Jo Cox

We the followers of The Way offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Joe Cox.

May lessons be learned.

Bob Crosbie. C.I.C Brotherhood of Nazarenes and The Way.

Ask yourself


We are born through pain, and we live in it, and with it. We die in pain. Pain of body, and pain of mind. Neither can be avoided. All that matters, is how we deal with it. We can whinge, or we can laugh at it; get your head down, and carry on regardless. We can bear it, however bad, because we have no option.

We can use it to gain sympathy. And what good is sympathy? None at all. It doesn't help, and cures nothing. Yet people use it on a regular basis, to gain something, if it's only to help them to feel in control of something. Control of others, who are generous enough of nature, and foolish enough to fall for it. It's called hypochondria: the pretence of illness, and its constant invention.

Illness and pain comes to us all, so why pretend when you are in fact well? Is it madness, or manipulative evil? We are sad, and bad creatures either way. The things we do, and the harm we do, are all mixed up in a sort of soup: a soup made of right and wrong, good and bad; good minds, and downright evil ones. Jealously, and hate that burns us up, and wastes our days, that are few enough.

I know I'm not a boy anymore. In my mind I'm still as I always was, but in body, I'm a burnt out old man. Yet I cannot accept it in my deeper mind, even though I know it in my conscious mind. So I'm a fool, not being able to accept my own reality. But who amongst us old fogies can? Who thinks that he's a tough guy, yet shivers if danger of any kind approaches? That goes for young as well as old. Who amongst you will know fear as death approaches, but who will show it? Best side out, and all that.

At the ending of your days, ask yourself, who is fooling who; and is there any point to it? Have you actually made a difference in this miserable greedy world; and if you think that you have, then what difference have you actually made? Can you put your hand on it? Can you feel content with your achievements; and what exactly are they, or were they worth?

What were you worth to anyone, or are you worth anything? A pay check perhaps, if you’re a male? A slave, if female? Were you in fact worth anything in reality to anyone? Who loves or even cares about you, and who will care about you when you're dead? What has your life mattered, or has it mattered at all?

What of the wealth you have worked so hard to get; and lied, and cheated so often to get? Was, or is it worth it, when you hear that footstep of the grim reaper? When you see that shadow of death, coming upon you, at the very moment when the force of life leaves you, how will it be? What will the bookkeepers of life make of your existence? Are you in the black, or are you in the red?
What have you done and what have you left undone? Were you evil, or just stupid? What is the difference, as they both do the same harm?

Were you, or are you evil, of just foolish? Clever or stupid? Perhaps a mixture of both? To the young I say, the clock is ticking, and faster than you think. Every day you wake up is a day less, a day closer. So why waste it in neurotic behaviour? Why waste it, in frivolous behaviour? Why waste it? If you’re old, don't worry about it. If you’re young, you’re too stupid to realize anything whatever you haven't experienced really is. Fight against old age if you must, but remember that there is a sure fire cure for it, just around the next corner. It's sure, certain and permanent. It will go away.
It's amazing that we have to wait till the light dims, in order to see more clearly. They say to “live one day at a time”. What do “They” know? And who are “They” anyway? Young, old, what? Think about it.

Bob Crosbie.

10/1/16 ©

On Humanity

gargoyle overlooking city

As humans, we do the best we can to overcome the beast that is within: the base nature, which all of the human race carry inside them. This weakness of base nature, and genetic inheritance, is used by the more cunning amongst us to control us. Not for our benefit, as they so often claim, but solely for theirs. The more power some get, the more they seem to want. And the more they get, the more they fear losing it. Yet what do we actually need? Shelter, food, clothing, a little love in our lives; and the companionship of those we love. Sometimes, of those we don't love, but need for some reason, or lack of reason. Perhaps just the fear of the unknown, or of simply being alone. We are, by nature, gregarious.

When I mention those we love, I don't mean those we want to have sex with, as love and sex are not in any way connected. They are different and separate. Love is of the humanity that lies within us. Lust, or sexual attraction, is the pure beast-like desire to copulate.

Within women there is a deep-rooted need to bear a child or children. This is why the human race, as with most animals, has managed not only to survive, but to reach the point where we are now overpopulating the earth.

We cannot go on as a viable species without incurring a great deal of death and suffering. Mankind has always multiplied, and probably always will, as long as he manages to survive. His lust and emotions are just answering the ancient bell of instinct. When he is under pressure, he goes to war, and kills. War tends to control numbers. Either one man, or in a group, they kill; and so reduce the population. So maybe war is a necessity? It all depends on how you look at it, but surely there must be better way?

Whatever man doesn't understand, he searches his mind for what he knows, or thinks he knows, and so he imagines all sorts of things. Some are fearful; and fear, being attached to his psyche, is about survival. It is the most powerful thing within him, next to love, which is the opposite side of the same coin.

The lower beasts amongst us have managed to play on that fear; that deep, emotional thing, in order to profit from those they consider to be lesser men, in need of their guidance, or protection. Mostly so that they can profit.

We are of two main types: those who prefer to follow, and those who wish to rule. It would be preferable if men would rule themselves, but if this was the case, and we lived without rules, we would not survive. We would be at war, of one kind or another, all the time. We tend to like to fight, just like any beast. Even the lowest of beasts have their inborn rules; so we must have them.

Rules that allow us to go on living together must be fair and just. Unfortunately, they are not, as we often see today. All are ruled today, by an unholy trinity of religious cults, politicians and bankers. Politicians and religions all claim that their beliefs are the truth. Yet how can that which is only believed be truth?

Bankers, otherwise known as money lenders, or usurers, make the decisions: and so many die. Because of this form of human greed, stupidity, arrogance and guile, we will not survive much longer. As we die off from lack of food, disease, chemical blunderings, and base stupidity, we will do what we have always done: begin to kill each other. As base animals, we appear to be unable to overcome our problems in any other way.

We must endeavour earnestly to overcome the Beast. I don’t mean some Christian god, such as Satan. Did you even know that Satan was a Christian god? We must overcome the beasts that we are. You can see it every day, as you watch the news. It must be controlled: and only the use of knowledge, reason, logic, and provable fact, can do this. Must we fight and kill for beliefs beyond reason, that have no basis in fact, and cannot be truthful or factual? The priests of all religions will try to convince you that such things as gods, as portrayed in books such as the Bible and the Koran, are true and factual. Yet the evidence, and reason, say otherwise. This is why belief is used; as belief, by very design, overcomes reason.

So, do you think you're a reasoning person? Well then, tell me that you believe in nothing and then I may accept that you are showing some semblance of reason. Show me reason, and I will be convinced. Otherwise you're just a fool that believes all, and knows no reason.

Look at the world today, and tell me where lies reason? Muslims killing, Christians killing, as the faceless ones set them against each other for oil, or some other monetary profit. Everybody is trying to kill the other because of what they only believe, or are led to believe; and still they call themselves men of reason. They prove themselves, by their own actions, to be men without reason, and way beyond reason: unable to rationalise and work it all out.

No one poops any more, as we are above that sort of thing. We don't pee either. Women don't have hormonal problems. They don't have a menstrual cycle any more. They don't give milk any more; instead they get it from a factory that makes it for them. After all, they are the same as men nowadays. Why do they want to be like men? Another point: why do men want to be as women? Neither of them have the right equipment for such nonsense, either physical or psychological.

The world of men has gone mad, through beliefs that are based on nothing, with nothing to support such conclusions. Such is the mind and the thinking of the beast called man. That destructive creature, considering himself aloof over all other animals, is only an animal himself, as he shows so clearly to the few who watch him, and use his stupidity to get him to kill others.

Mankind is basically the same, regardless of origin, gender, religion, or colour. So, why all the suffering? Money, and a sense of power, that's why. The few remain faceless, as they dare not show themselves. Sooner or later, people will start to get the actual picture. Sadly, only when the pain reaches the brain. You know what I mean? Those two cranial cells, that sometimes spark at the same time. Then, more slaughter.

That's why you are not allowed to hold any weapons, or carry them. How many people who were murdered last year, were carrying a weapon to use in their own protection? Damn few, if any. The powers that be know damn well that the time draws near, and they are justifiably afraid of the very people they have been shafting for thousands of years. Some for just a few generations, but kings will be kings, of whichever genus. Where there are kings, there are corpses.

It’s all down to politicians, corporate directors, and their larger shareholders, along with merchant bankers and others of the self-serving, manipulative gender. Yet they believe themselves to be men of reason; or at least they want you to believe them to be. Even women have joined in on the act. You can believe anything; and most do, regardless of how ridiculous that belief may be.

Then again, there is usually a supposed reason for what people believe. It allows them to feel a little better about themselves, especially those of the purest metal of mindless evil.

Why do women join in this baseness, and want to act like men? For the same reasons, or lack of reason, as men.

When you look back over the millennia, since we came down out of the trees, we haven't changed very much. We have the wheel, and even computers, and all sorts of planes and bombs. But we haven't moved beyond the level of chimpanzees. We are, in the main, still mindless, still worshipping imaginary gods that obviously don't exist, still on our knees, begging, praying, grovelling, still blind to our own reality ,” still killing mindlessly.

When will we ever learn? When will reason rule, instead of blind belief and all this rubbish? Will the greedy, power-hungry ones quit? How far will they go before they are stopped? When will the rest of us wake up and drop the fantasy? Will it end, before mankind ends? Will it?

What do you think?

Bob Crosbie

© 30/12/2015

Be yourself



In all things pertaining to the striving of mankind, no matter how humble, or how great the ambition, a few have the magic. Many seek it, but it isn't in them from the beginning, so it never will be. So what do they do? They waste their lives trying to be what they can't be, and this is a total waste of what they are, and can be, as what is possible and real is never developed. What they are and what they can be lies dormant; unused and ignored. They are therefore doomed to live within their imaginations. Continuous and numerous failures never deterring. They plod on, seeking meaning to their existence, seeking the magic, but like all their ambitions it remains out of reach, because it was; and never will be there.Trying to be just like someone else is futile

All is therefore wasted, simply because they cannot accept that they are just as they are. Unique and individual. They cannot accept that they cannot be as the one they seek to ape. By aping others in personality, their own personality is diluted; destroyed.

Trying to be just like someone else is futile, yet they still do it. The final question is, “Were they ever really there?” Or are they just like the scent of smoke hanging in the air, around a long dead fire? Think about it.

Bob Crosbie


Global Warming/Climate Change; living in denial

Graph demonstrating the increase in atmospheric carbon due to human activity
This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased since the Industrial Revolution. (Credit: Vostok ice core data/J.R. Petit et al.; NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 record.) From the NASA website.

I see that the last prophecy of Jesus is being criticised and challenged. It has been said that there is no sign of Global Warming and Climate Change yet. Are these people blind, or can't they see anything? Perhaps they don't want to see anything that upsets their sense of security. Perhaps such criticism is just a ruse to gain attention, like an immature child? Perhaps they are afraid of their beliefs letting them down in the end? Maybe they have had their applications to join us refused? Perhaps they have been expelled from The Way, and are trying to prove some kicking back obscure point? It's probably easier than changing their ways.

I don't know why anyone should behave in such a manner, as there is no point to it. Reason is obviously not involved. If anyone doesn't like us or The Way, or even the last prophecy of Jesus the Christ, why not just ignore us and go their way? No one is forced to read what I write, or what has been written by others over the centuries. We don't expect everyone to like us. Just “having a go” in an attempt to upset and offend us, proves nothing either way, apart perhaps from an apparently large degree of inadequacy on their behalf. Pathetic attempts at being a nuisance proves more than such people realise about themselves, and not us.

Regarding Global Warming and Climate Change, ask any farmer and they will all say that it's now very obvious that warming is having an increasing negative effect on crops. This will cause food shortages, and so the prophecy unfolds. You can see its effects in the extreme weather all over the world. Put this together with all the prophesied wars, and get ready for real trouble; troubles that will affect us all. It's happening slowly I grant you, but slowly or not, it's happening.

Starvation already exists in many countries, and the body numbers are piling up. The Unholy Trinity of banker, priest and politician will tell you what they want you to believe, as their attitudes and designs are purely monetary and control based. During this time of dragging on, whatever chance the human race has to avoid complete extinction, can be used to tackle the problems that will arise and be ready for them. To be prepared will give a chance; not just for us the ageing ones, but our future generations. But then who cares, when they can't yet feel the wind blowing about their houses? Such is blind complacency.

“There shall be mighty winds and disease, as you open the Sixth Seal. And few will listen, saying,”’All is well. The wind has blown not about my house'.

Denying the coming problems and mindlessly giving encouragement to others to do so, will not make it go away. Denial of signs is a poor approach and a stupid thing to do. Some take this approach because they hate me and The Way, and just want to try to destroy for their egos’ sake, using anonymity, and false identities being the preferred method. They know not what they do, and care less, as long as their emotions and overinflated egos are satisfied. Such is the way of the Beast; and they know, but unsuccessfully try to hide it.

The Way is strange to the believer's mind, and that's to be expected. They believe whatever suits them, to imagine something is not happening in spite of the evidence all about them. “God won't let it happen.” They believe in the power of their god or gods that only exist in their imaginations, and rely on the non-existent to put it all right. They look to these imagined gods to save them. Nothing will save mankind, outside of the realms of reason.

Keep looking, and think about it. We trust that you are not all fools, so trust in nothing that isn't real. Global warming and climate changes are real. Jesus might have been out by a few years, but two thousand years is a long time, so what's another year or two? A nit-picker’s avoidance of reality, maybe? It's happening slowly, day by day, make no mistake. You can't avoid it. All we want people to do is look, listen and think with reason and knowledge, based on more than belief.

Bob Crosbie

What fools we are

What do you know?


Do you ever sit quietly and think whether you are a fool, or just a fool that hopes that that you're wise, or perhaps both? Then can you be both? How can you be wise in some things and stupid in others, but it happens. So you, like me, are a wise fool. You get things right and then the next thing wrong. Confused? I am; maybe that's why I so often wonder about myself and hold such strong doubts regarding my average score.

Do you ever long for yesteryear? Dream of how life could be, not seeing what you are or have at the moment? Blind faith in your future when you day dream of how it could have been and perhaps should have been? Why must faith be blind and if it's blind, what does that mean? Floundering in the dark perhaps? Spending your time in wishful ignorance? What is wishful ignorance anyway? Ignorance is choosing to ignore. Wishing is just that; and gets you nowhere, because when you come out of your dream world, little or nothing has changed, or so it seems. But you have grown older, even by a little bit, and opportunities may well have passed you by. How do you know what it would have been like if you had done this or not done that? How can you really know? You can believe it would have made things different, but then that's belief isn't it.

Opinions are based on what you know, but do you in fact know anything? You know what you have been taught, but what about all the things you have not been taught? Do you think that the things you haven’t been taught, cast a shadow on what you know and have been taught? Do you actually know, or do you just go on blind faith that you have it right? Perhaps you believe that you have been taught all that there is to know, but no matter how old you are you still haven't lived long enough and never will know all that you can know. Why don’t working hours make room for learning? Why do you think in this day and age that your hours are so long, when we have such wonderful machines that can do so much?

Maybe it's designed that way, so that you don't have time to think; and when you do there's football, or some other nonsense like getting drunk. Getting drunk alleviates the inner frustrations, as maybe to look too close is scary, if you can even look at all. Then that's where blind belief comes in.

Wisdom comes with age or so they tell us, but I'm old and can still be foolish, even though I learn about everything I come across. I'm still limited in spite of my years. So how about you? Are you a know it all, or a rejecter of knowledge as being of no value to you, and so making yourself deliberately into an ignoramus? Not a nice name for you is it, but does it fit? Why not stretch yourself a bit? You never know till you try it, and who knows, you might like it. You might learn something, though it may not be of use to you today, there's still tomorrow.

Are you religious? If so, you will look for things to believe in, just as you have been trained to do. So what do you believe in; and does it make sense? What do you really know about such things for a fact? Do you believe in a god who takes care of you and grants favours? Do you perhaps believe in a paradise after you’re dead? Do you have faith that your team will win the cup, maybe even the saucer? What makes you believe in such things? What makes you follow blind faith? What do you know for sure and what do you only believe? What's real and what isn't? What have you learned, and what do you ignore, or have ignored? Think about it.

Bob crosbie. ©

To those considering joining The Way


Photo credit National Geographic

Should any of you reading our website want to join The Way, just get in touch. We receive many messages about what membership involves, and there seems to be some degree of confusion or misunderstanding. We are not quite sure why this is, but are interested in knowing what might make a positive difference, for the sake of clarity. Maybe it’s because it’s so simple, and that there are no real complications, so we decided to write some pointers and questions to hopefully dispel any incorrect ideas.

To those who don't want to or might have reservations about joining The Way, can you tell us why?

Perhaps you don't like us, because we are non-religious?

Perhaps you don't want to join an organization that doesn't care about the colour of your skin?

Perhaps you don't want to mix with blacks, or you don't want to mix with whites. We're all just human, so what's the problem? There's good guys and bad guys in all races, so what's your problem?

Perhaps you don't like the truth, and prefer fantasy?

Maybe you think that we are just another cult?

Look up the definition of a cult.

We don't accept any gods.

We don't have a dogma.

We don't have any system of worship.

We don't have a belief system.

Have you checked what a cult is? So now do you understand what a cult is?

Many think that we are after your money. Why? Donations are optional. We all work out of our own pockets as far as we can. We give our time freely.

We want your effort. Is that bad in your opinion? Do you begrudge time that you may well spend uselessly anyway, in order to help people and try to make a future for our kids?

Don't you want to help and be helped?

We work in small groups that are part of larger groups.

Every day it is becoming more and more obvious that the powers that be have plans for us all; and they're not going to be a benefit to ordinary people.

In groups you have more strength and protection; and as far as we know you're going to need it.

It's becoming very obvious that the whole world is heading for trouble. As a matter of fact it's already on the slippery slope. So why would you not want to join a group like us?

The gangs are already on the streets. Iran is threatening America and Israel again. It's just a matter of time. The problem is, how much time have we got?

Numbers are strength, as long as they are made up of like minded people. It's no use making up groups that are coming at a problem from different angles, or people who are wrapped up in religion, or baseless colour prejudices, otherwise we are back to ‘my god is bigger than your god'. Chaos will ensue.

That's why we all follow The Way; and The Way will lead us safely home.

Perhaps you prefer belief to living in the light of realistic and factual truth?

Perhaps, like the real and unimagined Jesus said, and not the myth of religion, you are afraid of the loss of that which belief ‘promises' to you. Things like ‘life after death’?

We don't promise you anything like that. We stick with reason.

Our rules are simple and are very similar to Common or Natural Law.

These are on the site with explanations regarding morality.

Perhaps you have already read them and think that we are immoral, but haven't read far enough?

Maybe you're just stuck in a rut?

You may well be comfortable in your rut, but you're going to get run over one of these days if you don't move yourself.

Maybe you're asleep? If so you're in for a rude awakening when the banker and the religious ones ring their bell.


We don't suggest that we have all the answers, but we do have most of them.

Did you know that if you join The Way, and are considered to be in good standing in The Way, you become a sovereign being? A real free person.

How far have you looked into The Way; and how much do you know? How much you only believe about it?

Do you in fact know anything about us, apart from preconceived ideas and opinions? Maybe someone else's opinions?

If you should like to join us, that is if you're not a child abuser, or drug dependent (this does not refer to drugs prescribed for a medical condition), you're welcome.

We're not too bothered about your past. It's the future we are interested in. We all have something to offer.

Are you one of the fairly good people? If so, don't hesitate. You can post your comments in either the Way or the Facebook comment boxes below.

I look forward to your replies.

Bob Crosbie.

The Way

To describe The Way is not an elementary task. I do not think that there is anything more simple than the philosophy of The Way, yet in its simplicity more complicated. The Way started when reason was born in the mind of Adam Edam, as it says in the writings, “When Adam Edam stood upright, walked upon the earth and gained reason, hence was the beginning of the first man.”

The Way is reason and about reason. Through the use of reason coupled with logic, man learns and gains knowledge. Through knowledge, together with reason and logic, fueled by his inquiring mind, man accesses the most fundamental requisite of all that exists, which is factual truth. Continue reading “The Way”

Pope apologises for cover up

Written in response to a Sky News broadcast on Easter Sunday 2010, regarding the Pope’s apology for the cover up of the sexual abuse of children.

Dear Sir or madam,

Your program this morning is all about the sexual abuse of children and the Pope’s apology for the cover up. He apologises whilst hiding priests and nuns away from the law, because of the Rwanda genocide that they took personal part in. What's the use of apologising for hiding sex abusers, while he still goes on protecting and hiding murderer priests and nuns? Continue reading “Pope apologises for cover up”

Child abuse

Watching the news regarding the child abuse has absolutely disgusted me, as I’m sure it would to any right thinking person. The Church keeps shouting about Christian values, as if they were the best values possible, and possessed by them alone. For so long we have seen these values at work, one example being the slaughter of the Mayans to steal their gold. They burned children alive in order to get the parents to tell them where they had any more gold or silver hidden.

During the Spanish Inquisition, over eight thousand children under four years old were burned alive by the Jesuits. All done for the good of their souls of course, but mainly and objectively, to force their parents to turn to Roman Catholicism. The act of burning children and people alive is the ultimate sign of power. A clear warning to all. Numbers mean power, and after a generation of brainwashing all would be well, but for who?
Then there’s the beehive in Rome, which was purpose built so that the Pope could burn people faster (see The Vicars of Christ). The victims were dressed in hair-shirts, which were impregnated with sulphur, so they would really light up faster. Such was the need to save their souls in large numbers, that it was necessary to invent this industrial-like murdering process. Because they have done these terrible things to the innocent, then surely they don’t believe in the god they want the rest of us to believe in? Unless it’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

In Scotland they tied people to stakes at the tide’s edge at low water; if they accepted the faith before they drowned they were let loose. Go to Wigtown in south west Scotland and see the graves in the cemetery there (a peculiar fact is that if a thing is true, you don’t need faith and if you need faith it can’t be true). When the Roman Catholics weren’t doing evil deeds to the Anglican Catholics, the Anglicans were doing it to the Roman Catholics, yet they all say the Nicene Creed. The Nicene Creed comes from the conference of Nicea in 325 A.D. when they gathered to decide whether Jesus or Constantine was to be the divine son of God, after which they altered the writings and everything else, to develop their belief system.

But as they say, all that torture, blood and murder was all so long ago. Two nuns were murdered in Africa some years back. They were stripped naked and then killed. What a terrible thing you might say, until you go there and find out why. The nuns had given birth to a number of children and couldn’t explain what had happened to the children. When the natives found out that the little innocent babies were killed and “sent back to God”, as is the ancient custom with Roman Catholic nuns, the native people killed the nuns who were the mothers of the murdered babies after all. Even such so called savages have higher moral values than the nuns. They couldn’t understand a mother killing her baby.

In the concentration camps of Germany, the nuns led the trusting Jewish women and children into the gas chambers. You can see them on the old war films. The Jews trusted them; their assistance in the matter of this mass murder of the innocents made it more efficient and easier for the German SS.

Then there was the Croatian affair, where the Pope said that god’s love was not all embracing, or words to that effect. God’s love only applies to Roman Catholics, apparently. This left the road clear for more murder, done joyfully in the name of the church of Rome with the Pope’s blessing. All this is a matter of record. If any other cult did even a small amount of this kind of pure evil, what would have happened to them? Waco comes to mind; their destruction prompted by guess who? And again children died. You may say that the Roman Church can’t be held responsible for that, but they pushed it.
I leave you with one or two more thoughts. Jesus said that “He who stands by and does nothing, is equal in guilt to he who perpetrated the wrong”. Look at who stood by; and not only did nothing, but actually tried to cover it all up and protect the guilty, who in my opinion should be named and shamed at least. They certainly should not be getting away with it.

Jesus also said that “He who associates himself with evil, is himself guilty of that evil.” There is no more evil thing on the face of this earth, than the rape and torture of innocent and vulnerable children. Now where’s the millstones they talk about? No other cult or organization would get away with all this evil, and it is considerable. So why them?

I’m just saying out loud what millions worldwide are thinking. It amazes me that nothing has changed over the millennia. No one learns, do they? Like Jesus said, “And man shall know no reason.” Were still just a bunch of chimps, but we don’t act as well as they do, do we? It’s high time that the Church and its transgressors were held to account publicly.