Way thought for the day 30th April 2012

“To the evildoer, wrong appears sweet as honey; he looks upon it as pleasant so long as it bears no fruit, but when its fruit ripens, then he looks upon it as wrong; he shall then reap a bitter harvest.

“And so the good man looks upon the goodness of The Way as no burden and no evil so long as it bears no fruit; and when its fruit ripens, then he still sees its goodness, for it is nothing else. The harvest shall be sweet and bountiful.

Way thought for the day 29th April 2012


Keep you away from all that is not born of knowledge and that which can not be proved beyond doubt.

Keep away from all that makes no sense.

Keep away from that which does not demonstrate itself to have honest value.

Keep away from all that which has not reason.

Live by the certainties of knowledge and search for more knowledge, for it shall be your greatest wealth, and will sustain you and your children and your children's children for all time. To do other will condemn you to live in fantasy and ignore your own reality, which shall bring only death onto you in the fullness of time.


From the Hallowed Book of Man

(Extract from The Covenant)

Way thought for the day 29th April 2012

“Let no man think lightly of evil, saying in his heart, ‘It will not come nigh unto me.' As by the falling of water-drops a water-pot is filled, so the fool becomes full of evil, though he gather it little by little.

“Let no man think lightly of good, saying in his heart, ‘It will not come nigh unto me.' As by the falling of water-drops a water-pot if filled, so the wise man becomes full of good, though he gather it little by little.”

From the Hallowed Book of Man

(Chapter: The City of Nirvana)

Way thought for the day 21st April 2012

Men shall live in belief alone, and will be dead as if it were not born, beneath the weight of belief in that which has no reason and cannot be sustained under reason's light. But they shall claim dominion over all, down to the smallest thing, as though the followers of false belief alone, and only they, have any purpose; and all else shall be considered unworthy of existence in that time.

And so shall the earth be laid to waste. Her goodness will not be harvested in sustaining manner. This will be man’s greatest time, but he will see it not and his greatest moment will pass him by and be lost to him. And he shall show no reason.

From the Hallowed Book of Man

Way thought for the day 20th April 2012 – the seventieth jubilee of the Seventh

For those who know of The Way and who have ears to hear: 20.4.1942 – 20.4.2012



The Lamb, the Seven Seals and The Book

For those who know of The Way and who have ears to hear: 20.4.1942 – 20.4.2012


“The number of the day of the month, when added to the number of the month, when added to the hour of his birth, will be ten.”

20th day of the 4th month; time of birth = 1.30 = 20 + 4 + 1 + 3 + 0 = 28 = 2 + 8 = 10


“Also, you shall keep feast days on their equinox, and upon the twentieth day of the month of the birthing of the lambs, for on this day shall the greatest Lamb be born onto you. Be you well prepared.”


All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables,•and without a parable spake he not unto them, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, “I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world, as will the Seventh to Come at the Ending of Days. He shall utter wisdom from his mouth, and goodness shall spew from all there is of him. Pity this Lamb, for he shall not be girded against the stones and arrows of man's unbridled evil.”


“This Lamb shall be a hider in bushes, and shall live in fear of his life until Rome is at last cast down, and all the whores that have ruled from her are exposed and their evil known to all men. Then shall they deliver up the Caulbearers to be afflicted, and shall they be killed. And ye shall be hated of all nations in my name: but it shall not be in my name, but in the name of those evil ones that shall claim my favour and mine authority, of which I give them not my favour nor mine authority. Only my curse shall I give onto them for their irreverence to me and to him.


“I have come before you to prepare The Way, so that the Seventh shall show you everlasting life at the Ending of Days, when the believers in false gods shall kill each other, and the Mother shall cleanse herself of man. The earth shall be poisoned by men.

“And the Seventh to Come shall show you the true Way, and his number shall be ten. Blessed shall be this Lamb. And so shall he be cursed by many in their evil. He shall spread his Caul before you. Be you not early, and be you not late. Neither shall he, nor any, come to save you again.”

And he went from thence, together with Mary, his chief and beloved wife, leaving his disciples to do their duty according to their knowledge of The All that he had taught them, to make preparation for he that shall come.


“And this I say: that he who shall come after me in the Purpose shall be born in a time of great war, and his father shall die while he still suckles; and his mother shall stay widowed. She shall suffer her life onto him, and onto me, and onto the Purpose. She shall surely be exalted amongst women for all time.

“His number shall be ten, as is prophesied; and his life shall be a great burden onto him; and he shall have great troubles, and shall know great fear and great loss in his time.

“Let you who have ears hear me, as I ask of you who are amongst the Brethren and those who are not of the Brethren: “Who amongst you shall gird his loins with the skin of a lamb, and await the coming of the Son of the Widow?


“I shall defeat the design of those who would destroy me, and I shall live in a far land that has been designed to my ending, and know peace there, and knowledge. And I shall be beyond the eyes of those who hate me, and would kill me. O Lamb, I pity thee, for thy road is long and full of sorrows, for they will also try to kill thee from thy purpose.”


“And his book shall be opened: and he shall teach you the ways that you will live from the land and from the sea. And he shall speak unto you in a loud voice: and though he appears a lamb, he shall have the heart of a lion.”


From the Hallowed Book of Man

Way thought for the day 16th April 2012 – The Power of Life


The Power of Life is one with the Force of the Earth

The Power of Life can be witnessed in all things that live. This Power of Life is one with the Force of the Earth, and knows no bounds. It cares not, it speaks not,”it just is. Men who say that it is this or it is that, only believe their own madness. Study this force, so that one day men might know it, and might understand its workings and its wonders. The force that brought about the creation of the earth and all that is upon and within the earth, is wonderful to contemplate; but beware belief, for only knowledge can bring men closer to understanding.

Way thought for the day 15th April 2012 – The Four Quadrants

Each shall give daily thought to the star in the circle, and ponder upon its meanings. Each shall ponder daily upon himself and his deeds, and shall strive for perfection in all things. He shall do these things with a free will, so that each day he shall improve. And so shall he serve the reason and the very point of his own existence, which is improvement within himself and within his community, and in the world, and that which is above the world and about the world.

The Four Quadrants

Way thought for the day 14th April 2012 – You that suffer…

You that suffer from the tribulations of life, you that have to struggle and endure, you that yearn for a life of knowledge, of logic, of reason and of truth, rejoice at the glad tidings. There shall be balm for the wounded, and there shall be bread for the hungry. There shall be water for the thirsty, and hope for the despairing. There shall be light for those in darkness, and inexhaustible blessing for the upright of heart and of mind.

Heal your wounds, you wounded, and eat your fill, you hungry. Rest, you weary; and you who are thirsty quench your thirst in this vast lake of wisdom that is fed from the spring of the Brotherhood of Nazarenes. Look up to the light, you that sit in darkness; be full of good cheer, you that are forlorn.

Trust in truth, you that love the truth, for the kingdom of The Way is founded upon earth. The darkness of wrongs and of all evil is dispelled by the light of honest truth. We can see our way and take firm and certain steps. We shall no longer slip, nor shall we fall. The Buddha, our Lord, has revealed the truth. The truth is reason, and reason is The Way.


From the Hallowed Book of Man