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Should any of you reading our website want to join The Way, just get in touch. We receive many messages about what membership involves, and there seems to be some degree of confusion or misunderstanding. We are not quite sure why this is, but are interested in knowing what might make a positive difference, for the sake of clarity. Maybe it’s because it’s so simple, and that there are no real complications, so we decided to write some pointers and questions to hopefully dispel any incorrect ideas.

To those who don't want to or might have reservations about joining The Way, can you tell us why?

Perhaps you don't like us, because we are non-religious?

Perhaps you don't want to join an organization that doesn't care about the colour of your skin?

Perhaps you don't want to mix with blacks, or you don't want to mix with whites. We're all just human, so what's the problem? There's good guys and bad guys in all races, so what's your problem?

Perhaps you don't like the truth, and prefer fantasy?

Maybe you think that we are just another cult?

Look up the definition of a cult.

We don't accept any gods.

We don't have a dogma.

We don't have any system of worship.

We don't have a belief system.

Have you checked what a cult is? So now do you understand what a cult is?

Many think that we are after your money. Why? Donations are optional. We all work out of our own pockets as far as we can. We give our time freely.

We want your effort. Is that bad in your opinion? Do you begrudge time that you may well spend uselessly anyway, in order to help people and try to make a future for our kids?

Don't you want to help and be helped?

We work in small groups that are part of larger groups.

Every day it is becoming more and more obvious that the powers that be have plans for us all; and they're not going to be a benefit to ordinary people.

In groups you have more strength and protection; and as far as we know you're going to need it.

It's becoming very obvious that the whole world is heading for trouble. As a matter of fact it's already on the slippery slope. So why would you not want to join a group like us?

The gangs are already on the streets. Iran is threatening America and Israel again. It's just a matter of time. The problem is, how much time have we got?

Numbers are strength, as long as they are made up of like minded people. It's no use making up groups that are coming at a problem from different angles, or people who are wrapped up in religion, or baseless colour prejudices, otherwise we are back to ‘my god is bigger than your god'. Chaos will ensue.

That's why we all follow The Way; and The Way will lead us safely home.

Perhaps you prefer belief to living in the light of realistic and factual truth?

Perhaps, like the real and unimagined Jesus said, and not the myth of religion, you are afraid of the loss of that which belief ‘promises' to you. Things like ‘life after death’?

We don't promise you anything like that. We stick with reason.

Our rules are simple and are very similar to Common or Natural Law.

These are on the site with explanations regarding morality.

Perhaps you have already read them and think that we are immoral, but haven't read far enough?

Maybe you're just stuck in a rut?

You may well be comfortable in your rut, but you're going to get run over one of these days if you don't move yourself.

Maybe you're asleep? If so you're in for a rude awakening when the banker and the religious ones ring their bell.


We don't suggest that we have all the answers, but we do have most of them.

Did you know that if you join The Way, and are considered to be in good standing in The Way, you become a sovereign being? A real free person.

How far have you looked into The Way; and how much do you know? How much you only believe about it?

Do you in fact know anything about us, apart from preconceived ideas and opinions? Maybe someone else's opinions?

If you should like to join us, that is if you're not a child abuser, or drug dependent (this does not refer to drugs prescribed for a medical condition), you're welcome.

We're not too bothered about your past. It's the future we are interested in. We all have something to offer.

Are you one of the fairly good people? If so, don't hesitate. You can post your comments in either the Way or the Facebook comment boxes below.

I look forward to your replies.

Bob Crosbie.

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