The Force of Life – both above and below all things

The Force of Life is the energy that we can all see about us. It is also known as The All, as without it there would be nothing. It’s within you, your children, your dog, trees, and all plant life. It is, in fact, obvious in all living things.

Jesus said that all things return to their root; meaning that we all go back into the form from which we originated – that being energy. Every cell every thought developed and energised by the Force of Life.

The energy of life can be seen all about us. It’s in everything, from soil to grass, to tree, to beast, of which we are a species. When we die our bodies return to the soil or dust from whence we came. Most of what we eat grows from the soil.

We live in a circle of life. Hence the pentacle that we wear, which contains all that there is in our lives. Life cannot survive without death, as death provides sustenance for both new and existing life. We eat plants that come from the soil. They contain the Force of Life in them. The same applies to animals. They feed on plants from the soil, or from each other, and we live from them.

When the body dies, so does the brain, and in spite of people wishing to believe in some resurrection, imaginary gods, or supposed afterlife, there are none. As the brain dies it stops producing though patterns. However, the good news is that you live on in your children, by passing on your genetic information, so there is no need to live on. Paradise is rejuvenated through the force of that life that is within us all.

The Force of Life struggles to keep it all going, as mankind never ceases to mindlessly destroy it, including himself. He has developed the belief that his deities will always provide, regardless of man’s deliberate and continuous, wanton destruction. It cannot survive unless it has living things within which to live. Around and around it goes, from generation to generation, life regenerating life. Hope this helps you all to understand how life works in reality, not in fantasy.

Bob Crosbie

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