Fear is a many-toothed animal, and each of its teeth can be lethal: lethal, in often varying and unexpected ways. Fear is part of your strongest instinct, which is self preservation. Fear is created within your mind when you are in danger, either real of imagined.

Anxiety is fear which was developed in your subconscious mind before the Critical Factor was developed. Anxiety presented as an unreasonable fear; fear of the dark, fear of being outside. So many things promote fears known as phobias. For example, there is no such thing as homophobia. To suggest that someone is ‘homophobic’, is to say that they are mentally ill, while it is just their opinion. The phrase was invented to make people fearful of stating what they think, and used as a kind of propaganda. It has removed our right to freedom of speech. We are now afraid to speak our minds lest we are prosecuted. The same applies to ‘Islamophobia’ and other make-believe fears.

Fear is used to manipulate society in the interests of those who seek self assertion over all others. There are other things being classed as phobias, but this one came to mind first, because it’s just been mentioned once again on TV, as I write this. It is designed to create fear in the majority of our populations. This mixture of fear and misinformation renders us all manageable, and allows the most offensive of acts or behaviour to appear to be normal and acceptable, against all facts, opinions and reasoned moral guidances.


The Critical Factor

The Critical Factor is a filter between the conscious mind and the subconscious, unreasoning mind. It takes place between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Up till this time your subconscious mind is in charge, but, as it actually has no reason, it accepts anything that is said by a peer as being literal. “You are a dirty boy! You are a dirty boy!”, if said often enough to the young child, is taken literally by the subconscious mind. It holds it down and represses it away for the whole life, but holds the fear. It gathers other painful events and occurrences, and does the same with them.

Later in life you end up suffering from an anxiety problem such as asthma, eczema, and all sorts of mental dysfunctions presented as a physical condition. Modern medicine, being controlled by drug companies and designed for profit, refuses to allow the reality of psychosomatic conditions to be seen as such. They fear the loss of profit, and are so driven to disregard fact and the unnecessary suffering they cause to people, by a mixture of greed, the protecting of power, and, in my opinion, downright psychopathic evil.


Automatic Reactions in Unprotected Minds

Children go to school at a very tender and vulnerable age, so that various beliefs and automatic reactions can be planted in their unprotected minds. The subconscious mind will then act according to these planted ideas, often to the detriment of the life quality of that child, and even later, in its adult life. It will cause all sorts of neurotic behaviour, with neurosis being fear-based, unreasonable ideas and beliefs planted in a young mind that knows no actual reason and, above all, vulnerable to lifelong manipulation.



Depression is a favourite and fashionable illness to have these days. But what is it really? Someone has run over my cat and I feel very depressed, or do I? In fact I don't. I am just very sad at pussy’s loss.

However the real scenario, when it comes to true, clinical, depression, is that I am very sad all the time and I don't know why. I have a nice car, a nice home, and a fantastic spouse with whom I get on very well. I have enough money and am well loved, yet I am deeply sad and unable to function. This is clinical depression, manufactured in the subconscious mind. I have it all, yet feel that I have nothing. This is unreasonable, and that's how you know that it is subconscious, as the subconscious mind has no ability to reason; and therefore generates unreasonable symptoms severe enough, in some cases, to become viewed as insanity.

The subconscious mind is at least ten times more powerful than your conscious mind. It shapes your body. It decides when you’re hungry. Hence the feeding of your anxiety and getting fat, or should I say, ‘overweight’? I wouldn't want to offend. It's called comfort eating, because it helps to override the fear-based tension in the unconscious or subconscious mind.


A Sense of Shame

When the young child first goes to school it may well wet itself. It has done this a thousand times before, but now strangers know about it, and often make fun of the unfortunate one. The other children did it themselves, but not today, so the newcomer gets laughed at, and the sense of shame created is repressed. The event is repressed, but the fear and sense of not matching up is held on to, waiting for the day when the child, now grown up, develops this unreasonable fear, now called ‘depression’.

There is no obvious reason for it, and it is often mistreated, as the medical profession use old and accepted methods of treatment, like ‘electric shock ‘therapy’ (ECT) and so many drugs that are ineffectual. They keep on doing it, as that's what they have been taught by their drug company financed and, therefore, controlled colleges. They fear so greatly of being shown as lacking in knowledge, and indeed, common sense, that they vehemently protect their profession, even against things that are obviously wrong, cost lives, and cause great suffering.

Fear of Imperfection

Children are given a hard time in school. The educators have a hidden agenda, and teachers carry on with the process, mainly in ignorance of what it's all about. Again, they fear being seen as anything less than perfect, highly educated and intelligent. They are unknowing pawns in the grand plan of the One Percent. Often teachers should be sympathised with, as their training is wanting in such matters. It is to be remembered at this point, that you only know what you know, and you are oblivious to all else. So if you’re not taught about it, you don't know about it; and so lives get ruined due to faulted, manipulated and controlled systems of brainwashing that passes as education. Silence by those who realise the problems, is kept down by fear. They too are brainwashed and controlled, and fear is always the weapon, as it is below the level of our eyes, and many are even afraid of even looking at this reality.

Your doctor is assumed to be all-knowing, but in fact, as most of his education is drug company controlled, he is anything but. The aim of drug companies to it sell drugs, not actually cure anything. When you’re cured of something, then you are no longer a cow for them to milk. They come up with wonder drugs and operational skills, but only enough to make Joe and Mary Average believe that they are doing great. People are bought and sold, and are completely unaware.

Fear stops the general public from looking too close, as their need for security will be shaken. Yet again, fear controls. The greatest need in the basic nature of women in particular, is security. That's what has made the human race successful. Religion offers security. No matter how bad you are, God still loves you. When you’re dead, you’re not really dead, you’re with this God that loves you; safe, secure and loved. Your fear controls you. Fear makes you react thoughtlessly, not to act with thought. That's why we go out of control.

But this is not security at all, as it is only imagined and makes no sense, because you are led to believe it, and grasp the idea. You are more vulnerable and more insecure, because you are basing your security on fantasy, accepting fantasy as reality: and they really are not the same thing.

Fear yet again again makes you shun fact and embrace that nice warm comforting idea, no matter how impossible and insane that idea is. You are encouraged to imagine that place called ‘Heaven’, floating on a billowing, soft, white cloud, with God; experiencing all that imagined God-like love and care. Its mad, but fear has been instilled into your young mind, and later reinforced by the seven-day hypnotic ritual, to the point where you’re helpless, psychologically neutered, and incapable of reason. You live in fear of the loss of that which belief promises to you: but it is a vain and empty promise.


What’s Best

Now, to get back the raw stuff. You are still a baby, and off you go to school. Mother and father want what's best for you, and what they have been taught to believe is ‘best’. They will follow the flock, because the are afraid to appear to be different. What they have been taught is all they are allowed to know, and is assumed ‘best’. But is it? The answer is, definitely not.

The child is taught about its religion. Very important, as it designs the mind to make it easy to control by the One Percent that we hear about these days. They have always been there, but now we know about them. Yet what do we do? We bend to their wishes, because we are afraid to do any thing else. Why are we afraid? Because they got our minds at a tender age and adjusted them to suit their purposes. Otherwise, you may appear to be a bad parent. You can be charged with child neglect, or even abuse, if you don’t send them to school. It's actually they that are abusing the little children, not you. If you don't comply, you’re in trouble. They have the power; and so you’re afraid of what they can ‘do to you’.



Imagine if you will, little Johnny or Mary being taught about ‘the fires of Hell’. This doesn't just instil fear ,” it terrifies. No wonder so many children wet the bed. If a child is removed from its mother before the Critical Factor has set in, it causes an anxiety problem which will manifest itself later in the life. The powers that be would no longer be able to control the population if this evil system were to be stopped. They know the harm they do, but their control is more important ,” to them.

They should know about the Critical Factor, as I've told them often enough myself. Jung has written of it, as have others whose psychological education wasn't controlled by drug barons. But they have a fear that you might become an individual in the true sense, and they can't allow it to change, out of fear of the real and actual power of the great unwashed. Also, they will sell less drugs and make less money if people realise that psychology should be used where the problem is psychologically based. It’s common sense. The fear of loss of control, their vast wealth and poverty that it might bring to them, frightens them. By making you afraid, they make themselves afraid of being found out. So afraid, that they won't even accept the fact that they have been found out.

Learned Inadequacy

The child is taken from the breast for whatever reason, and this causes fear in the subconscious mind of the innocent child; a fear in the subconscious mind that it isn't wanted by Mother. The child now feels inadequate. Inadequacy, real or imagined, has a very destructive effect.

The child's subconscious mind is working even before it's born, so don't be fooled. It is a terrible wrench when the child is deeply in love with it mother and then it goes to a childminder. The child experiences the same wrench when taken from one childminder to another.

All of this is in spite of the training of carers. The child can't read the certificates. Mother has her ‘career’. Why does she not realise that her career is being a mother? She chooses to get pregnant, with her base instinct driving her for whatever reason, or unreason. She cannot in reality do both and do them well, and the child is usually the one that loses out.

She chose to be a mother when she became pregnant, but her feminist brainwashing has done its job, and reason no longer comes into it. Her so-called career comes first. She must ‘feel fulfilled’. Why? It’s a fear of not appearing to be the same as everybody else, and the feeling that she is better than someone who stays at home as a housewife. Yet, in reason, being a mother and housewife is the most important thing any woman can do. It's natural to her; and because the subconscious mind works the way it does, she is usually stressed by acting differently. The subconscious will make sure that she follows her instinct as well as it can. That’s its purpose. Because breeding is your second strongest instinct, the subconscious will create all sorts of anxiety problems until you breed and feed. If you don't do it as it should be done, then look out



The child starts to love as it goes from one childminder to another. It's natural for the child to love deeply, and to expect love in return. Insecurity raises its head again. Then, as it changes from one childminder to another, for whatever reason, the child slowly stops loving, and, more importantly, trusting.

The child doesn't know about the reason for changes; all it knows is a sense of rejection. So what does it do? It stops loving and bonding. As it goes through life it loses the ability to either love or bond as it should. The fear of the pain is too much for it. The subconscious won't allow such pain to happen again: hence the crazy youths we see today. They see their parents as sort of upmarket part-time childminders. They have no real bond; no one to make them feel that they matter, or are loved; and who can blame them?

But it suits the One Percent, the unholy trinity of State, Church and Banker. Fortunes are made from feminism. You’re afraid, and they, the One Percent, also end up afraid ,” afraid of you, the vast majority. The children are afraid, and society is easily atomised, so that the Unholy Trinity can stay in control. You come cheap, and you are afraid to take them on; and they are afraid that you might. The results are, and will be, just as we have seen in Libya, and now Syria.

The people hold the main power, due to numbers, so why do we put up with it? Unreasoned fear, that's why ,” fear, your strongest instinct, your greatest weakness, the key to your survival; for, without it, you will step in front of the first bus that comes your way. Without it, you will allow yourself to be brutalised to the limits of your individual tolerances. You can't live with it, and you can't live without it.

© R. G. Crosbie


Our Failing World Society

Our society is failing. We see the everyday brutality in our streets and countryside, and politicians say that the don't know the cause. Crime is rising, and the police will become powerless, giving the powers that be the excuse to bring in the army. Anarchy will rule.

Many say that it's caused by poverty, but we've been poor before, and even more impoverished than we are now. How can it be poverty, as the young can afford drugs and booze like no generation has ever been able to do before?

Turn your mind for a while, away from the old tried and tested propaganda bullshit. Every government in the world has its own form of misleading nonsense. What's so different about our generations, in this, our time? Think from a psychological point of view. Finances have a part to play; but it goes deeper than that.

For a start, the banks have never had so much control and so much money to use to get their way; their way being to make more money. The problem is that ten percent of the population own ninety percent of the wealth of the world.

Communists will jump on this one, stating that a share-out of wealth will reverse the problems. So why did Communism fail before if it was as simple as that? All it meant was that different people now owned the wealth and power, and the ordinary people still got it in the neck. Wait till they take away your cash and leave you with plastic. And they will. How's that for power over the masses?

Turn to psychological facts, not the usual T.V. tailored-to-be-sexy type, but the real psychology, the hard cold factual type that nobody wants, because it’s not always nice. It doesn't always tell you what a wonderful person you are. It tells the truth. No one wants that, do you?

Fact – we have two levels of mind. One: the conscious mind that you are well aware of. Two: the subconscious part that we are totally unaware of, because the subconscious is below out level of awareness, and has no ability to reason. It controls every function of your body and has an overpowering effect on the conscious, believed to be reasoning, mind.

The subconscious contains all your memory, all your emotions; all your genetic, instinctual knowledge. All of this, together with all your repressed life experiences, even from birth, can and often does create great problems. It represses distasteful or frightening information, burying it deep, as if it never happened. Unfortunately, it has no power of reason, and it then holds on to the emotion connected with that repressed event. That emotion is fear. Fear is a very powerful thing, as it affects your strongest instinct, which is self preservation; followed secondly by reproduction. Such buried experiences then affect all your thinking.

We instinctively seek the nipple when were born. We instinctively fall in love with our mothers. And I mean, fall in love. Imagine that the nipple is taken away. Perhaps mother is unwell and can't help it. Then again maybe she has a career and wants to go back to work, as our society presses. We've burned our bras and we are now independent women. To be less would be unthinkable. We don't need anybody. Unfortunately your baby needs you, and will do for years.

The nipple is gone, and so an anxiety is formed in the mind of the recently born, and they are helpless to do anything about it, except of course cry maybe, but the doctor will give you something for that. You won't notice it, because it's deep.

Then little Johnny or Maggie is taken to a child minder. Mother is now gone for a long time, and perhaps she won't come back. Another anxiety is developed. That feeling of being unwanted deepens. Then there's the change of child minders, or that crèche where there are a number of employees. All well intentioned. They are trained after all. They can't replace mother, no matter how well trained or well intentioned.

Why doesn't Mummy want me? Am I that bad? Why? Why? No real answers come to the childish mind: only imagined ones, and that mind-numbing sense of inadequacy.

The subconscious is active before we’re born. It's obviously active in the sperm. It’s what guides it to the egg as it swims.It registers all the events and holds on to the emotions. The event is then repressed into a subconscious cubbyhole, where they never get dealt with. They stew down there in the dark depths, creating a right old brew of unconscious, emotional fears. They wait.

The child goes to school. Mother sends him or her off. They go to Granny or another child minder till Mummy comes home. She feeds them. Maybe they will have been fed already. So, off to bed; Mummy and Daddy are tired. Day after day, year after year.

Holidays are a great time, except Mummy has to work, and so it's off to the child minder again. Like weekends, more child minders. Mummy and Daddy need to ‘relax’. It's a pity the children concerned can't.

The great new fashion is to send the kids to summer camp. You’re nobody if you don't send your kids to summer camp. May the powers prevent you from falling out of fashion. Unthinkable!!!

You give them everything except what they need: maternal and paternal love. You don't give them what they need, and you must know in your heart and soul that your getting things wrong. Why? Don't you care enough? Or could it be the constant programmes on T.V. showing you the independent woman with her nice car and enjoying yet another ‘glass of wine’, or perhaps ‘a pint’ with her equally mindless dressed-for-a-laugh friends? What a beautiful dream.

After a while it can override reality. When you allow your reality to be overridden, it has a knock-on effect. Your kids get less of what they actually need. Now I'm not talking about what they want, or material things, but what they need. Things like time, Mummy, Daddy. Little things like that.

Some years ago the bankers saw how many women were at home, taking care of their families. They calculated how much these women could earn if they could be coaxed into work. Governments liked the idea, because there would be more taxes. Business liked it, and the new washing machine looked so nice in the ads, so soft girl liked it. Certain bankers bankrolled the feminist project, with T.V. programmes and magazine articles to grab the feminine mind.

So off went Independent Woman, burned her bra, and straight into the work place, her head full of what bastards men are, and how she can do without them, like any other lesbian. All this is according to the lesbian propaganda, with no regard for reality.

Remember your second strongest instinct: reproduction. Remember propaganda: unfounded miss-information; that's what it is.

Now, to come back to our society. The child brought up without its mother’s constant love and affection, grows without a bond. It can no longer fully relate to anyone, as over its life it has learned that affection is painful, so it stopped the pain a long time ago. Suddenly you find out that your child doesn't view you as a father or mother, but as someone it lives with from time to time. You’re on the same level as the child minder; and it's your fault. Now, because the child has no sense of belonging, its anxieties overflow, and it becomes a drug abuser, or worse.

The typical teenager is trying to feel something that fills its sense of emptiness. The child grows and marries. So later on she doesn't need a man. She make her feeling known: his ‘bonding abilities’ are also suspect. And so off he goes. No man or woman stays where they are not needed, or even wanted.

The kids get some more fathers. Again no bond. Gradually no one really loves or has bonds with anyone. Children are off on their own at eighteen, or they’re frowned upon by their mindless supposed-peers, if they’re not. Little contact, little bond. Government and the bankers are realizing their dream: a vulnerable population, tamed and trained for when they put the big squeeze on.

You’re off to school at five, or even four and younger. For whose benefit is a child so badly abused? “It's only psychological though…”, I hear you say. “There's no blood and no bruises”. And then there's the car payments and the mortgage.

The Critical Factor isn't in place to filter the information that gets fed to them. The Critical Factor is a filter between the conscious and sub-conscious parts of the mind. “You are a stupid little girl”, is different to, “You're a little girl who does stupid things”. Both are taken literally by the child without the Critical Factor, which develops by about eleven to thirteen years of age. When the Factor is in place the child can define the meaning behind the statements. He or she can now judge, and throw out what it doesn't like. He or she can now deal with it. It no longer accepts statements you make literally. The filter sorts it all out.

Before the Critical Factor develops, the mind is vulnerable to all sorts of things that are not for his or her benefit. Remember who designs the school curriculum and the rules in general? The Government, religion and the independent bankers. As a group, the unholy ten percent.

Beliefs are set in, and not just religious beliefs. So are the children trained like Pavlov's dog, to do tricks; full to the lid with rote-learned facts. Or are they just beliefs, and not actually facts? But the Government likes it, and the independent bankers and the religious leaders like it.

But what about you? Your information is filtered, so you probably don't know any better. Like that old Jesuit saying says,”Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man“. What else will they do to the mind of a child, before the Critical Factor comes into play? To what purpose do they insist on doing it? Why do they make laws that require you to send your children to school at such a tender age? Why not wait till they’re eleven, when the can really learn? Who profits from this, the most stupid of all ideas?

“Independence!” Rubbish! Independence is loneliness. You don't care about anyone and no one cares about you. The care home looms: beware! Who will take care of you? Not your children, that's for sure. Society pretends to care, but it really doesn't.

The working to middle classes get the rough end, one way or another. Why? Because they don't pay attention to the mind: the whole mind, and nothing but the mind. After all, it's discouraged by the State, Religion and the Independent Bankers. Wait till they take your money away, and give you a piece of plastic. What power they will have, the Unholy Trinity. And what power won't you have, with your piece of plastic, instead of hard cash? Separate, alone…..imagine.

Think about it.

Highest Rates Ever Recorded of Multi-Drug-Resistant TB

On the heels of the news of totally drug-resistant (TDR) TB being identified in India ,” and disavowed, unfortunately, by the Indian government ,” the World Health Organization has released an update on the background situation of drug-resistant TB around the world.

The news is not good. Drug-resistant TB is at the highest rates ever recorded.

A quick vocabulary briefing. There is an array of drugs for TB: two very long-standing ones, and three newer ones, that are collectively called “first-line” drugs; and a category of less-effective second-choice drugs, collectively called “second-line.” (Nothing to do with New Orleans funerals.) The distinction is important because, while any TB treatment takes a very long time, second-line treatment takes much longer: 2 years, as opposed to 6 months or so for first-line drugs.


Full article link HERE

India Reports Completely Drug-Resistant TB – link to full article HERE


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Way thought for the day, 17th February 2012 – How do we use logic and reason?

Reason is used in argument and or discussion.
Logic is the art of scientific reasoning, and the tool for reaching justification through known fact.
When applied to argument, reasoning develops ideas.
When logic is applied to those ideas, in conjunction with accurate knowledge, then the original ideas born of reason are used to acquire or develop further, and possibly previously unknown, scientifically accurate knowledge.