minute.

There are sixty minutes in an hour.

There are twenty four hours in a day.

There are seven days in a week.

There are four weeks in a lunar cycle.

There are thirteen lunar cycles in a year.

There are three hundred and sixty five days in a year.

There are seventy years in the proverbial three score and ten, which is the span of a man’s life, approximately.

There are 31,536,000 seconds in one year.

There are 2,207,520,000 seconds in a lifetime.

Imagine that your life is in a bank. Which, in point of fact, it is in a kind of bank.

When you are born 2,207,520,000 seconds are placed in your account in the bank of life.

If these figures represented cents; instead of seconds, would you spend them wastefully, as you do your seconds?

Would you invest for the future?

Would you gamble with them?

Would you use them for profit or pleasure?

Would you leave your bank book lying around unprotected?

As you spend each minute, 60 seconds are removed from your account.

As you spend each hour, 3,600 seconds are removed from your account.

As you spend each day, 86,400 seconds are removed from your account.

There are 365 days in a year, and approximately 70 years to a lifetime

Imagine if these seconds were cents.

As you spend them each day. Each week. Each month.

You have no overdraft facilities and you cannot get a loan or a mortgage. These seconds are all you have.

Spend them with care.

Spend them with thought.

Waste none of them.

The clock was also set when you were born: and nothing stops it from ticking. It’s a real time bomb .

© 2012 R.G. Crosbie

Way Article – I have Killed the Elephant….the badger, the goats…

Sky News Article link

I see on today's Daily Mail and on Sky News, that a badger cull is suggested to help to eradicate bovine TB. What a good idea.

Then, when the badgers are all dead we can take a look at squirrels. Now they might carry TB, or something else that might harm humans.

Then we can hold long winded and expensive studies by the best brains in the world and decide to kill all the squirrels

Then we may find that birds carry things that might harm human beings. The answer is simple. Hold expensive long winded studies by the best brains in the world. The decision can then be made: kill all the birds.

Then when all the birds are dead and gone; and nothing can fly anywhere in the world without a gasoline engine, we might just discover that butterflies are still there and might carry things that might harm humans. So yet again the answer is obvious. Hold an expensive study and then decide to kill the little bastards.

Then come the house flies. They crawl on food and are dangerous to human existence as well, so after spending millions on a study we will again come to the conclusion that we should kill them all. Now nothing can fly to carry anything that may harm the human race. We all know that things that fly are dangerous.

Apart from all that after a long study by the best brains in the World, we discover that it's really the cattle that carry TB. So we must kill them off as well, just to be safe.

Then sheep that just might carry all sorts of things in their wool, and they get parasitic worms as well. So an expensive study is needed by the best brains in the world. The answer to the problem is to kill them all.

Then goats, rabbits and everything that crawls, flies or walks. We know by the expensive study that goats don't get TB. But better safe than sorry; so if it moves, kill it.

Now let’s look at the bugs. Don't forget the bugs. Lets kill them off as well; and then we might be safe. Hold an expensive study by the best brains in the world, and kill them off.

Then what? Perchance the light may come on. We might hold an expensive study by the best brains in the world and find out that we can't exist without all the species. We kill one thing and then another. We hardly miss them one at a time, but then we did hold expensive studies, didn’t we? Just to be sure.

It’s easier to kill than to cure, but, we still don't feel safe. It's on TV, all those bugs and things. So we buy stuff that ‘kills ninety nine percent of all household germs’. These chemicals have been killing them for the last fifty years or more, yet the little buggers persist and the big buggers as well. How can they survive, is the question?

Now, where do all these household germs that might harm us come from? I know; we will hold an expensive study by the best brains in the world. What can they possibly come up with?

Then there are the poor people. Now we all know that they don't wash as often as they should; and they eat from refuse bins and such places, and cost the state money as well. Now we can't have that. So now we will kill them.

Then there are people with red hair. Maybe they carry germs and that's why their hair is red? It wasn't rust after all. So we will hold an expensive study by the best brains in the world. A decision is made. They will have to go, so the rest of us can feel safe. All for the common good, don't you know.

Again we look around in fear. TV adverts have new and wonderful things to kill this and cure that, so someone is responsible for all the problems. So we will hold an expensive study by the best brains in the world.

Blue eyed people – now they're different to us brown eyed people; and there's more of us than there is of them. They could cause a problem, so we will hold a study by the best brains in the world, no expense spared, so that we can get it right. The answer is the same. Kill them off as well.

Now there's only me left. I'm the only normal human being in the world- and that's why I've survived. I am the Chairman of the study groups: the best brain in the world. I can hold by head high with pride, as I and all the other right thinking people have managed to clear the world of all its possible dangers to the human race. The problem is there's only me left, and I'm starving. O what a cruel world! But – I'm dying in safety.

The point of all this is, why not just kill of all the humans and leave the rest of the world alone? The biggest danger to life and limb at this time are human beings. Their stupidity appears to know no bounds. Silly, isn't it?

Think about it.

I have rode the elephant,

And the lion I have tamed.

I have sailed the seven seas,

And all earth’s mountains named.


And I have made an atom bomb,

So soon I'll come for you.

I've poisoned most of the rivers,

And I'm cutting down all the trees.

And I'll keep burning up the oil,

‘Cause I so love my wheels.

I like a lot of money,

I'll pay a lot for nice fur coats,

And that will get rid of most of the beasts,

Except for some scruffy old goats.

But as the goats are getting rarer,

Their value will go up.

And this I'm very glad to say,

Will overflow my cup.

Yes I've killed off all the elephants,

I've killed to Dodo too.

And when all the beasts are dead and gone,

Then I'll come and I'll hunt you.

Then I'll make ornaments from your teeth,

And make handbags from your skin.

And I know that God is on my side,

So you cant hope to win.

I have killed the mighty whale,

Monarch of the sea.

And I am man, the Lord of Beasts,

And there'll soon be only me.

And then at last I'll have it all,

The whole earth will be mine.

With scorched land and cloud-black sky,

Through which the sun don't shine.

2012 © R.G. Crosbie

The Curse of the Faceless Wonders – have you ever wondered?

Faceless Wonders

Photo credit Harvard Woodrush

Have you ever wondered why your life is so hard, and with so many worries? Do you realise that your whole life is controlled by faceless people that keep well out of sight? They keep out of sight because when, or should I say if, you ever realise what they have done and are going to do to you every day, they will be in mortal danger, waiting for the sky to fall on them. They keep going only because they dare not release their grip on the tail of this tiger. It would almost makes you feel sorry for them, wouldn't it?

Do you know, for instance, that you are in fact a slave? You are the property of the state and, in most cases, the church of whatever religion holds the power in your country. That's why you're treated like dirt. You are treated like dirt so that eventually you will feel like dirt, giving them control over you – you inadequate being you.

Do you know that when you're born your parents are told that they must register your birth? If they don't, then you won't get all sorts of benefits later in your life, and neither will they. Benefits that you pay for in the first place. It costs them little to nothing.

The fact is that, as you must by now see, you only get what they give you, and not necessarily what you have paid for. Your parents unwittingly gave you into the ownership of the State – to literally become a slave. They can’t tax you unless they own you, as it is unlawful to claim ownership over any other person or their property, whether such claimant is an individual, a state, a church, or bank. To be a free man or woman means that no person, state, church, or individual, may lawfully claim ownership or rights over you or your property. They can't tax you lawfully, but they can legally. Legally (by statute) doesn't matter, because you can refuse, and they can't make you do what you don't want to do, lawfully. Of course they don't tell you that, as its all make-believe. All government authority is only assumed authority, as is the authority of the police outside common law.

Statutes are legal, but not lawful. They are unlawfully enforced. Statutes only bind you if you agree to be bound previously. Lawful means that these laws must be obeyed, as they are what is called common or natural law. Bet you didn't know that; and if you did, what have you done about it? Are you afraid perhaps?

This is why we as a group have made it known in our declaration of sovereignty of being to some of our governments already, and hope to make it clear to all governments. The are your servants, not your slave masters. All assumptions of ownership of the human being is unlawful. Claims of ownership over his or her property, including money, is unlawful. I could make a statute giving me ownership over you, but it doesn’t mean that I have any actual right. I can however make a claim over myself and my property, and it is lawful. So, enforcing anything else makes you a criminal, no matter what your station in life is.

When I got my first pay packet some years ago when National Insurance first came into being In Ireland, the money was just deducted at source. We weren't asked if we wanted to take part, so it just got deducted and, and according to what we were told, that was the law. It was statute law, not common law, and we could have said “No” – that is if we had known. So, as usual, they lied to us. They in fact, under common law, defrauded us; a criminal offence, even under their own statutes.

Now the bankers have robbed us blind over the years, and secreted the money away. It didn’t disappear into thin air. So the Irish Government are taxing us in order to give the funds to the poor bankers. It makes no sense when you think about it, and we are in danger of getting nothing back.

These so-called social insurance payments, or ‘stamps' as they used to be called, were to pay for my health care and a pension when I reached pension age. They keep on adjusting the age a bit. I was supposed to get medical treatment for anything I needed for the rest of my life, regardless of what that need might be. I need good doctors. What do we have? Privately insured or self-paying people get priority. Beds are at a premium in hospitals that the general public have paid for and now have to wait for years, as the privately insured fill the beds in the hospitals that they have paid for. Why don’t they fill beds in their practically non-existent private hospitals? Why build hospitals for those who want to pay private or when you can deprive another patient who has paid into the government scheme, and all in favour of profits?

The fact that we have also paid for our treatment is ignored and we are made to feel like scroungers. This is to try to get us to pay again, and to shame us into it. The shame is theirs, not ours. They rest of us can suffer and die; and all of this in spite of a contract between us and the Government, by us paying for it all our lives. All appears well until we get old or sick and need it. No one asked me or anyone else if I wanted to join this scheme: and what a scheme it's turned out to be. It relieved the general public of billions.

I’ll bet you didn't realise that slavery wasn't done away with, and just camouflaged. Hospitals are supposedly closing to save money. No, it won't save money. The Government know this only too well. When they first started to close hospitals, a child died on its way to Cavan Hospital. A few more minutes and it could have been saved. This is evidence of the results that could be expected if they continued on with hospital closures. They continued regardless, and so they are actually committing premeditated murder, which is against common law.
I have written to the Chief Superintendent of the Irish Garda (police) to ask him what he intends to do about it. So far all I have is an acknowledgement letter. Granted, he might well be investigating it as I write, but I won't hold my breath. It appears that they, the Government, under the thumb of the bankers, now have to right to kill us. After all, the more pensioners that die, the more they save. So they want to ‘save’ something? ‘Save’ for who and for what is the question. Still, the bankers need to be bailed out, bless them. They need more money to add to the pile that they have already embezzled from the public purse.


False Currency


Many years ago the currency was silver or gold. One pound Sterling equalled one pound of silver: hence the use of the word ‘sterling’ when you talk about English money. Certain bankers got the idea to remove gold and silver and replace it with worthless paper money. They kept the so called Gold Reserve that was supposed to be a guarantee for the paper money. If they hadn't done this, no one would have used the paper, or at least not for the purpose it was intended. It had to be backed by something of value for confidence’s sake.

It was undoubtedly more convenient, as paper notes are easier to carry around then gold and silver coin in one pound blocks. Bank notes were numbered so that if they were stolen they could be retrieved. Up until I think it was the late Forties, you had to sign the back of five pound notes to cash them. I can barely remember them. It was done for convenience and security. This would supposedly help to eliminate robbery; and make you and your money safer. Or so we were told. Sound familiar? Now the intention is to remove all cash, and give you only plastic cards. Security is promised again, in spite of all the card fraud that we hear of every day. It’s just more rubbish to con you and tighten the knot. Imagine the power they will have then over their slave population. You will obey their statutes then; and they will make plenty of little ones that will grow bigger and bigger as time goes by. Hence the need to establish our own status as a free people, or Sovereign Beings of The Way.


Euthanasia is on the cards for later. They will get you to turn you backs on your old parents and put them in a home. Still, it's fair to say that your parents probably put you in the care of child minders when you were young, so there isn't much of a tie of real affection there; and no wonder. It's just takes one more little push and you will kill your parents yourself.

The natural bond between children and parents is being slowly eroded: and so will slavery be re-established. On your own, you are helpless against them. Numbers are needed. All this in the name of being a ‘good citizen’ living in a ‘caring society’.

What will be the favourite method for this euthanasia, I wonder? Poison in their cocoa? Cut their throats, or would that be too messy? Smack them over the head with a hammer? Or perhaps drown them? Drowning makes less mess, I'm told. Forced drowning makes an awful mess, as you usually become incontinent nearing the end of the process.

When you have killed off your old folks, the Government might even give you a nice plaque to put on your wall. Or a medal you can wear to show what a good person you are. Similar has happened in history, with the old or unwanted young being put out in the snow to die, or abortion might work.

They gradually removed all forms of real money such as gold and silver, and replaced it with worthless bank notes. I say worthless, because there is nothing of real value behind them, with the gold reserve being now depleted into non-existence (in the independent bankers’ vaults). These bankers are usually members of the Bilderberg Group or the Pilgrim Society; and very often both.

The value of money went up and down with the level of gold and the value of it held in reserve. Now it just goes down, and it creates a false debt to be paid by the taxpayer under threat. This is called extortion if anyone else does it. ‘Taxpayer’ is another name for slave or the public in general: ill-informed, full of beliefs; unaware, and ignoring their own reality.

Getting rid of any Real Government

The faceless wonders then set about getting rid of any real government. Slowly they managed to do away with government altogether, and replaced it with a group of commercial companies. These commercial companies employ government ministers, civil servants etc. They let you vote for them so that you will think that you live in a democracy.

The question then becomes – who chooses the candidates? Not the general public, that's for sure, as there’s not enough multi-millionaires to choose from working in your office, factory shop, or whatever. Those lying excuses for human beings, these so-called elected members of whatever government, work only for the interests of the One Percent.

You vote for their new workers that drum up new ideas to ‘tax’ you even more ( to tax something means to put under stress). Firstly there will be more ‘charges’, and then different methods of charging, and ideas to increase the charges they have already burdened you with. And all for our benefit. Aren’t they good; so thoughtful?

Imagine being a member of a group of one hundred people, and the ninety nine have to give you eighty percent of their earnings. They named these companies so that they looked and still look like government. Your elected government is in place to serve part of the Unholy Trinity and to defraud you at every possible opportunity. And they keep inventing new ways to force you to hand over your money.

They took over the printing of bank notes that have no real value; only imagined value Fiat money: money created by order. In Britain they called the company the Bank of England; which makes it sound like a government controlled, state-owned organisation.

It's the same in every country, because the same bankers control everywhere. Even in the Russian revolution, the Rothschilds were on a yacht in a Black Sea port, waiting to finance the winner so as to supply them with guns and things like that, to supposedly set the people ‘free’. Free from the Tzar and; but then shackled into another form of slavery, by the Rothschilds and their playmates.

Politicians refer to the bankers all the time, so as to reinforce this fraudulent idea that the bankers are part of Government and controlled by Government. It’s the other way round in fact. The bankers are called on all the time to ‘advise’ the politicians on ‘financial matters’. The IMF is just a group of bankers with their own agendas; yet they are there all time, to make the decisions that the politicians merely appear to make.

Rothschild's were called to Ireland close to the time of its financial crash – quietly.
The Queen of England, the head of another banking group, RBS, visited Ireland for the first time, since the troubles. Bank of England, Bank of Scotland, it's all the same. They can form more companies overnight and drag a red herring over their real identities and agendas. Nothing they do is up front. It's always clandestine, under cover, behind closed doors, and completely fraudulent.



Take a look at the Irish child abuse scandal. A huge cover up, yet it still goes on in Argentina and elsewhere. Then there is the very recent scandal about children being stolen and sold by the Roman church in Spain, over the last forty years or so, since the Franco dictatorship was overthrown. It is reckoned that about thirty thousand children went ‘missing’.

Since the people there fought for and got their freedom, they have slaved under an illusion. Children were stolen by making new mothers think that their children were born dead. They even kept dead bodies refrigerated to help with the illusion. I am led to understand that it was done by members of Opus Dei; and there are other religious groups. It also goes to show that you can't even trust your doctors. How do you know who belongs to what organisation?

The child abuse scandal is still going on in Argentina; and the Pope does nothing. He wouldn't want to spoil a good source of cash. I am told that the babies bring about €50,000 each. Not a bad business if you don't have a conscience. Even though it was reported, it was quickly quashed. Still no one seems to have the courage to do anything about it. If it isn't mentioned, it might all go away. People forget easily. Why? Don’t they care? Maybe it’s just like the slaughter in that church in Rwanda? Priests and nuns responsible were hidden and protected by the Pope himself; under his orders and approval LINK Have you ever wondered why this is?

Hundreds of people, young and old, were hacked to death by them, yet he still hides them away from justice. They get away with it mainly because the Vatican is a bank; and everybody is brainwashed into the belief that the Church is in control of their lives and imaginary afterlives. Such abused people are only slaves, and are the unfortunate property of Church and State, and the bankers of course. The Unholy Trinity is always just there in the background. It’s contempt for life and humanity in its lowest form. They are, by their actions,showing utter contempt for the very things that they preach against; so they do know better. Doing other than what you know to be right, leaves no excuse. Still God is good, or so they tell you: but that’s something else that doesn't exist, except in the imagination.

A One-religion World

They have plans to make the world a one religion world. You will believe or your will die – you criminal person you. They are taking us forward into the fifteenth century. Then they intend to create a one government world with one government: one that they own and control. It basically the Emperor Constantine’s idea regenerated.

You will have plastic cards instead of actual money, or even pretend bank notes, so that they can control you absolutely. There was a news article lately on Sky News, about Swedish people using cards instead of cash. They are happily playing into the hands of the evilly intentioned.

They intend to make the bringing up of and controlling of your children a government thing. You will have nothing to do with your children apart from maybe weekends, if you're a good boy or girl. The process has already started, with the idea of childcare and Government paying for it. With your money of course. If you think that they're doing this from the goodness of their hearts, you're seriously stupid.

They can then bring in the priests and brainwash the children to the point where they will be incapable of individuality, never mind reason, and be neutered where it is thought that there may be something wrong genetically, or things such as a tendency to rebel, or daring to question something, just like their attitude is now being gradually shown to be.

They should start neutering their sodomite priests; especially the large number of them that sexually abuse children. Today, if you question, you are unlikely to get very far. They prefer a mindless, rote-educated cretin to a thinker.

Look about you. ‘Suffer the little children’ and all that tripe. And tripe it really is. They preach ‘believe’,but they obviously don't, so why do you? If any other cult did such vile and totally evil things in any country in the world, they would be thrown into jail and banned from forming ever again. But they are bankers as well as priests, and part of the organisation, so all is made to appear well.

I was told the other day that it's only one or two priests that are doing this sort of thing. Common sense would have told this moron that there are hundreds of compensation cases waiting to be paid out at the moment. This stupid disregard for reality in order to support belief, unjustly justifies the unjustifiable and deliberately lets it flourish.

Some of the Orders here in Ireland are crying poverty, so the Government has decided that due to the good they have done in the past (??) the public will have to pay the compensation for them.
The biggest problem amongst many problems I have with this, is that the abuses are ongoing. The Pope is doing nothing, and neither is anyone else. The unholy father never lifted a finger to stop it, and he never will.

It’s no wonder homosexuality is promoted these days. Most Roman Catholic priests are sodomites; which is the correct term for such men. Yet it states in their Bible:

Leviticus 20:1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Again thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel that giveth any of his seed unto Molech, he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.

(Molech was the God of Sodom when it existed, because he was the god of the bowels, with the buttocks being described as ‘the pillars of Molech’ ever since).

3 And I will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among his people because he hath given of his seed unto Molech to defile my sanctuary and to profane my holy name.
4 And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man when he giveth of his seed unto Molech and kill him not:
5 Then I will set my face against that man and against his family and will cut him off and all that go a whoring after him to commit whoredom with Molech from among their people.

But they’re all bankers, so all is well.


Fiat Money – made to order

After introducing fiat money or paper, whichever you prefer, their brainchild company called and known as ‘the Government’ then asked their other companies, ‘The Bank of England‘, bank of wherever, to print ‘bank' notes for them and to charge interest well over the face value of the money printed. It was easy, as the printed money is worthless, apart from its imagined value, because it has nothing to back it up. This excessive interest is called the National Debt. This grand plan is arranged in order to fool the public into believing that their country is in debt to someone, and that they, Joe and Jean Public, are in some way responsible. You have ‘overspent’, you bad person. Hang your head in shame. But you haven't caused this so-called ‘national debt'.

They don’t actually state who is responsible, but just give it a taken for granted attitude, and the public don’t question. The people become more afraid that they are going to lose something: their jobs, their homes, their dignity, their seat in Heaven. And the banker goes marching on.

The people get softened up, and wages are dropped and prices are risen through taxes, hidden and otherwise. So you go to your friendly politician and he or she ‘helps' you – and boy are you grateful. So he's such a good guy or girl, that you vote for them at the next election. It’s not difficult for them to adjust a problem that they caused in the first place.

Fear is a great weapon, and lack of knowledge and understanding increases it, as the imagination kicks in; with that which is imagined being worse than that which is real. And so you agree to work for lower wages while they give themselves even more out of their increased profits.

If you are a banker and show too much profit, it’s simple. You give yourself bigger bonuses, suggesting that you have somehow done very well for the bank. It makes the excessive profits lighter, and so the public swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

False Debt


In fact the country doesn't owe anyone anything. Neither does the individual citizen, in point of fact. Should there ever be any real national debt, which is unlikely, then it's nothing to do with ordinary people. You and I did not incur this debt or this imagined problem. This is because it's just national debt incurred by one commercial company to another, with both companies owned be each other. So there cannot be any debt in reality; only in the financial fantasy land created by bankers. These people have deliberately boosted this only supposed debt over the years, to a level that can never be paid off − ever. So they will own your soul forever, and cream everything off. Nice work, if you can get it. The end result of this fraud is that you now pay large amounts from your earnings directly to these commercial limited liability companies, for nothing.

They haven't done anything for you, and they're not going to. They haven't provided any service of any kind, apart from the robbery from the unknowing and unsuspecting public by fraud. They don't give a damn about you. In fact they despise you because you're so stupid that they can get away with it, to the point where they now appear to believe that they have the right to con you and rob you. Watch the attitude of the head of your Government ,“ conceited arrogant, smooth, or what? All nice jokey and smiley, while the are looking for your vote. But does it ever change much, whoever gets in?

You’re going to go on paying more and more taxes until they own everything and you won't even own a bicycle. You will be able to rent it, but that will be all. They already own your children and can do as they like to them. Child abuse, Vatican, bankers: makes you wonder, doesn't it? Unless you are one of the fortunate ones who are allowed to own anything, you will have to pay taxes to them for licenses to ride your bike; or even to think if they can find a way to tax your thoughts. You will be herded back to the Dark Ages, where you will be a slave, or at best a serf. They will charge you to park your bike or enter certain roads and premises. Parking charges have never made any difference to congestion, and never will. In spite of their design and greed, you have a lawful right to travel anywhere on public roads, without charge or interference. What a scam.

Are you aware that when you register your car in the UK that you give it in to the ownership of the State, the local Council or whoever? If they don't own the vehicle they cannot tow it away, scrap it or interfere with it in any way. They cannot lawfully deprive you of the use of it. They cannot lawfully clamp it make you pay tax, insurance or anything else on it, as long as the vehicle is yours. So they arrange things that you have to ‘register’ it. Now it's theirs to do with as they like. You pay for it, just the same, even though it is no longer your property. So how do they get round the finance agreements? They don't. They are so used to this con that they now think that they have these rights. And you have to just shut up and put up (the registered ‘keeper’ of a motor vehicle just means the one who is responsible for the use of it and what he or she does while doing that e.g. breaking speed limits, while the owner is often another person.)

Yet in spite of all this, people still sit for hours in the cold to see the Queen or any member of the so-called Royal Family, who were and still are just robber barons. It's no different anywhere you go. The leaders of the State still line the streets when these people have one of their reinforcement pageants. Bands playing and all that sort of thing; accompanied by the priesthood of whatever religion holds sway. We all turn out to see them in droves, and so reinforcing their belief that they have ownership over your minds. And when they have ownership over your mind then they have ownership over everything you are and everything you own. These dynasties or apparent political parties are what they are through their genetics, and probably can't help it by now. After all you worship them and make a big show of it to them. They're like film stars being the utmost important people in the world. All you need to do is sing songs and everyone hangs on every word this genius says. If you can't sing then you get a good line of bullshit and become a politician. Magic. Even if he or she can hardly, or even can't, read or write. No wonder they despise you. You send your sons, and nowadays your daughters, to fight and die for them and their profit margins. Think about it ,“ they are canon fodder

Did you know that when a soldier fell during the Second World War, his fellows buried him in his blanket. The UK Government took the price of the blanket out of his money. His widow and children lost a precious few shillings. But who cares what happens to a slave or his children until you want to fight another war? As long as the Royal Family keep their grip, then all is well. It does well to remember that where there are kings of whatever type, there are always going to be corpses. Yours, not theirs. They gain wealth and territory; you get a six by two plot, but the blanket used to bury a slave has to be paid for.


Abuse of Language and Understanding


The legal profession have even reinvented the English language into a sort of slang (secret language) called ‘legal terminology’. A language specially designed so that you can't understand what they are saying and you can't even understand what you’re saying because your words don’t mean what you think that they mean in their foreign language. You think that you do know what you’re saying, and you do in your language, but not in legal language. (legalese) but they turn everything into legal terminology, and you lose. So you open your mouth and unwittingly put your foot in it every time, and it’s all done to rob you or abuse you in some way, and you don't even know it.

No court can serve real justice where it is necessary to use a secret form of language in order to fool the people and disadvantage them in order to defraud them. Because that’s what happens. You get fined or locked up and you haven't a clue how it all happened. They talk about a Court of Law, but they don't mention justice; and how can you get justice when they speak in what is tantamount to a foreign language? Even the intention is not about justice: it's about power and control, not to mention money. Courts are all profit generating business. The judge sits on the bench. Bench means ‘bank’ – did you know that?

They have a company called the Law Society, which is set up to train what can only be called dishonest and manipulative people in their methods of deception. This commercial company, together with politicians masquerading as government, keep inventing statutes, which they pretend to be laws. Theses statutes are not laws; hence the difference between legal and lawful. Legal is statute, and lawful is common law obeyed by everyone, and based on natural laws. In common law you don't kill anyone, don't harm anyone or their property, don't steal. And above all, just for a laugh, the one law they blatantly disregard, “BE HONEST IN YOUR DEALINGS AND DON'T DEFRAUD ANYONE”. Irony?

Obey the Law

Every TV program tells you that you must ‘obey the Law', with every cops and robbers movie promoting brainwashing by auto suggestion to ‘obey the law’. Their law. Every war film is designed to get young men to join the army and rise to glory. They have trained and brainwashed the police to enforce these statutes as if they are lawful.

Remember that all the media is owned by just a few companies; and who owns these companies? Why, the bankers of course. It’s their own propaganda machine. Listen to the news: it's loaded.

You might not like it and it probably goes against your brainwashed minds, but it's true as you are brainwashed from a very young age in school and church to accept such thinking.
The other big banker is the Vatican, in spite of usury (the lending money at interest) being a mortal sin in canon law. But if we don't mention it, hopefully it will go away. So much for religious belief, as it is so changeable and can be tailored to suit all occasions.

The Removal of Cash

The main aim is to take bank notes from you, as well as property. Most police officers are unaware that statutes are government generated laws, but they are not lawful. The acceptance of statutes are purely optional. No human being is or can be bound by them if they object. Part of the con is that they don't tell you that you can object, and so you don’t. The fact is that they operate on the theory that if the cap fits you will wear it. All they have to do is make it appear that it fits. If fashion dictates that its fashionable to wear a hat that doesn't fit, you will wear it. There is an old saying, “Give them circus, bread, wine and a sense of ownership and they will comply”.

The idea that you own something has this effect. The less you own of something the more valuable it becomes, because your life probably depends on it. Its loss is therefore mind-numbing. Yet, you are trained to ignore.

Two Choices


After reading this you have two choices ,” carry on with your head in the sand until it's too late, and give your income away to theses evil people. I say evil, because there is no other word that covers such cheating and the pain and suffering caused by their greed. You can say to yourself that this is just a conspiracy theory, or use any excuse you like to bury your head in the sand. I admit that it is a conspiracy, but it's not a theory. It's fact.

You can join The Way if you want. We don’t drink. We don't smoke or take drugs, except for illness. We’re going to need clear minds, without addictions that can be used against us. Little in this miserable world of baseness and greed is what it appears to be. Have a look at the money that the drug companies are making. Cancer research is just a scam. They don’t want to find a cure, because they will lose money if people get cured. If they do find a cure they will price it very highly; and their excuse will be that research costs so much. It doesn't cost them anything. They have already collected it from you as charitable gifts ,” again, suckers.

We in The Way are all declared Sovereign Beings and free men and women. You can either join us or stay afraid of them. Make no mistake we are afraid of them, as their evil knows no bounds. They will lie and lie. The danger is as always that they have the power. The power of arms and the absolute control of police and army. Only a fool would be fearless in the face of such power. But remember we have the ordinary people, who have the numbers. When, and I don’t mean if, it comes down to it, they can’t win in reality. But belief distorts reality: so stop believing.
We are all born equal and no one has the right to order you around, and certainly not to rob or defraud you. We accept that we need laws so that we can live peacefully together; but it has come to the point where you’re always afraid. Like being afraid of missing a speed limit, you’re so busy watching you speedometer that you cause accidents. It's past all reason but the fines add to the rest of the booty.


We sent our declaration of Sovereignty of Way Being to the Irish Government and the British Government, thereby covering all England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and Southern Ireland.
The facts are that you don't need to have their permission for anything. Not to drive, sell on the street, gather in numbers to protest,not to own or carry any kind of weapons. No need for a dog license, or permission for anything.

The main reason for the crackdown on guns is that they know that some of us are on to them,and they are afraid of the numbers,that may well want to bring them justly to book. So they have propaganda,the army and the police and you have no way of fighting back. What do you have to fight with in order to protect yourself? How can you defend yourself whilst obeying their rules at the same time?

Then again, you have divided families. Divided by the feminist movement, which was originally financed by Rockefeller banking group. So you’re weak. Not much going for us there,is there? Women are taught to hate men,so how can we stay happily together. They are taught that they are independent. How can you be independent when you're married and depend on each other? So he has to depend on you, and you are independent. It can't work. So families are broken and you end up alone, without any ability to protect yourself. You see them every time you go to a restaurant. Those unhappy, unwanted, independent women. What a price to pay for a theory?

People are encouraged to drink alcohol, so that most will be addicted to it, and so that's another fatal weakness; and they are making so much money out of you while you ‘enjoy’ yourself'. Less for you and more for them.

You leave home at about eighteen, so you’re on your own, without any real family ties. You’re looked down on if you don't. Another weakness.
You go to child-minder, while mother carries on with her career. So no real maternal bond to the point that you cannot form a bond. A child falls deeply in love with its mother. That's how it's supposed to be. Suddenly its mother isn't there, and it hurts. It’s terrifying for the child. It goes to a child minder, and then another and so on. Each time it feels the pain of a broken heart, and so it protects itself naturally. If a thing hurts, you avoid it. The child, as it grows up, can no longer love. Now there's a great weakness. But mother listens to the feminist movement and all that jazz, and the price as well as the cost will be total slavery for all in a very cold world.

Listen to the propaganda. The theory seems great. Women are taught to hate men and men to hate women. To anyone with an ounce of brains, this is ridiculous and downright dangerous. There are no family bonds. In fact no family: just a splintered vague relationship, coming together from time to time. Weak isn't a strong enough word.

Believe Everything and Know Nothing

You believe everything and know nothing. They have really got you cornered. My problem with that, is that they have cornered me as well, because there are so few like me, and you won't take your head out of your elbow and smell the sewage farm. You have been kept in the dark for so long that the truth is that you can't help yourselves; and it’s mainly because you don’t want to.

It's time to get it together and change for you very life's sake, as well as the sake of future generations. You don’t want them to live as serfs or slaves, do you?

Instead, you can always choose to ignore, and enjoy your chains. They are being forged stronger and heavier even as I write. These chains can’t be seen, but they are stronger than steel and more restrictive than tie wraps. You have a choice,if you have the sense, and If you have any real humanity left in you.


© 14/8/2012


Way thought for the day 9th October 2012 – The Spotless Eye of Truth



Photo credit Fabiii

At that time there was in Benares a noble youth, Yasa by name, the son of a wealthy merchant. Troubled in his mind about the sorrows of the world, he secretly rose up in the night and stole away to the Blessed One.

The Blessed One saw Yasa, the noble youth, coming from afar. And Yasa approached and exclaimed, “Alas, what distress! What tribulations!”

The Blessed One said to Yasa, “Here is no distress. Here are no tribulations. Come to me and I will teach you the truth, and the truth will dispel your sorrows.” And when Yasa, the noble youth, heard that there were neither distress, nor tribulations, nor sorrows, his heart was comforted.

He went into the place where the Blessed One was, and sat down near him. Then the Blessed One preached about charity and morality. He explained the vanity of the thought “I am”, the dangers of desire, and the necessity of avoiding the evils of life in order to walk on the path of deliverance which is The Way.

Instead of disgust with the world, Yasa felt the cooling stream of hallowed wisdom, and, having obtained the pure and spotless eye of truth, he looked at his person, richly adorned with pearls and precious stones, and his heart was filled with shame.

The Tathagata, knowing his inward thoughts, said, “Though a person be ornamented with jewels, the heart may have conquered the senses. The outward form does not constitute goodness or affect the mind. Thus the body of a samana may wear an ascetic's garb while his mind is immersed in worldliness. A man that dwells in lonely woods and yet covets worldly vanities, is a worldling, while the man in worldly garments may let his heart soar high to the most hallowed thoughts. There is no distinction between the layman and the hermit, if but both have banished the thought of self.”

From The Hallowed Book of Man

(Chapter: The Spotless Eye of Truth)

News article – Hi-def CCTV technology threatens our democracy

Photograph: Andrew Fox
An automatic number plate recognition camera to the right of a conventional CCTV camera in Sparkbrook in Birmingham.

High-definition CCTV cameras and facial recognition will bring a nightmarish future to our streets. A privacy law is long overdue

At what point will the British public realise that its privacy and freedom is in mortal danger? If the new surveillance commissioner Andrew Rennison is right about the development of high-definition and facial-recognition technologies in CCTV systems, it should be today, because these technologies represent an unprecedented threat. They are being allowed to proliferate without any regulation or consideration as to how they will eventually be deployed against the individual.

You can pay attention to this issue, or you can let it go. That’s what most of us did with the automatic number-plate recognition camera system (ANPR) which was installed on Britain’s major road and in town centres to watch in real time and log 90% of vehicle journeys. The decision was taken not by parliament but by the Association of Chief Police Officers ,“ whose proceedings are secret, because Acpo is a private limited company.

It is remarkable this was allowed in a country that prides itself on history of liberty. It is happening again, but with even greater implications for a free society. Rennison, a former police officer who has just been confirmed in the job of surveillance commissioner, paints a stark picture in the Independent: “A tiny camera in a dome with 360-degree view can capture your face in the crowd, and there are now the algorithms that run in the background.” The test data he has seen suggests that cameras will pick out a face in a crowd with a 90% success rate. Read more LINK


Bullying – the mark of the Beast within Man

Photo credit dumbolik

The subject of bullying has become a common subject for discussion in recent years, and there are many different situations where bullying can occur, but they all originate from the same source.

So, what exactly is ‘bullying’?

Fear and Intimidation


All bullies use fear and intimidation to make their victims feel inadequate and incapable of defending themselves. They get a sick sense of pleasure from knowing that the target of their evil intent feels helpless, isolated and fearful of the idea that harm might come to them, even if the harm is merely implied.

Bullying is essentially part of the same animal or beast nature that resides in practically every animal being since time immemorial. Some people have little or none of this baseness in them, and cannot even imagine using such behaviour against their fellows. It’s just not what they do.

In the case of those who either don’t or won’t control it, it’s derived from a lack of reason, which in effect derives from a basic genetic capacity to empathise with other beings. A false sense of self, with all its illusions and notions of grandeur, is the dominant factor in the make-up of such inhumane creatures. They do it simply because they can, and they can because they believe that they can get away with it. It’s nothing new, sadly, but when our societies’ codes of practice teach us to turn the other cheek to our abusers and automatically forgive without good reason, then is it really surprising that some who have fallen prey to such contradictory ideas and try to live by them as realities, fall victim to those who so readily see kindness as a weakness to be exploited?

Market Share


Our society is no doubt awash with conflicting distractions, religions, politics, sports and games, all aggressively vying for market share, and the spoils of that market comes down to who gets to pick the bones of the ‘losers’, the ‘weak’, those who offend the gods who oversee and manage the market, by daring to not be like them in spirit. It’s the pack nature of the beast that we’ve never really faced as a species, as our egos won’t allow such truths to permeate the narcosis of myth and belief that ‘comforts’ us like some form of psychological thumb sucking ritual.

Therefore, as the need created from inadequates looking for fresh meat to feed their inner frustrations rises up from osmotic societal triggers that are inculcated into us from childhood, rewarding aggression by pieces of shiny metal, ribbon, and peer, tribal or school-yard approval, a continued supply of ‘losers’ must be provided to appease the cold and baleful gods of wanton supremacy and lust for power. There is an all too often nod and wink mentality when someone complains about being picked on, and even some tacit suggestion that this will ‘toughen them up’ or ‘make a man of him’, in future, so that he or she will ‘know what it’s all about in the REAL world’. Is it any wonder that our ‘REAL’ world has so much evil in it, when such behaviour is passed of as some necessary rite of passage? Every effect derives from a cause, and the cause is that such behaviour is held to be the norm to a large extent, and so society at large becomes normalised to what might otherwise be seen for what it actually is ,“ desertion of responsibility for thoughts and actions.



We are an easily distracted species, and anything that appeases the senses and removes the need to see what needs to be seen and dealt with before it gets out of hand, comes low on the priority list when it comes down to something so important as, “Who’s going to win the match?”

Man, with all his false ideas of being sprung from the mind of a god who made him in his own likeness, all too often lets himself down most shamefully when he reverts to being as lowly as something that might be found in the bottom of a petri dish. Deep down we know that we should be more careful and attentive to what actually sustains us, but the lower, baser side of our species all too often turns a blind eye to responsibility, and promotes the assumed merits of the quick gain, regardless of who pays the price, namely, one of those ‘others’, those unfortunates that can’t defend themselves from the mindlessness of the brutes.



Our societies promote ‘competition’; be it in the classroom, the boardroom, the bedroom, the office, the playing pitches, between men and women, for some unexplained form of imagined supremacy over others. Why? Inherent lacking of the nature of a reasoned being, deficiency in what it takes to be humane, that’s why.

“But, everyone has some good in them?” we often hear it said. Well, Adolph Hitler liked dogs, but it didn’t prevent him from causing the deaths of millions of innocent people, did it? It’s not what you have that’s important, but what you decide to use it for ,“ and you do decide, even by default the outcome is of your own making ,“ or maybe you think this is not right? Really, do you think so? If so, why so?

It all comes down to who is master and who is slave in any given situation, that those ‘above’ show those ‘below’ that they must all respect the supposed higher level of importance of the ‘ones set above us in the scheme of things’; and guess who designs ‘the scheme’? Who profits from all of this, and, more importantly, who loses?

Masters and Slaves


When push comes to shove, as it all so often does in this particular arena (and that’s probably quite an apt word for it) is the fact that someone else other than ‘us’ loses, is what’s important, don’t you think? Is it any wonder that the ‘gods’ who rule over us at an individual and societal level, namely the Unholy Trinity of banker, priest and politician, hold us in such lowly regard?

The best slave, the one worth keeping, is the one who doesn’t even realise that he is one, and is content to accept bullying at a level that they feel must be endured while holding on to the crumbs of reality. Essentially, bullying is rule by force and oppression, and oppression can only work when it is accepted as a norm. So, what is your ‘norm’? Remember, this is nothing new, as it has been with us and been part of us in some shape and form, for a very, very long time indeed.

And the shame grew until men were so used to shame, that shame was no more. Men learned of good and of evil; and learned he evil best, for it suited his purpose better; and so did evil become his mark.

And he shall know well of the Beast and of the base nature of the Beast. And it will be strong in his time. It will be a time of false greatness, of greed and of abomination upon the earth. Men will show only the nature of the Beast, and no humanity or reason, which is meant to be the mark of men. Man will oppress in that time, in his pursuit of gain without consideration.

Extract from The Hallowed Book of Man