The Four Quadrants

The Four Quadrants

The four quadrants of The Way, which are the Seven Responsibilities of Man, the Seven Respects, the Seven Considerations and the Seven Ponderings, are meant to be read or reflected upon in series, as they each number seven philosophical thoughts or considerations. This equates to twenty-eight individual points that underpin the reality of the Followers of Reason.

The Seven Responsibilities of Man indicate those things that must be taken care of so that both Man and his world remain in balance and, therefore, within the boundaries of humane existence.

The Seven Respects point the follower of The Way towards those things that must be respected, so that the circle that is Life may continue in its purposeful existence.

The Seven Considerations are those things that the diligent follower of The Way must consider each day, so that they can call to mind both those things that they have done that they should not have done, and also those things they failed to do, and to then ask themselves why they did so. This is so that the follower can consider both their actions and their inactions, and as to how they may improve upon their thinking in future. This shows that The Way is directed towards the betterment of the minds on men, and therefore the World, within which we live.

The Seven Ponderings ask the follower to dwell upon their own very existence, and also their purpose within that existence. Amongst its contemplations, it asks them to consider where they are going in their life, and if it is going anywhere they would like it to go.

These points or parts are to be considered as one views the pentacle (the five-pointed star in the circle), from the topmost point downwards, from the loop, as this is the perspective of the viewer, as this point represents the way that the world of the viewer hangs on his or her viewpoint.

The pentacle is turned over in the fingers of the follower, as they progress their consideration from one set of seven precepts to the next.

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