The Manipulators of Our Society

On Christmas day 2008 the usual Sky T.V report of the Queen and extended family arriving at Sandringham for Christmas day services was shown, but the caption at the bottom of the screen said that they were attending “Mass” at Sandringham. The Queen is Protestant. Protestants don't go to “Mass”, which is a Catholic ceremony. The manipulators of our society are feeding the beginning of the end of Protestantism to us slowly.

Now Gordon Brown has had a visit with the Queen to discuss the ban on Roman Catholics marrying into the British Royal Family and vice versa. They apparently discussed having the necessary changes put into place, so wait for it. It's all done quietly, so that you'll hardly notice. Drip drip and all that. Continue reading “The Manipulators of Our Society”

A message for Diana

This is a message for a woman by the name of Diana, who will have been born with a caul, may still possess it, and was expected to make contact with the High Caulbearer some time ago. It is quite possible that you may have been previously misdirected from your path of inquiry.

The reason that this message is being left here, is that you may still be searching for answers to things you don't yet understand, but cannot ignore. You can send a message concerning this matter by posting a comment to this message below and/or sending an email to

The Hidden Purpose, with its Probable Outcomes

A general State and religious education is an exercise in moulding people to be exactly like one another, just like clones; all following the same gods and systems of belief. Designed to suit the needs of state and factory, the education of the masses teaches basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. They throw in a bit of history and other subjects as you travel up the sociological ladder to further education. This is the curriculum that's on the surface for everyone to see. However, beneath the obvious lies an invisible or Secret Curriculum that's far more sinister. Continue reading “The Hidden Purpose, with its Probable Outcomes”

Annual Winter Solstice letter to the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, and to those who follow The Way, supporters known and unknown, prospective future members

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

At this time of the year it is customary for me to give account to all members. I fear that this shall be wasted upon deaf ears, as usual; and so I ask,”apart from the very few,”who is going to actually help me, with more than superficial lip service, to do what must be done? Who is going to climb down of the fence and earn his/her salvation, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for him/her? Sacrifices must be made, if we are to survive the coming horrors. How many in reality will stand up? Not many, I’ll bet.

The main question is; considering the obvious evidence that can now be seen every day, why or why not? I wonder how many think that they will still be alive in 2017? ,” only eight years away. Who among you think that they will be amongst the few who won't starve, or fall foul of gangs, disease, starvation, terrorists, or Independent Banker's power-seeking design? If you think this to be paranoia, then how stupid can you get. Its beyond foolishness not to at least look, listen, learn and hedge your bets.

I wrote to all last year, and told you that the world economy would collapse in 2008. I have been warning for years about 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2017. Few if any took any notice, or even took the trouble to check out what we have been saying. Why? Continue reading “Annual Winter Solstice letter to the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, and to those who follow The Way, supporters known and unknown, prospective future members”