Global Warming/Climate Change; living in denial

Graph demonstrating the increase in atmospheric carbon due to human activity
This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased since the Industrial Revolution. (Credit: Vostok ice core data/J.R. Petit et al.; NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 record.) From the NASA website.

I see that the last prophecy of Jesus is being criticised and challenged. It has been said that there is no sign of Global Warming and Climate Change yet. Are these people blind, or can't they see anything? Perhaps they don't want to see anything that upsets their sense of security. Perhaps such criticism is just a ruse to gain attention, like an immature child? Perhaps they are afraid of their beliefs letting them down in the end? Maybe they have had their applications to join us refused? Perhaps they have been expelled from The Way, and are trying to prove some kicking back obscure point? It's probably easier than changing their ways.

I don't know why anyone should behave in such a manner, as there is no point to it. Reason is obviously not involved. If anyone doesn't like us or The Way, or even the last prophecy of Jesus the Christ, why not just ignore us and go their way? No one is forced to read what I write, or what has been written by others over the centuries. We don't expect everyone to like us. Just “having a go” in an attempt to upset and offend us, proves nothing either way, apart perhaps from an apparently large degree of inadequacy on their behalf. Pathetic attempts at being a nuisance proves more than such people realise about themselves, and not us.

Regarding Global Warming and Climate Change, ask any farmer and they will all say that it's now very obvious that warming is having an increasing negative effect on crops. This will cause food shortages, and so the prophecy unfolds. You can see its effects in the extreme weather all over the world. Put this together with all the prophesied wars, and get ready for real trouble; troubles that will affect us all. It's happening slowly I grant you, but slowly or not, it's happening.

Starvation already exists in many countries, and the body numbers are piling up. The Unholy Trinity of banker, priest and politician will tell you what they want you to believe, as their attitudes and designs are purely monetary and control based. During this time of dragging on, whatever chance the human race has to avoid complete extinction, can be used to tackle the problems that will arise and be ready for them. To be prepared will give a chance; not just for us the ageing ones, but our future generations. But then who cares, when they can't yet feel the wind blowing about their houses? Such is blind complacency.

“There shall be mighty winds and disease, as you open the Sixth Seal. And few will listen, saying,”’All is well. The wind has blown not about my house'.

Denying the coming problems and mindlessly giving encouragement to others to do so, will not make it go away. Denial of signs is a poor approach and a stupid thing to do. Some take this approach because they hate me and The Way, and just want to try to destroy for their egos’ sake, using anonymity, and false identities being the preferred method. They know not what they do, and care less, as long as their emotions and overinflated egos are satisfied. Such is the way of the Beast; and they know, but unsuccessfully try to hide it.

The Way is strange to the believer's mind, and that's to be expected. They believe whatever suits them, to imagine something is not happening in spite of the evidence all about them. “God won't let it happen.” They believe in the power of their god or gods that only exist in their imaginations, and rely on the non-existent to put it all right. They look to these imagined gods to save them. Nothing will save mankind, outside of the realms of reason.

Keep looking, and think about it. We trust that you are not all fools, so trust in nothing that isn't real. Global warming and climate changes are real. Jesus might have been out by a few years, but two thousand years is a long time, so what's another year or two? A nit-picker’s avoidance of reality, maybe? It's happening slowly, day by day, make no mistake. You can't avoid it. All we want people to do is look, listen and think with reason and knowledge, based on more than belief.

Bob Crosbie

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