Way thought for the day, 27th January 2012

The ignorant revel in their likes and dislikes and they use their discriminatory faculties to find base pleasures in life. They choose their ignorance because the light is too strong for them.

The follower discriminates, and has likes and dislikes. He or she find purpose in their calculated discernments, and are therefore always learning. They learn both that which they should not do, as well as that which they should do. They are in balance. Opinion based on a lack of knowledge does not matter to him or her. Their inner vision is at one with The Way and, therefore, with the Force of Life.


Way thought for the day, 24th January 2012

Like water in its everlasting cycle, the follower remains in harmony with The Way and follows a humble path. Nourishing all, the follower is also nourished. He or she knows that all things, both man and beast, shall always return to the source from whence all things have come. The source is the Force of Life, which is the Force of The All. It is from where we came and to where we shall all return.

Energy does not die, as it cannot. The Force is energy, and though, broken down into its elements, the body returns to the soil, so does the spirit return to its place.

Way thought for the day, 22nd January 2012

The Force of Life, which is the Force of The All, permeates all beings. It is not beyond, but within our reach. It is like the sunlight on your brow, which gives you the sensation of warmth, but disappears when you enter shade.