Annual Winter Solstice letter to the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, and to those who follow The Way, supporters known and unknown, prospective future members

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

At this time of the year it is customary for me to give account to all members. I fear that this shall be wasted upon deaf ears, as usual; and so I ask,”apart from the very few,”who is going to actually help me, with more than superficial lip service, to do what must be done? Who is going to climb down of the fence and earn his/her salvation, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for him/her? Sacrifices must be made, if we are to survive the coming horrors. How many in reality will stand up? Not many, I’ll bet.

The main question is; considering the obvious evidence that can now be seen every day, why or why not? I wonder how many think that they will still be alive in 2017? ,” only eight years away. Who among you think that they will be amongst the few who won't starve, or fall foul of gangs, disease, starvation, terrorists, or Independent Banker's power-seeking design? If you think this to be paranoia, then how stupid can you get. Its beyond foolishness not to at least look, listen, learn and hedge your bets.

I wrote to all last year, and told you that the world economy would collapse in 2008. I have been warning for years about 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2017. Few if any took any notice, or even took the trouble to check out what we have been saying. Why?

Every time in the past that I have told you something would happen, it did, yet you still did the Christian thing, and decided to believe something else that appeared more pleasant, and therefore more palatable. The reality is that the Ending of Days is now so far under way, that the horrors to come can't be avoided. These horrors will leave the Black Death looking like a day at the funfair. All of this is because of the fear of what you might lose. Like what? Lose your precious money? Your house? More realistically, how about losing your lives? Are you not afraid of that?

And Jesus said, ” Men shall be saved according to the workings of their own minds.” How are you going to interpret that? He meant that if you don't use your brains, you're dead. No interpretation needed, as usual where he is, or was concerned. You can, of course, decide to believe he meant something else, or perchance believe he didn’t say it at all.

Maybe God will save you? But he works in mysterious ways, and is not to be questioned. Why? Because he doesn't exist, and you'll get no answers. There is no evidence of any gods, or any forms of caring entities that are even remotely likely to save your miserable backsides. It's insanity.

What makes you think that you will still be alive in 2017? What makes you think that your children will? If you believe that you will, then what do you base this assumption on? Perhaps you can live without food, and your fire, and that you are bullet proof? You will need to be, to survive the coming madness.

How are you going to protect yourself against your own governments, who are and will become your worst enemy? You're alone and vulnerable. It was designed that way years ago, and not for your benefit. It appears that most of you know this, but you just haven't realised it yet. Those who control the money are the real law makers, the real Government.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does it take to become a criminal?” A criminal, is someone who breaks the Law. Sadam Hussein made laws, and so did Stalin and Hitler; to name but a very few of that type. More of the same kind of laws can be expected from the silent Independent Bankers, who are behind and in complete control of the governments and all the politicians of the world. Check it out.

I've wasted my time with you all for most of my life. Perhaps you won't listen, because it's me that's laying it before you; a very ordinary person, obviously not a very impressive type of a chap. You maybe need someone who sings songs, perhaps a drug-addicted celebrity, or someone who plays football, or most favored of all, an actor. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with me. I didn't ask for the job. I got stuck with it. I've laid the facts before everyone I came across as far as possible, in spite of the ridicule and the smart-assed jibes poured contemptuously on my head and the heads of those who are followers of The Way. I and the few can do no more.

You're either actively with me, couldn't care less, or you're against me. If you are either of these last two, then pass on by; but remember that when your time comes, and it will, that you were told. You will be responsible for what is about to happen to your children, as well as to you.

If you had of listened and done something like joining us, you may well have avoided the inevitable, coming horrors. I said “may well have”, because there's no guarantees in life. The only guarantee is that if you do nothing, then you deserve all you get. You don't have an automatic right to life, in spite of what religious leaders tell you. You have to earn that right.

Are you aware that there is no such thing as nothing? Nothing has consequences, and is therefore something, because of its effect. So those who stand by and are comforting themselves because they're doing nothing, are in fact doing something. The product of nothing is always negative by nature.

You can see the problems coming by now. If you can't by this late hour, you must be as thick as two short planks, blind, bothered and bewildered, and certainly beyond all help. I don't know what else I can do to make you think, to make you look, see and actually understand your position. I shall just add a piece of the Covenant as a reminder to some; and hopefully a spur to others. The rest is available on the net if you should have some small interest

I am sorry that you don't have sufficient respect for me as a person, to take the trouble to listen to and even to hear me. I am sorry that you don’t have enough wit to have worked out the facts for yourselves, or to simply listen to me and to the Brethren, and given yourselves and your children a small chance for life in the future. All we have that is of real value, is life. A great Caulbearer once said, “The gift of the world to mankind is life, but her gold and her silver are misleading.”

None of us will be able to survive this future that has been built from the greed of the few alone, and that's why we are trying to form strong groups. We have shown so many of you so often. We have set it before millions. Some are trying to duplicate what we in The Way have been doing for thousands of years. All they do is harm to themselves as well as others.

You can get in serious contact, or not. Have no fear if you don't, as neither I or the Brethren will trouble you again. The choice, as always in The Way, is yours; and so is the responsibility for the consequences of those choices.

Bob Crosbie

The Son of the Widow
High Caulbearer.
Tenth Degree in The Way
C.I.C. Brotherhood of Nazarene

Extract from the Covenant:This covenant shall be between men who shall give themselves to follow The Way. It shall be a bond between them and the High Lords of the Veil who have gone before, and the last High Lord of the Veil who will be sent to walk among men at the Ending of Days to show you The Way, as he is commanded to do before that final time, when all men shall stand before their own destruction. It is ordained that you shall follow and hold obedience to him for your very life's sake, and for the sake of those of your blood who will come after you.

There shall be many who shall enter into this covenant with wrongful mind or purpose, and they will turn from this covenant and from the High Lord, and shall think the High Lords and the last High Lord to be evil, and shall hate them, and shall hate him, for they shall be men of lowly stature

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