Way thought for the day 31.1.2011

We describe The Way as being great; we describe the Universe as great; Nature too, we describe as great, and man himself is great. Man’s laws should follow natural laws, just as Nature gives rise to physical laws, whilst following from universal law, which follows The Way, which is reason. It is knowledge, it is logic, it is truth born of certain proof, and is therefore factual, and beyond any doubt.

Way thought for the day 30.1.2011

The creative principle unifies the inner and external worlds. It does not depend on time or space, is ever still and yet in motion; thereby it creates all things, and is therefore called ‘the Creative’ and ‘the Absolute’; its ebb and its flow extend to infinity.

Way thought for the day 29.1.2011

He who boasts is not enlightened, and he who is selfrighteous does not gain respect from those who are meritorious; thus, he gains nothing, and will fall into disrepute. Since striving, boasting and self-righteousness are all unnecessary traits, the wise one considers them excessive, and has no need of them.

Way thought for the day 27.1.2011

To accept the irrevocable, is to let go of desire. He who does not have trust in others should not himself be trusted. He who stretches beyond his reach, does not stand firmly upon the ground; just as he who travels at a speed or beyond his means, cannot maintain his pace.

Way thought for the day 26.1.2011

He who is virtuous may experience virtue, whilst he who loses the natural way is easily lost himself. He who is at one with the Force of Life is at one with Nature, and virtue always exists for he who has virtue.

Way thought for the day 25.1.2011

Nature’s way is to say but little; high winds are made still with the turn of the tide, and rarely last all morning; or heavy rain, all day. Therefore, when talking, remember also to be silent and still. He who follows the natural way is always one with the Force of all That There Is.

Way thought for the day 24.1.2011

The wise man embraces The All, which is encompassing; he is unaware of himself, and so has brilliance; not defending himself, he gains distinction; not seeking fame, he receives recognition; not making false claims, he does not falter; and not being quarrelsome, is in conflict with no one. This is why it was said by the High Caulbearers of old, “Yield, and maintain integrity; be whole, and all things come to you. Resist not evil, lest it break you. Better to bend, and render it confused.”

Way thought for the day 23.1.2011

The essence of The Way is deep and profound, yet it may be known by not trying to know. Yield to its elements, and maintain integrity. To recline on a couch is also to be upright; to be empty of evil is to be full of its opposite. Those who have little have much to gain, but those who have much may be confused, because they are possessed by their possessions.

Way thought for the day 22.1.2011

The greatest virtue is to follow The Way; how it achieves mankind's goals without contriving. The essence of The Way is deep and mysterious. Having in itself neither image nor form, it exists only within the intellect; yet, through its non-being, are found image and form.