What fools we are

What do you know?


Do you ever sit quietly and think whether you are a fool, or just a fool that hopes that that you're wise, or perhaps both? Then can you be both? How can you be wise in some things and stupid in others, but it happens. So you, like me, are a wise fool. You get things right and then the next thing wrong. Confused? I am; maybe that's why I so often wonder about myself and hold such strong doubts regarding my average score.

Do you ever long for yesteryear? Dream of how life could be, not seeing what you are or have at the moment? Blind faith in your future when you day dream of how it could have been and perhaps should have been? Why must faith be blind and if it's blind, what does that mean? Floundering in the dark perhaps? Spending your time in wishful ignorance? What is wishful ignorance anyway? Ignorance is choosing to ignore. Wishing is just that; and gets you nowhere, because when you come out of your dream world, little or nothing has changed, or so it seems. But you have grown older, even by a little bit, and opportunities may well have passed you by. How do you know what it would have been like if you had done this or not done that? How can you really know? You can believe it would have made things different, but then that's belief isn't it.

Opinions are based on what you know, but do you in fact know anything? You know what you have been taught, but what about all the things you have not been taught? Do you think that the things you haven’t been taught, cast a shadow on what you know and have been taught? Do you actually know, or do you just go on blind faith that you have it right? Perhaps you believe that you have been taught all that there is to know, but no matter how old you are you still haven't lived long enough and never will know all that you can know. Why don’t working hours make room for learning? Why do you think in this day and age that your hours are so long, when we have such wonderful machines that can do so much?

Maybe it's designed that way, so that you don't have time to think; and when you do there's football, or some other nonsense like getting drunk. Getting drunk alleviates the inner frustrations, as maybe to look too close is scary, if you can even look at all. Then that's where blind belief comes in.

Wisdom comes with age or so they tell us, but I'm old and can still be foolish, even though I learn about everything I come across. I'm still limited in spite of my years. So how about you? Are you a know it all, or a rejecter of knowledge as being of no value to you, and so making yourself deliberately into an ignoramus? Not a nice name for you is it, but does it fit? Why not stretch yourself a bit? You never know till you try it, and who knows, you might like it. You might learn something, though it may not be of use to you today, there's still tomorrow.

Are you religious? If so, you will look for things to believe in, just as you have been trained to do. So what do you believe in; and does it make sense? What do you really know about such things for a fact? Do you believe in a god who takes care of you and grants favours? Do you perhaps believe in a paradise after you’re dead? Do you have faith that your team will win the cup, maybe even the saucer? What makes you believe in such things? What makes you follow blind faith? What do you know for sure and what do you only believe? What's real and what isn't? What have you learned, and what do you ignore, or have ignored? Think about it.

Bob crosbie. ©

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