An idea: not a Reality

Religion is being pumped up. Why? Because belief overrides your ability to reason or judge. It also makes you want to fight anyone who says such a thing or disagrees. My faith is the true faith, and all that rubbish. Here comes the religious wars. The bankers will happily finance them. Remember it's not about profitb it's about debt. Debt affords power, (but only as long as the laws of the world allow it). Look at the Third World countries. People, suffer. Why? Debt, that's why.

Because of the debt, the bankers call the shots and control political policy; and not in consideration of people’s best interests or welfare. To them you’re just cattle to be farmed and discarded when it suits.

You will find a lot of psychopaths in the banking world and amongst your much loved politicians. See what happens if you miss a payment to your friendly neighbourhood banker. Guess what happens when you owe an independent banker; after all they're only money lenders., usurers, which every great honest man up to Jesus and since, says usury is totally immoral. Even the Roman Catholic church said that usury is a mortal sin, or at least up till they opened the Vatican Bank, that is, which is nnother “independent” money lender. They just don't mention it anymore. Shhh, it will go away. The evidence is there under your nose. Ignore it at your own peril.

Bob Crosbie

Tenth degree in The Way

C.I.C. Brotherhood of Nazarenes


Danger: beware 25.7.2010

It is in the nature of man, as in all beasts, to strive by any means to be the Alpha. The Alphas get the best females or males as well as the best food. He or she gets to lie around a lot, with the lower orders serving their demands, just like bees in a hive. Just like the wealthy ones today, and the less fortunate who don't even know what it's all about. A bitter harvest will be reaped when the lower orders stop believing long enough to open both their eyes and minds, and listen to reason.

The Alpha needs an edge like the leader of a pack of dogs. The most potent edge appears to be claiming to be chosen by a mythical being. Such claims have been made since men sought to rule over their fellow men. Virgin births were claimed and all forms of madness invented to support those who sought absolute power. In this way they ensued that anyone who argued against such belief was dealt with in public in as terrifying a way as possible. Hung drawn and quartered or burned alive, just two methods used until recently, both designed to shock and add vigour to belief. After all, these unfortunate ones are criminals, unlike the ones who burned them and all those who played a part: righteous god-fearing people, one and all. The ultimate deterrent to disagreement, being the idea of an afterlife and the torments promised to be vented upon the disbeliever, or those who dare disobey the big cheese.

A criminal, by the way, is someone who breaks the law. Hitler made laws and so did Stalin; just like every despot in history; and those who rule today are of the same ilk, make no mistake. Law isn't necessarily about justice, nor does it mean that because there is a law that the law is right, never mind just or fair.

Laws degraded Jews to a level somewhere below that of animals, as it did with black people, who became slaves because of such laws. Laws can be made to profit the already wealthy law makers. It can exalt them far above their honest station. Law is power, regardless of the rights or wrongs of that law!

Each different group is ready to defend their god or belief against all comers. If my daddy has a bigger army than your daddy; then we will likely attack, as we don’t want to wait untill your daddy's army is bigger than ours. We will of course win, as the overwhelming numbers ensure victory. To the believer, it will also prove that God was on our side and not yours, so ensuring reinforcement of belief in complete disregard of the obvious. The victor writes the history. Beware what you read.

Between the wars and things created in order to distract our attention away from what's really happening to us, laws such as blasphemy was invented, and is being resurrected in Ireland today. If you say that this god or that god isn't real; you blaspheme. If you voice any opinion other then the opinion required for you to have, you blaspheme. It's light the fires timeb and if you think anything has changed over the centuries, your living in La-la land.

Our modern society is all smoke and mirrors. Our education systems renders us unable to discern between what we actually know and what we only believe that we know.

Chemicals are put into tooth paste that have a sterilizing effect on our women, who are now getting more like men everyday. Even their femininity is being taken from them, but as long as they believe a pretty picture painted in their minds, they don't notice their reality.

Men are becoming feminised and the chemicals are still being put into your food and water, with your vaccines for flu having a sterilizing effect, and damaging your immune system.

You are by now probably reliant on drug companies just to stay alive. Fluoride, which is a rat poison, also has an effect on fertility. It cause fire cracking on your teeth, because it hardens the enamel to much. It causes osteoporosis, but who cares?

Whey are they putting chemicals that have no apparent value apart from a sterilizing effect, especially for females, into our food and water? Could it be that the faceless ones; the Unholy-trio are up to something? It makes you wonder when you consider that they intend do deplete the population of the world by 75 to 80 percent by 2020. Look up the effects of aluminium sulphate. It's use to “purify” your water. Check up on fluoride and just about every additive in your food.

Fluoride Articles:

Aluminium Sulphate:

Why the irradiation of all fruit and veg' in your supermarket, even organic? Profit, that's what it's all about, and sterilization. Who owns the supermarkets anyway? The bankers do. They control the money so they control the policy, whether it's your supermarket of your government. Democracy is dead, that is if it ever actually lived in the first place. America claims to be the land of the free. Look around you, and think.

Blind Belief

The ruin of blind belief is soon at hand.

Live you no longer in her shadow.

She is gathered together by most evil kings,

Who follow her, shall rot with her, both bone and marrow.

Deep into the dark abyss of false belief,

Where injustice, lies, unfathomable greed and pain abide,

Where unjust law bears down with no relief.

Deep, where man’s shame may safely hide.

The wickedness of our societies with lust for power is led,

The drive for wealth, unbridled power, the favoured throne.

From such fouled stable shall mankind ere seek a better bed,

Soon the ego and stupidity of kings shall ensure its own.


Lead on you donkeys: bray, for your just reward is close to hand.

Your putrid secret ways to bend men's minds shall soon be known.

Closer than you think, you stand condemned by your own evil hand.

May even all of man be lost midst the horrors of your own atomic cone.

Sweet reason must abide where ere the sun shall show her light,

Her daily altered course runs ignorant of man’s self catered plight.

Justice must stretch upon each land from shore to shore,

With only truth and justice to be the common rules for ever more.

Till the sun shall neither rise, to set, to shine upon all mankind,

Presumptuous man! sweet reason should you seek and find.

You that are so well formed, yet so weak, with fear pounding in every chest,

First, if you can harder reason, guess, well formed, no weaker, blinder and no less.