Pope apologises for cover up

Written in response to a Sky News broadcast on Easter Sunday 2010, regarding the Pope’s apology for the cover up of the sexual abuse of children.

Dear Sir or madam,

Your program this morning is all about the sexual abuse of children and the Pope’s apology for the cover up. He apologises whilst hiding priests and nuns away from the law, because of the Rwanda genocide that they took personal part in. What's the use of apologising for hiding sex abusers, while he still goes on protecting and hiding murderer priests and nuns? One day you will have to stop promoting Roman Catholicism and Christianity in general, which is all based on lies anyway, and face the reality of this evil cult. Look at its history. It's all murder and abuse, from the Maya to the inquisition, to the present day. Nuns murdering their own babies in thousands and sending them back to God. Complete and utter evil, yet not only do you tolerate it, you promote it. You’re therefore as guilty as they are.

And Jesus said “Man will reason or man will die”.

I enclose an article to back up what I have been saying for years, but you never listen. It has designed gods, and misled people on their knees at all costs. I appreciate that religion does help to keep people in control and under the thumb of the general rulers, but what a price!

“Pope should say sorry for Rwanda genocide” – Irish Times article

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