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In all things pertaining to the striving of mankind, no matter how humble, or how great the ambition, a few have the magic. Many seek it, but it isn't in them from the beginning, so it never will be. So what do they do? They waste their lives trying to be what they can't be, and this is a total waste of what they are, and can be, as what is possible and real is never developed. What they are and what they can be lies dormant; unused and ignored. They are therefore doomed to live within their imaginations. Continuous and numerous failures never deterring. They plod on, seeking meaning to their existence, seeking the magic, but like all their ambitions it remains out of reach, because it was; and never will be there.Trying to be just like someone else is futile

All is therefore wasted, simply because they cannot accept that they are just as they are. Unique and individual. They cannot accept that they cannot be as the one they seek to ape. By aping others in personality, their own personality is diluted; destroyed.

Trying to be just like someone else is futile, yet they still do it. The final question is, “Were they ever really there?” Or are they just like the scent of smoke hanging in the air, around a long dead fire? Think about it.

Bob Crosbie


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