The Way

What is “The Way”?

The Way is a philosophy and way of life based on truth, knowledge, logic and reason, as these are the pillars that underpin and support all that has existed, continues to exist, and will ever exist in reality.

We are concerned about the human population and the infrastructure that supports it. The Purpose that we speak of is the salvation of mankind. Not the usual idea of paradise after you’re dead, but the salvation of the species in its reality. We recognise the problems facing the world at this time. Many will die, and as time passes, it becomes more and more obvious.

We work in groups in a protecting way, for practical reasons: in a one for all and all for one fashion.

It is to be realised that if you have food or a clean water supply, you will need to protect it as the rest of the world starves; and they will starve. How do you suppose you can protect your food and water? You have to sleep sometime, so during that time who or what will protect your stores?

In a group you can have someone on watch at all time. If you are on your own, or just one or two, how can you put up a fight if you need to? The thieves will come in numbers and will probably be armed.

It is a sad fact that law abiding people are either not allowed or restricted in their ability to hold weapons, yet the gangsters have more than the police have. And who will be your worst enemy? Your government will be; and all that they can use to save themselves. The usual gangsters and thieves will still be there; but added to that will be the desperate people who choose to ignore what we have been saying for years. They won’t do anything while they have the chance, but watch them when they are in trouble.

Your religious leaders will tell you to pray. That won’t work. It never has; and it never will. Your only realistic alternative is to become a member of the fellowship of The Way, and follow a reasoned and logical philosophy that does no harm and is aimed at the betterment of all good things, including you. If we all recognise the same rules and do so with honest effort, then we stand a chance. To do otherwise, you stand no chance. Does this make sense to you? We all follow something, but do you not think that it makes more sense if we all follow something reasonable, logical and practical, instead of the opposites?

The unholy trinity of State, church and banker have made sure that you are and will stay vulnerable. As we say in the Way, “The choice is yours, as are the consequences of your decisions.”

There will be no heavenly salvation of man, as man on his very own has designed and devised his own judgements by the operation of his own mind, so he himself, alone, either saves himself by way of reasoning ability or damns himself by all thinking that is directed otherwise. Have you ever thought about that?