Way thought for the day – 1.6.2011

The Caulbearers of The Way retain a sense of awe, and of propriety. He* does not intrude into others’ homes; and does not harass them, nor interfere without request, unless they damage others. So it is that they return to him. Though the Master knows himself, he makes no show of it; he has self-respect, but is not arrogant, for he develops the ability to let go of that which he no longer needs.


*refers to either sex

Knowledge and Ignorance – are they related?


G W Bush & Dalai Lama – looking up?

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To lack knowledge has been thought to be due to being ignorant. And this is correct, because if you choose to ignore whatever knowledge is around, you then shall lack in that knowledge.

The saying that he or she is ignorant, is said in such a way as to purely demean, and to suggest that you are in some way beneath par as a human being, whilst in fact suggesting something else, and being correct in direct interpretation. Interpretation can be direct, or it can be altered in order to make whatever to look like something else.

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Fear of Darkness



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We are all afraid in the darkness simply because we cannot see. Men who lack knowledge are always afraid, because there is so much that is out of their vision. They are afraid, most of all, of being found out to be lacking.


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Way thought for the day – 31.5.2011


To acknowledge one’s lack of knowledge shows strength of personality, but to ignore wisdom is a sign of weakness. To be sick of sickness is a sign of good health; therefore the wise man grows sick of sickness, and sick of being sick of sickness, ’til he is sick no more. Those who love sickness love themselves too much, and that in itself is a sickness that is not always recognized, because it is well disguised. It never the less is self love, and, with such all consuming love, such people can love no one except themselves.




“To the unreasoning, interpretation has many laces, and can be knotted in many ways that offer convenience to the truly evil.”

Joshua Ben Miriam (from The Hallowed Book of Man)

A man has no knowledge of…..



A man has no knowledge of that which he does not know. He is oblivious to what there is to be known when he has no knowledge of its existence. In other words, you don't know that you don't know, what you don't know.

Knowledge is gained slowly and is sharpened by age, experience and time. The learning of one more thing, no matter how small, allows us to expand beyond our previous horizons. We do not appreciate sight because we have never been blind. Neither do we appreciate knowledge or experience that we have never known or experienced. But then again, mankind appreciates little that requires effort of thought.

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Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

Exclusive: Record rise, despite recession, means 2C target almost out of reac

  • Fiona Harvey, Environment correspondent
  • guardian.co.uk, Sunday 29 May 2011 22.00 BST
  • Article history
  • Air Pollution, Canada. 

    Economic recession has failed to curb rising emissions, undermining hope of keeping global warming to safe levels Photograph: Dave Reede/All Canada Photos/Corbis

    Greenhouse gas emissions increased by a record amount last year, to the highest carbon output in history, putting hopes of holding global warming to safe levels all but out of reach, according to unpublished estimates from the International Energy Agency.


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Way thought for the day – 30.5.2011

Those who know the way of the Masters of the Hallowed Brethren are few and far between, but those who treat them with honesty will be honoured by them and The Force of The All, which is The Force of All Life. The Master makes no fine display, and wears rough clothes, not finery. It is not in his expectancy of men that they should understand his ways, for he carries his gold within his heart and his wisdom upon his lips, for all men to hear and to learn.

Way thought for the day – 29.5.2011


Though the words of the wise ones are simple, and actions are easily performed, they are few among many who can speak or act in a wise manner. For the ordinary man it is difficult to know the way of a reasoning follower, perhaps because his or her words are from the distant past, and their other actions naturally disposed.