Child abuse

Watching the news regarding the child abuse has absolutely disgusted me, as I’m sure it would to any right thinking person. The Church keeps shouting about Christian values, as if they were the best values possible, and possessed by them alone. For so long we have seen these values at work, one example being the slaughter of the Mayans to steal their gold. They burned children alive in order to get the parents to tell them where they had any more gold or silver hidden.

During the Spanish Inquisition, over eight thousand children under four years old were burned alive by the Jesuits. All done for the good of their souls of course, but mainly and objectively, to force their parents to turn to Roman Catholicism. The act of burning children and people alive is the ultimate sign of power. A clear warning to all. Numbers mean power, and after a generation of brainwashing all would be well, but for who?
Then there’s the beehive in Rome, which was purpose built so that the Pope could burn people faster (see The Vicars of Christ). The victims were dressed in hair-shirts, which were impregnated with sulphur, so they would really light up faster. Such was the need to save their souls in large numbers, that it was necessary to invent this industrial-like murdering process. Because they have done these terrible things to the innocent, then surely they don’t believe in the god they want the rest of us to believe in? Unless it’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

In Scotland they tied people to stakes at the tide’s edge at low water; if they accepted the faith before they drowned they were let loose. Go to Wigtown in south west Scotland and see the graves in the cemetery there (a peculiar fact is that if a thing is true, you don’t need faith and if you need faith it can’t be true). When the Roman Catholics weren’t doing evil deeds to the Anglican Catholics, the Anglicans were doing it to the Roman Catholics, yet they all say the Nicene Creed. The Nicene Creed comes from the conference of Nicea in 325 A.D. when they gathered to decide whether Jesus or Constantine was to be the divine son of God, after which they altered the writings and everything else, to develop their belief system.

But as they say, all that torture, blood and murder was all so long ago. Two nuns were murdered in Africa some years back. They were stripped naked and then killed. What a terrible thing you might say, until you go there and find out why. The nuns had given birth to a number of children and couldn’t explain what had happened to the children. When the natives found out that the little innocent babies were killed and “sent back to God”, as is the ancient custom with Roman Catholic nuns, the native people killed the nuns who were the mothers of the murdered babies after all. Even such so called savages have higher moral values than the nuns. They couldn’t understand a mother killing her baby.

In the concentration camps of Germany, the nuns led the trusting Jewish women and children into the gas chambers. You can see them on the old war films. The Jews trusted them; their assistance in the matter of this mass murder of the innocents made it more efficient and easier for the German SS.

Then there was the Croatian affair, where the Pope said that god’s love was not all embracing, or words to that effect. God’s love only applies to Roman Catholics, apparently. This left the road clear for more murder, done joyfully in the name of the church of Rome with the Pope’s blessing. All this is a matter of record. If any other cult did even a small amount of this kind of pure evil, what would have happened to them? Waco comes to mind; their destruction prompted by guess who? And again children died. You may say that the Roman Church can’t be held responsible for that, but they pushed it.
I leave you with one or two more thoughts. Jesus said that “He who stands by and does nothing, is equal in guilt to he who perpetrated the wrong”. Look at who stood by; and not only did nothing, but actually tried to cover it all up and protect the guilty, who in my opinion should be named and shamed at least. They certainly should not be getting away with it.

Jesus also said that “He who associates himself with evil, is himself guilty of that evil.” There is no more evil thing on the face of this earth, than the rape and torture of innocent and vulnerable children. Now where’s the millstones they talk about? No other cult or organization would get away with all this evil, and it is considerable. So why them?

I’m just saying out loud what millions worldwide are thinking. It amazes me that nothing has changed over the millennia. No one learns, do they? Like Jesus said, “And man shall know no reason.” Were still just a bunch of chimps, but we don’t act as well as they do, do we? It’s high time that the Church and its transgressors were held to account publicly.