False Shepherds

Those soulless clerics squatting in their stolen place,

Believed good lights of the world which they created,

Considered to be shining stars and leaders to this sacred human race.

As homosexuals, you forsake your imagined god's believed commands,

Still stay prodigious and always viewed with fear,

Shamelessly and with ease, you wash your putrid hands.

Your effigies and statues baneful influence, being but an evil dream.

You just mouth words that are untrue, to speak and place the real,

The truthful Christ, to serve your evil in extreme.

Oh laugh or mourn this lowered state of all mankind with me,

The actions of this gang of sodomites, of paedophilic priest.

The humble priest from the Roman gangster take his well protected cue,

And Paul the sodomite, they shall well be pleased, to quote him too.

He takes the human field to muster in his faith-believing pack,

Cries “Thy will be done!” whilst on sodomised children's pain,

The Roman gangster turns his holy back.

Is this his well-preached sanctity to salvation’s sured place?

Is this the priest whose word takes all mankind to favoured grace?

Is this the well marked, accepted way, for papal bliss,

Himself a wanderer from that narrow way,

His silly sheep with not enough reason left to wonder, question, or to stray?

Regardless of the things this evil band,

Their wrongs commit against the children of the believing horde,

On Sundays Mass still carries on with countless bums on seats,

To lend support to this defiling Church,

Their lack of reason bidding them to yet “support” each head,

Like an apple that's been well cored.

Devoid of self control, devoid of balances, or of reason,

Brainwashed into unreasoned belief, perchance for all of mankind's future season.

The sacred function believed by fools, by man’s evil hand itself was made,

Sacrilege the function of these priests; and abuse of children has always been,

And shall always stay, their favoured, chosen trade.

© R.G. Crosbie 17th February 2010

Spirituality..what it is

Before placing oneself on the spiritual road of the follower of the Hallowed Caul, or The Way, it is necessary to realise that all spirituality must be separated from religion and religious beliefs. This is because all religion is based on myth and the dogmatic belief that faith and beliefs are fact, which they are not.

Spirituality is real, and based only within the reality of the certainty of fact. Too many people firmly ‘believe’ that spirituality is about religion, because thy have been taught to ‘believe’ this to be so. Religious spirituality is fantasy based on nothing that is real. It has been separated at some distance within the human mind from reason or logic.

You are a spirit with a body. You are a mixture of animal instincts and humanity. Your humanity controls your animal, or base instincts; this being all that separates you from the lower animals. This doesn’t just mean cats, dogs, lions and tigers etc. as it also means men and women without a sufficient amount of humanity to control their base animal desires and instincts, who look human, but behave like beasts. Such people are usually controlled by self-interest and fear of retribution, and not, unfortunately, by any humanity within them. And because of this fact, which you can experience every day, so many so-called human beings are in reality just beasts of the very lowest order, so often totally lacking the humanity that is necessary to makes a real and complete human.

The spirit of man cannot be found, no matter how hard you look for it. You can open up the human skull and dissect the brain, and you will neither find a picture or a single thought. These things are not evident to the eye, yet we know that they are there, because we all experience them every day. You may ask about the realities of death, because you hope that you will live in some paradise or other after death. Yet again, this is the promise of religious leaders. For example, at most Christian funerals they will mention the “Sure and certain hope of the resurrection of the body”. Just like all things, people never really notice, nor do they even question. If such resurrection is sure, then why the need for hope? If it is certain, again, why faith? And why hope if it is sure and certain? It goes around and around, contradiction upon contradiction.

The body is made of energy, and as energy cannot die, nor can it be destroyed, then the body returns to its elements from which it came. This leaves that spiritual thing that is the real you, that thing that you can’t put your finger on, and no one can actually see it. That is why it was originally called ‘spirit’, as it was considered to be like an ether, a vapour-like form that could be sensed by the mind, but not captured. It too is made of pure energy, and again, energy cannot die or be destroyed, so it must go on in some form or other. But we who follow The Way are not religious, and therefore will not tell you what we believe, but only that which we know for certain and can either demonstrate or prove. You can admit that it’s a good theory, but sadly it’s not yet proven.

You may wonder what is The Way? Jesus followed The Way, and so did his followers after him, so why follow anything else? Unless of course you think that he had it all wrong. Who do you really put your trust in? Unless you follow The Way, which was and is his Way, then certainly not in him. You may profess faith in him, but that remains, however, only from the teeth out, because you don’t practice it. Think about it.

Who and what were you before you were born? Some will say, “Nothing”. But there is no such a thing as nothing, for even nothing is something, so you must have been something. Nothing has consequence, so it can’t be nothing, it must be something. Whatever we are, we are not at all sure. We have our theories, but we don’t know anything factual or provable for sure regarding this question.

When you see pictures of ghosts, as they have been described by people who have seen them, they are usually transparent. Those who are unfortunate enough to be supersensitive, see them in this way. Some may see one in their lifetime, some may never see anything, and many imagine they have seen something. Others lie through their teeth, for their own reasons, such as wanting to appear important, just like a small child attention-seeking. Herein lies the great confusion. Who is lying? Who is imagining things and not capable of recognising the difference? Who is telling the truth? Is it real or is it not? Religions are built on such confusion.

It is my experience that so called ghosts or entities do exist, or I’ve lost my marbles. They are the energy of those now dead to us. It is a fair possibility that there is a parallel world, or perhaps several parallel worlds, with those who do not know that they are dead slipping backwards and forwards.

For instance, how do you know for sure that you are alive? Can you prove it to yourself? Perhaps you are wrong, and you are just a spirit drifting in space imagining all this? Or perhaps you are already dead, reliving your past life over and over again? Then maybe you have never lived at all, and you are just dreaming your way through some spiritual existence? How do we really know? The fact is, we don’t.

Why do you sleep? There is no actual, realistic need for you to sleep, yet we know that if you are deprived of sleep you will die; and sooner than you think. So what’s the point? There is a theory that when you sleep you go back to the source of your energy, to recharge your batteries, for want of a better word for it. Perhaps to dream your way through your many problems, and allow your subconscious mind to work its way through them. But your subconscious has no reason, so we find ourselves back at the starting point.

Have you ever noticed how everything goes round in circles? There is no beginning and there is no end to life; it’s pure energy, and therefore, even though your body effectively rots, it in fact is just going through its natural cycle: back into earth to grow grass for the beasts to eat, and your children or grandchildren to kill the beasts, and eat them at a later date; which in turn feeds their bodies on the energy of the beast, which passes through them in faecal matter. Again, that feeds some thing that in turn feeds something else, that eventually feeds them, and then they in turn die; and on and on it goes, round and round, eternally. At least that’s the way it would be, if we, the so-called human race, the believers in that false belief in our superiority over all things, hadn’t messed it up.

Now what about your spirit? Your thoughts? They are energy too, and in the natural world nothing is ever wasted. So you go round and round, and it’s a fair bet that even this energy is recycled, and sometimes we see it as ghosts; seeing or not seeing, depending on the level of your sensitivity, or perhaps we experience it as some sort of entity, causing chaos or bringing blessings.

Perhaps even space ships with little red men from Mars do exist. Even fairies at the bottom of the garden; and I am not being facetious. Think about it, and it might just start to make sense to you, and make sense of a lot that confuses. It may even confuse more, but it’s a thought, isn’t it? But there is no evidence, so we are not sure, and study is needed, as all good theories have something that makes them worthy of investigation.

As I have said before, we in The Way, both ordinary members and Caulbearers alike, never tell you what we believe. We tell you what we in fact know, and we tell you what we think might be just about right. As we live we learn, but theory is just that, and a starting point for study, and hopefully leading to the discovery of fact. We cast aside all belief, as it colours all that we see, and many people may well see something real, and because it doesn’t suit or agree with what they believe, they cast it aside, and pretend that it’s not there.

If you are a believer or have a faith in any form of religion, you may well have problems living with cold fact as your only comfort. And it is a cold comfort, but you can take it to the bank of life any time and the check won’t bounce. We cannot adjust reality for excuse or humour, so we therefore have little to comfort us, except the methodical gathering of factual knowledge, which some may well see as a kind of religion.

Belief allows excuse, which itself is, by definition, a lie. Should you rather false comfort of belief and faith than cold facts that can justify anything, and should you need to feel that there is a god or gods, angels and the like, looking over you, ready to take you to paradise when you die, and many people do, then pass me by and go your way, for where I go is not for you. Where I lead, few can follow, no matter how sensitive they may ‘believe’ themselves to be.

No matter how intelligent you might think yourself, beware your reason, which is rendered almost useless by the falsity of belief. But, beware more so your lack of reason. Know yourself well before you venture, lest you shall be lost, in a dark place, beyond help; a forlorn place, where none shall ever find you, not even yourself.

To improve, a man or woman must do certain things. I know that I write this a bit too late in my life; and I intended not to write it down at all, as I am instructed, indeed commanded, that I shall give man nothing that might prolong the agony of his undeserved existence. Well, I think personally that agony is what he deserves. I am well aware that it’s too late for many of him as I write. He or she is so often blinded by what the think that they know. That alone renders it too late for most of them to learn at this point, to become worthy of life, by adjusting their ideas of life, and of its real and actual value.

Belief creates war, and the first causality of any war is always truth. Each religion professes truth as if they own it and hold all rights to it. Yet each preaches something different. Even in the same religion, sects differ in what they choose to believe. Remember, that you don’t know that you don’t know, what you don’t know. Seek facts, and all shall become evident. Believe, and live only in the darkness of your own confusions. Knowledge, alone, can save you.

Bob Crosbie

24th February 2010

By The Way

By The Way, and one way alone,

Earth’s silent message to man shall be known.

Waiting till death shall darken his eyes,

On silent wings, his end emphasise,

And in stress interpret, with knowledge lessed,

Shall be guided by fear in the heaving breast.

And the thunder shall roar, o’er a raging sea,

As man worships in vain, a false deity.

His world wracked with storms, the skies dark above,

The Earth spills her anger, from man’s lack of love,

Her cries shall be heard, on too good summer's day,

Unseasonable frost glint on the meadows of May.

So shall silence be heard, in abandoned seashells,

But man shall still answer false deities' bells.

The Earth shall stand void, her waters burning like flame,

But man shall still whisper false deitie’s name.

Though witness he death, by the green of the tree,

He shall neither know reason nor shall knowledge decree.

Like he with the hammer, who on marble drew,

Engraving the words of that life he knew.

The believers not hearing, loud shouting, “Hail!”,

As into man’s coffin, is firm driven each nail.

Men without spirit, with mind bound in chain,

Shall not hear me, nor see me, and yet shall lay blame.

So I sit, and I watch, with naught I can do,

As each man who cooks, shall eat of this stew.

© R. G. Crosbie 2003

Men of Reason

Men of reason have always found,
That all good things come from the soil, from simple ground.
And from thence plants grow by sweat and toil,
The hallowed fruits spring up from well tilled soil,
Oft planting helped by unknown hand,
That made the plough to till the land.
And so shall Sion faithful yield, her thousand sacred sweets,
Should men not reason, know it now,
They shall walk alone, shall starve, in corpse filled streets.

© 12/5/2009

When Life….

When life is no longer ruled by and through reason, and only by and through unreason, then life itself is in danger. When life is ruled by and through belief, which is manufactured unreason, and contradictory to logic, then life will be forfeit, and must come to a tragic and unnecessary end.
Such it is, as we now stand at this the ending of man’s days, which could have been and still can be avoided. Mankind has the necessary brains and skill to do great things, as he has proven. Unfortunately, he appears to have a need to believe in things fantastic, and bigger than himself.
Because of this weakness, he has been led by those among him who only seek to rule and lead him into the quicksands of wild belief and fantasy. He has forgotten reason. Logic has become a strange thing that must fit his beliefs, no matter how ridiculous those beliefs may be. He has lost his way. The price of this his base stupidity shall be dire. His children shall curse him with their last breath, for his wanton and blind stupidity. He has drunk from the cup of his inability to overcome the brainwashing processes of his religious leaders, who lead him not into temptation, but instead into eternal damnation; that eternal damnation of none-existence. He has drunk also from the cup of his overwhelming unwillingness to embrace sweet reason, so, wallowing in fantasy, where fantasy has no place or part to play.
Drink deeply, you mankind. Drink deeply from the cup of your belief. Stay drunk on your ridiculous fantasies, and on your baseless beliefs. Soon you will be sober, because reality stalks you. Reality will win, and the hangover will be painful. And mankind will die and be no more, as he destroys all, even to his children's now-denied future. Denied, as with all things, by that which suits him to believe or not believe.


© 12th February 2010

Who’s Mad?

Who’s Mad?

It is said by the church of Rome that The Way was the faith of Jesus, so why don't they follow it?
Why invent something else?
I have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow. because I've seen the evidence each day of my life.
I have faith that if I plant potatoes I will harvest a crop, because I always have, year after year. Sometime good, sometime bad, but they've been there, a crop none the less. Such faith is based on evidence and experience, certainly not blind.
The sun might not rise tomorrow, but it's very unlikely.
I could get blight in my potatoes, but as long as I spray them ,everything will be OK. It always is.
To have faith in God where there is no evidence of a god; and plenty of evidence that there isn't one, defies reason. To go against reason is more than just stupid, it's dangerous.
To stray from the paths of certain knowledge ,of reason, of logic and provable truths, is folly beyond folly.
To have faith that Jesus was born of a virgin, when we know for a fact that he was a child of the quill, also defies reason. The first is impossible; the second very likely.
So why believe the impossible?
Why accept without question that which cannot possibly be true, as truth.?
Why does the church of Rome and its satellite Christian religions, and all the other churches, want you to have faith in things that defy all reason, fact or science?

What defines a mad person? Perhaps someone who hears voices? Someone who sees things that aren't there? Someone with unreasonable ideas and actions, like talking to yourself, or talking to someone who isn't actually there? Maybe their invisible friends are there; and you just can't see them? Perhaps only he or she can see and hear them.
How do you know?
Madness is defined as any behaviour which is unacceptable to society. Plenty of room for interpretation there. You had better be careful, or they might lock you up.
Perhaps you had better conform? That's a safe way, but is it wise?

So who’s mad? Someone praying to a god that obviously isn't there? Someone not praying to a god that isn't there? Unreal and only imagined.
Perhaps someone who believes that their god will always provide, in spite of all the death from hunger we see around the world?
Maybe someone who refuses to believe anything without evidence, is mad?

Are you mad?
Am I mad?
If so, then who says so; and by what criteria?
Maybe they're mad?

Then maybe we don't really exist. Maybe I am just a spirit drifting and imagining that I exist and that you exist.
Maybe you don't exist and you're just imagining that you do.
Do you know fore sure, or haven't you ever though about it? What's real I mean?
Perhaps you just imagine that I exist, because you’re reading this? Someone wrote it.
Maybe I do exist somewhere out there, or maybe you just imagine that you’re reading this?
Who’s mad? The one who asks the questions, or the one who just accepts without any proof, evidence, or certainty of fact?
Perhaps the one who only believes, is mad?
Perhaps science is mad, and only belief is sane and logical?
Where will you put your money, as you probably value your money more than your life? You being a reasonable person.
You may even think that you can't exist without money, but if so, how do you manage without life?
What value do you put on your life, or the lives of those that you profess to love?
What stakes/steaks are you comfortable with, apart from beef?
Where will you put your money in the great competition for existence?
Maybe you're really betting your life?
Mad, isn't it?

Then again……….?

© R.G.Crosbie
12th February 2010

When I was a Child

When I was still a child, there was no childish play.
All was work and learning until the ending of each day.
To me it was a pleasing thing, as all my mind was set towards my goal,
To learn, to teach, to question and so to make men whole.

Bent serious to learn, to know,
From there to do what Nazarenes desired of me.
Myself thought born with high caul towards that hallowed end,
To live in silent solitude, without a friend.

Born to promote all precepts of The Way
To promote all knowledge, reason, and all right-proven things,
Therefore I remained above my tender years,
Allowing my mind to fly on soaring wings.

Studying the mindless laws of gods and man,
Bitter was the flavour, as sweet justice knew no home,
Priests among better men did blend,
And all their laws directed, towards their own desired and selfish end.

I made learning of truths my whole delight,
Hopeful to grow within that knowledged light.
Still young and small went I, innocent and blind,
There to hear the teachings of just law; and so expand my mind.

And to lodge within my mind,
What might improve the knowledge that was mine.
I sat, so many times pondering what I heard,
Each truth so different, as preached by each conceited, mindless herd.

Yet all speak as though the truth was theirs alone.
And fought like dogs to self possess this cherished bone.
Yet all was lies and made no sense,
The boundary’s limits careless crossed o'er wilful, broken fence.

No lines of reason did I see,
But lies, deceit, and tricks, designed to fetter such as you and me,
And hide real truth in darkness where none might see,
Designed to keep their power intact,
Ignoring truths, whilst using lies and rituals,
And so to hide all honest fact.

R.G. Crosbie.

© 15/5/09

Wrong Not

Wrong not the bearers of the hallowed cauls,
Who breathe sweet reason born from the hallowed crystal halls.
And walk not amongst the realm of that where understanding lacks,
Think well, and let good reason rule, lest lack of reason break your backs.

Hold fast to reason, hold her near,
For it's good reason that the powerful fear,
That same proclaimed sweet reason so obscure,
Ignoring, careless, risking all; to benefit the Roman whore.

Sweet reason stands against those injured rights,
Whilst lack of justice, all things hallowed blights.
And mankind in wrath shall sore resent,
Against unjust laws that make man’s life misspent.
By reason alone shall salvation build,
Against the fateful day, all men who trust in gods and priests alone, be killed.