Men fear most what they cannot see. They seek with the most diligence that which is hidden from them, and may not even exist outside the imagination. They remain blind to which lies before their eyes. They value the singer of songs, yet may know that they are not the words of the singer. Though they spring from his lips, they probably did not spring from his mind. The songwriter remains obscure, yet the singer grows rich.

Riches are then the mark of a man, yet what is the value of that man? His riches are his only worth, so what worth is he in reality? Riches bring power, but it is seldom considered how the riches were acquired. So where does this leave mankind as a whole? What is really of value? What kind of man should be revered? Perhaps the wealthy? Perhaps the singer or the actor, who is dumb without the writer? Probably dumb anyway.
Imagine the writer as the Force of Life that is mostly ignored until death comes and all is over. Imagine the priest who sings the songs of gods and asks for blind faith in his particular god, which is only imagined. What can either the priest or his god actually do that is real? He can make men malleable before his rulers’ and that's the only point of all religion. Every country says that it a free country, though the opposite is true, yet men go on claiming that they are free regardless of the evidence to the contrary. When freedom is claimed, what are you actually free from, when you consider the evidence? Free from what? Free only to die, because the rulers and the power-mongers can do nothing about it. If they could they would control even that, so they just tax it. They take away your hard earned money in this manner and they will keep doing it until the own it all. They already own you, but tell you to believe that they don't. Most are happy to believe them and keep their eyes and their minds closed for comfort’s sake.
Death comes to the powerfully and the wealthy as well as the lowly. So where stands their gods when sickness and death comes upon us or them? Where can all the beseeching and praying get them; and what can it get you? Sore knees, perhaps? Perhaps a feeling of being righteous, when they know well that they are certainly not? How can such people consider themselves to be anything but evil? Then they keep their eyes closed and shout, “Hallelujah. God is great!” or whatever nonsense allows them to avoid their own reality and affords excuse.
Gods cannot cure anything, because they don't exist in reality. Yet men give thanks when sickness is overcome. Not to the doctors and nurses, but to a non-existent entity. Such thanks is usually superficial anyway.
Gods stand only in the imagination, and are not real. So why do men value their beliefs so greatly, in such imagined gods? Why do they not pay homage to the Force of Life, which is the force that is both within us, about us, and actually obvious. The truth is that the Force of Life is from where we come; and to where we will return after death claims us. The Force of Life that is life, remains beyond the vision of men, yet is all about him. Why is mankind so foolish as to be led like a sheep, and treated as a fool?
The powerful ones believe themselves above all things and all men, yet are not above death. They too die, just like the most lowly of us. They moulder in the grave and return to their elements. Their elements return to the earth of which their bodies are made, and which sustains them through their lives. All things are of the soil, yet they call it dirt. Can this be because all men are fools, or only viewed as fools by those who make fools of them? Are men all fools? Are we all fools to our bellies’ needs and our greed, or just fools?
What do we see when we view our horizons? The sunrise, or rows of possibilities that can rise us up and allow us to become powerful? To have power over what? Other men, perhaps? Over our poverty, perhaps? What kind of poverty makes a man so blind, if it's not poverty of the mind; ignoring what we don't want to see; and valuing what we cannot see above all things real. Gods in their heavens on golden thrones? A life after death?
Are we all fools or are we insane? Perhaps we are just ill informed and afraid of what we don't understand. Yet we don't understand gods. Strange creatures. Never seen, and never heard. Only imagined. Only heard of. Madness, isn't it, when you think about it? It’s the real road to damnation. Damnation in life and nothing after death, regardless of promises and money spent. The churches get rich and you get poorer. Do you not think this is insane?

© 2015 Bob Crosbie

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