The Elements of Law

The Elements of Law

Element of Air

Nothing lives without air. Like air, justice cannot be seen but it effects are profoundly felt, its consequences paramount.

Element of Water

Flowing, persistent, wearing, the three ingredients of truth, to all men water is like truth. Seek with diligence, lest men thirst for it even to death.

Element of Earth

All things require a medium in which to grow. Men grow only in the soils of reason, knowledge logic and truth, watered with the rains of goodwill.

Element of Fire

The centre of man’s forge. Within the forge his metal is tempered and the brands to sear his flesh are heated. More here than just his metal is tempered in the fire and smoke of his existence: for here he cooks his food and warms his bones, he burns his hand and fashions his tools.

With Law, temper well — it will carve a pathway to Justice. Hammer with care and weld together with honour, to be tested, not strained, and never, never, ignored or wasted.

© 2012 – The Order of The Way/R.G. Crosbie/The Brotherhood of Nazarenes

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