The Manipulators of Our Society

On Christmas day 2008 the usual Sky T.V report of the Queen and extended family arriving at Sandringham for Christmas day services was shown, but the caption at the bottom of the screen said that they were attending “Mass” at Sandringham. The Queen is Protestant. Protestants don't go to “Mass”, which is a Catholic ceremony. The manipulators of our society are feeding the beginning of the end of Protestantism to us slowly.

Now Gordon Brown has had a visit with the Queen to discuss the ban on Roman Catholics marrying into the British Royal Family and vice versa. They apparently discussed having the necessary changes put into place, so wait for it. It's all done quietly, so that you'll hardly notice. Drip drip and all that.

They stated on Sky News (which appears to be a Roman Catholic propaganda organization) that the ordinary people in Britain want these changes. I bet they didn't ask any Protestants what they thought regarding this particular matter. Any I know are horrified at the prospect of history being repeated.

Still, no need to ask Protestants what they think; what's it got to do with the Protestants anyway? Roman Catholics do, after all, make up a very small percentage of the whole population of the country and the manipulators expect you to believe that the average Britain wants a change, so allowing us to revert to the bad old days of the rule of Rome. It's a demonstration of democracy hard at work as usual, made very evident by its total absence in the matter.

“So what's the big deal?” you might wonder. The big deal is that the group known as “The Pilgrims Society” has decided to have a one government world; with one religion to control and manipulate everyone and everything. That means you will be Roman Catholic, or you will be dead. Their attitude hasn't changed a bit: to rule the world at all cost. They are trying to control everything as it is and rest assured that it's not for your benefit. By the year two thousand and twenty they plan to have the world population reduced by seventy five percent, and a good war between Catholics and Protestants would help to reduce the population numbers. The design of the British Royal Family, the Pope, and the wealthy behind-the-scenes string pullers, will ensure that this will happen.

Of course there's the added bonus of them and their little Pilgrim playmates making more money by selling guns to both sides. They just stir the pot, so keeping your attention off what they're up to. If you add all this to the religious, political and environmental problems that we already see caused by all the other extremists' organizations and the general lunatic fringe, they should manage to reduce the population just fine, and well within the desired time. Climate change and food shortages will fill in the gaps, or so they believe. Belief is such a malleable, elastic and wonderful thing. You will end up believing all sorts of rubbish before they're done with you; and by ignoring your reality you will leave yourself in a very vulnerable position. Clever aren't they?

Who are these sick individuals anyway? Well, they are people like the Windsor's (The British Royal Family); the Pope and his playmates; the Rothschild's; Kennedys; Bushs; DeBeers; plus most of the worlds Royal families and wealthy industrialists, trying to rekindle old glories and reinstate or expand their wealth and power. Like pigs at the trough, “they know not when their bellies are full.”

Recently, the Queen gave Teddy Kennedy a Knighthood, which is an action way beyond reason. He and his family were the biggest ever donors of raw cash to the I.R.A., enabling the I.R.A. to attack and bomb Britain and to kill as many British people as possible. They did just that and ended up killing Irish Catholics and Protestants alike; bombs don't discriminate. It is to be remembered who the Kennedy's are. They made their money in the twenties from bootlegging, prostitution and gambling, with a great deal of murder and other criminal activities thrown in. They were Irish Mafia and they still use the same proved and trusted methods, where and when necessary. They hated and still hate everything English and Protestant. American Protestants are just as despised as the English ones, so why the Knighthood from the Queen? One would have thought that she wouldn't give him and his like breathing room, never mind embracing him with such an honour. Then again, where is honour in anything they do or have ever done?

On top of that many of us remember Chappaquiddick and the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne. The inquest for her was held in private with only the Kennedy present. It was all very unusual, and so Teddy Kennedy got away with her murder. They got away with other murders and crimes as well, by using their Mafia contacts and criminal methods to manipulate the courts. They had judges and police officers on their payroll, just like the Queen and the Church of Rome and all the rest of the bankers and wankers.

Murder is just one thing that the Kennedy's and the British Royal Family have in common, power and wealth at all costs being another; and they don't care who pays the cost, as long as it's not them. The Queen has enough money to pull Britain out of recession, so why doesn't she? She got her wealth out of Britain and its gullible people, but she won't lift a finger to help them by putting some of it back. There's a lot of talk about their generous natures and love for their countrymen, but these are as usual nothing more than placating mumblings from her and her parasitic family.

The Pilgrims Society is peopled by such excuses for human beings who have so much power and so much money, that they have learned to despise the ordinary people from where their wealth came and still comes from. Bankers are just common money lenders, so what can you expect? The Pilgrims Society is the most powerful worldwide organization, incorporating many freemasons and independent bankers and very wealthy industrialists; and their greed knows no bounds. You can find out more about the society on the internet, along with lists of some of the names. However, some names are carefully protected.

The Pope, like the Queen, sits on billions. He talks a great deal about Christian charity, but that's where it ends. Still, he does pray for the starving millions. So because of all this prayer, why hasn't his God done something about all that suffering? They can't say that they didn't know about the suffering of the starving millions, or the problems that cause it anymore. As far as the problems are concerned, they themselves cause most of them and they do it for power and wealth, disregarding any suffering they cause on the way. Then again they preach that suffering is good for you, don't they?

Every day on television one charity or another is asking for money. The Royals have even lent their names to some of them. So all is well and it's obvious that the Royals are such nice caring people. Lending your name is such a sacrifice, makes you weak at the knees just thinking about it.

I bet you think that you live in a democracy here in the west. Well the truth is that you don't. If a politician can't be bought or manipulated, then the Pilgrims and their Bankers and wankers will make sure that they don't get far. Voting and the vote counts are so easy to manipulate if you have the resources and the will; and you're bent enough to do it. Now and again the odd one gets past them, but they soon get rid of him or her. Look at the members of government at this time, all fiddling away. Look at the bankers world wide and what they have done. Look again at the religious leaders with the child abuse and the cover ups. Where are all the millstones that Jesus spoke of, or don't we really believe that he said such a thing? Maybe he didn't mean it where Catholic Priests are concerned, special dispensation and all that. You can believe what you like of course; reality, however, doesn't work like that, so lets ignore it. Nasty, uncomfortable stuff is reality.

They took our gold and silver from us and gave us paper in exchange. Now we have plastic and soon there will be a reason for taking away the paper money. Imagine another Fort Knox, or bank of England vaults stacked to the roof with paper. I wonder if they ever open up Fort Knox will they find that the gold has all gone? Maybe the Pilgrim's will leave an I.O.U.,”a paper one of course.

Medical centers will become centralized, with only those who toe the powermongers line being allowed access to medicine or medical treatment. You will easily become an outlaw, with no access to money. Not even your own, because nothing will ever be yours again, if it ever really was anyway. You will of course be able to become something a little better, or even a little worse, than a serf or slave. answering to the will of the all powerful few, just like not so long ago; you'll be farmed like cattle.

Now is the time for you to start to do something about it, as in a very short while it will be too late for you. You will be totally disarmed except for sticks and stones. Totally helpless and at the mercy of scum with minds like these. Look back in history and remember that it is always written by the victor and never by the vanquished, the victor always the liberator. Look at it in its actual reality and guess what they really liberated. These people have been thieves and murderers for generations; and they will never change. The sad and bad thing is that they are in charge of you and the destiny of you and your future generations. You, Joe Public, probably won't do anything about it; you never really do. At least think about it.

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