Injustice: a battle we must win at any cost

A hand gripping a wire fence

As so many powerless people suffer such harm by the bully boys in our various societies, all followers of The Way have a duty to protect them wherever possible. This is an important part of our purpose; that most important purpose of justice and freedom from legal and political abuse for all men, as well as all other abuses and injustices found everywhere today. New members at whatever degree they may be, or may become, should know, understand, and accept this; and observe it as a solemn oath. A matter of honour. They should be willing to practice this noble purpose, at all and any cost to themselves.

While injustice lives, there can obviously be no justice. At this time, there is little to no real sense of what is right; and so many care little for what is wrong, especially our politicians, church leaders and bankers. They see only what profits them and have no care for the suffering masses. They are bully boys. Wolves in sheep's clothing. It's up to all followers to engage themselves in this fight, and it will be a long and desperate struggle in order to put right what is wrong.

People are trained to believe instead of know.

You can see wrongs and injustice everywhere. You can see it in courts of what is called law. It can be easily seen in religion, and especially in banking and politics. People are fooled into all sorts of debts by bankers. Just look at the PPI fraudulent insurance scandal. If anybody else committed such a huge crime, or even one a great deal smaller, they would be jailed. We are trained, like dogs, to accept things like debts and obligations to an imagined god, believing that the priests of all religion will save our imagined souls after we are dead, and all sorts of insane and only imagined impossibilities. People are trained to believe instead of know. To ignore what is reasonable and factual. They think that believing, and holding to blind faith over reason and actual truth, will buy them a seat in paradise after death. It is insane, but it is also evil.

Look at your lives, and try to see how you could improve and make a difference to yourself and to others by, or with just a little effort. See what is going on around you with drug companies, health services, property taxes, and so many more things. Think, and decide whether you can help. Of course you can. All it takes is the will to do so. Join either The Way or The International Golden Movement, and do it today. There are no fees; it costs you nothing to join. Who knows, it may give you some point to your life. It will certainly give you an important purpose, and at least an interest in your own well-being.

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