The Purpose


The Purpose

“Your sole purpose in life is to survive, reproduce your kind, and to learn and pass on that which you are and that which you have learned. In this way you will make this world a better place and show improvement with each generation, unlike what we have done in the past. Such is your purpose. And if you should survive and learn and do according to this purpose, then the world will surely become Paradise.” (The Men in the Myth)


Your purpose in life is firstly to survive. So, what do you need to survive? Clean food, clean water, shelter, heat and the protection of these things would be basic things, clothes on your back and of course a few creature comforts wouldn’t go amiss either but you get the idea. So….

FOOD: I don’t know how you personally currently obtain your food, but most in the Western world I think we can agree purchase food at the supermarket. I wouldn’t consider most supermarket food to be ‘clean’, so we should do our best to avoid it anyway but in the near future foodstuffs will be dwindling and there simply won’t be enough to go around. Parts of the world are already starving and you can be sure that we’re next, so obviously we’re going to need to grow our own food to survive.

WATER: Most municipal water supplies are contaminated with all sorts of chemicals and drugs, so if you’re depending on your local water authority to provide you with clean water, you won’t be surviving for very long, at least not without some nasty side-effects. Having a source of clean water is of utmost importance to survival.

SHELTER: Indeed, it’s hard if not impossible to grow food and have access to clean water in the town or city anyway, so it makes sense to live in a place that doesn’t have a concentrated population, i.e. in the country. The further from cities the better, with land to grow food, keep livestock and provide wood for heating and a well or other source of clean water. We won’t be able to rely on amenities such as grid supplied electricity forever, so the ability to produce your own power would be a big plus.

PROTECTION: If you have access to clean food and water and everyone else doesn’t, you can be sure that everyone else will want to take from you what you have. So again it make sense to live away from large concentrations of people. Even then you still have to have a mind to protect that which you have – “Protect that which sustains against those who know no better.” Access to  knowledge is very important, as we’ll probably come up against others that have both of these things.

It is very hard if not impossible to do all of this alone. One can’t stay awake forever. And most importantly, if we are to reproduce and pass on that which we are and what we have learned, both purposes in life, then for obvious reasons we need to live in a community. A community of like minded people, as harmony in a community is necessary to the survival of that community.

We need all of these things, just to have a chance to survive. Individually we can’t do much, but together we can at least have that chance. Which is why the Order exists, to give those of like mind a place to gather together in knowledge, truth, reason and logic, hopefully ensuring the survival of the species of Man into the future.


We of The Way expect each generation of followers to freely contribute what they know to what has already been harvested from the experience of mankind in previous generations, so that our collective understanding is improved, and the avoidance of man’s more destructive ways made more possible. Put even more simply, The Way is about life, and the purpose of life is improvement. As we see it, there is only one true and straight path to improvement, and we call that path The Way. Any alternate path or direction can only be a lower one, with mankind being doomed to continuously repetitive cycles of wasted effort and illusory pursuit of blind teachings.

We, as members of the Order of The Way, aim to continue that evolving tradition or process of gaining understanding, by adding to what is already known for fact, regardless of by whom or where it might be discovered. By examining those things that we as yet do not fully understand, through the application of knowledge, truth, reason and logic, it becomes possible that the individual and collective mindset of man might be improved, while his mistakes, stupidities, and miseries are lessened, and his onward path made straight.