The Hidden Purpose, with its Probable Outcomes

A general State and religious education is an exercise in moulding people to be exactly like one another, just like clones; all following the same gods and systems of belief. Designed to suit the needs of state and factory, the education of the masses teaches basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. They throw in a bit of history and other subjects as you travel up the sociological ladder to further education. This is the curriculum that's on the surface for everyone to see. However, beneath the obvious lies an invisible or Secret Curriculum that's far more sinister.

A general State and religious education is an exercise in moulding people to be exactly like one another, just like clones all following the same gods and systems of belief. Designed to suit the needs of state and factory, the education of the masses teaches basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. They throw in a bit of history and other subjects as you travel up the sociological ladder to further education. This is the curriculum that's on the surface for everyone to see. However, beneath the obvious lies an invisible or Secret Curriculum that's far more sinister.

It consisted in the beginning, and still does in most industrial nations, of three main courses. Not meal courses, sadly, but those needed to control the same masses that it is supposed to improve. One course in punctuality, one in obedience, one in rote, boring, repetitive work.

Factory labour demanded workers to answer the subconscious bell without thought. They wanted those who showed up on time, especially those who would work on the repetitive and boring assembly-line. The factory bosses demanded workers who would take orders from them without questioning; men and women who would, willingly and without thought, slave away at machines or in offices all day long, performing brutally repetitious operations without complaining or even thinking about it.

They were, and still are, cast in a satisfactory mould specifically to please the dominant powers in government, aided by religious teachings and their nonsensical belief systems which are designed to brainwash and therefore control. It doesn't matter who the dominant power is, be it a monarchy, aristocracy, clerical or political regime. It is designed to brainwash, and to be used as despotism over the minds of men, leading by a natural and inevitable control through the mind over the body; the will over the reason.

In schools today, the child has no time at all in which to be his or her own person. This state of affairs is politically very desirable, as it ensures that the child never develops a true sense of self value, or an awareness of his or her own unique individuality. People are deliberately and systematically kept down by both religion and politicians alike. They work hand in hand: the politicians keep you poor and the religious leaders keep you ignorant. They are both backed by, financed by, and overseen by the independent bankers.

Of late, the Roman church has itself become one of the independent bankers, giving the church leaders even more power to manipulate the masses and influence world affairs. Up until the birth of the Vatican bank, usury was considered by the Church to be a mortal sin. Isn't it great how money can alter morality, even the morality of such an organization as the Church of Rome? All appears expedient. These people are the real faceless controllers; the nameless, faceless, behind-the-scenes, law makers.

These faceless and nameless ones are always hidden behind the scenes. Through this sneaky mind control, people remain in their little worlds; worlds that are carved out for them so they can be controlled, bred and brainwashed, in order that the generation will constantly fit within the required structured groups demanded of by industrialists and power-mongers of every kind.

People have, therefore, a very low capacity to form personal relationships outside of these groups. More money for the lower orders has managed to overcome this somewhat, but not to any degree likely to make a difference.

So we end up with a passive, docile people; easy to govern, easy to influence. Each one watching and criticizing the other according to their varying beliefs in what's correct and what isn't, adding a smidgen of confusion. Considering the psychological damage done, they are of course totally unfit to judge anyone. The constant sense of approval or condemnation by those around you, really keeps you on your toes.

When asked how he intended to control the people of his vast empire, Caesar said: “Give them a sense of ownership, wine and entertainment, and they will rule themselves.” His methods are still used today. It's especially desirable for people to be constantly and continually used to fitting into structured groups, led by those who are more powerful than the individual members of that group. That way, we become accustomed to the idea that we need bigger people, richer people, with the authority to tell us what to do.

It is a sad reality, that nearly all education systems focus on academic subjects that many students will never come across again once they have left education. Here's an intelligent idea: why not include in our school curriculum topics that students may find useful in their future lives? Why not teach them how to do repairs about the home; how to make clothing, or how to grow things? Why not teach them about finance and how to manage it; how to stay clean and healthy; teach them that love and sex are not the same thing, and how to leave sex alone until they are in a position to handle it and its side effects, like unwanted pregnancies? Imagine making sure that each child can at least read properly by the time they leave school. Mind boggling!

It doesn't really matter what subjects are taught in schools, the important thing is the student has to attend hundreds of hours of age-specific classes, and to engage in a personality destroying routine decreed by the curriculum.

Regardless of age, when the unfortunate student does well, he or she is given a false sense of superiority, or is degraded, according to the student's ability to submit to such a regime and answer questions, regardless of the student's understanding of the answers to those questions.

People are led to believe that they will only become more valuable in the market place if they spend longer hours in class. They learn that it pays to consume and spew out rote, acquired information, that is generated for the system, by the system.

They learn that whatever their particular institution produces has value. They learn and accept that even invisible things such as education or health have untold value, without questioning whether they do or not.

Drug companies give huge grants to all the medical colleges and so manipulate what is or is not taught to our young doctors. Drugs are prescribed for psychological problems; and because these problems are generated by the subconscious, drugs can only relieve the symptoms. They cannot, however, have any effect on the cause, so you never actually get better. Many of these drugs harm the liver, the kidneys etc…. but so what? You simply don't matter, apart from your cash value. The sicker you get, the more drugs you need, and the profit margins go up, and the shareholders are very happy. You're not supposed to get well, because you're a customer as long as you need drugs to control your problems. A good psychologist can cure most of these problems forever, but the system refuses to allow them to do so. They also control the training of psychologists these days and so we go round and round; and, as planned, the general public loses.

Students learn to value grade advancement, and you get that with the help of passive submission. Even the bad behaviour that teachers like to see as a sign of creativity, isn't creativity; it's just bad behaviour. The young are taught disciplined competition to win the favour of the bureaucrat who presides over their daily lessons, who is their teacher for as long as they are in class, and their boss when later at work.

The secret agenda in all this is to reinforce your sense of personal insignificance and powerlessness to change, or to make our own unique contribution to the world. When approached or challenged, people will make the argument that since they can't change the world, all they can do is accept it and teach others to do the same. This is self-created psychological castration. It sets the standard of life that people can expect, and it destroys their ability to rise to a better standard of life. They will then roll over and simply accept whatever the powers that be throw at them. This covert manipulation is downright evil; it creates a kind of powerless fatalism, which is seen as inevitable, and in some way a necessity for the peace of what is called your mind.

When this state of mind is achieved, you won't even try to make a difference or try to alter or break their hold. You will just let them go on farming you like cattle and despising you for being so stupid as to let them. Still, slaughtering day is a long way off and if you're very good, you might get an apple from the teacher!

What kind of people are they anyway, to do such things to people for their express and singular benefit? By their rendering you powerless, you can't create better. You won't even argue with them or demand better. You might even think and believe that all is well and that you're doing all right. They're only as you are, but they give the illusion that they are superior. Look at their behaviour and decide whether they are or not. It's perverted and totally immoral, yet they show no shame. They know no shame.

They destroy all ideas of self worth in schools, and by doing so they also destroy all sense of self-discipline. They create an artificial one-size-fits-all repressive regime, deliberately calculated to undermine the development of self and self-discipline, in order that the lack of self-worth will be learned by the child. They know that when learned at a tender age, it will stay with you. Rules can be easily found in normal everyday life; we couldn't live without them; but when they are generated so that the many can be controlled by the few, it's evil.

Firstly, you are not allowed to decide anything for yourself. You are trained to ask for ‘permission’ to go to the toilet. You are trained to drop all interest in the subject before you, no matter how engrossed, by the sound of a bell. Like a laboratory rat in a cage.

The constant shaming and bullying by teachers and pupils in the artificially created environment that is known as school, allows them to maintain the pecking order; both in school and again after you have long since left school. It still works, but only for them, and you lose.

Another method to reinforce a sense of inadequacy is the isolation from reality and from family, especially mother; the most important person in anyone's life. All this is to structure your thinking. Then we have the labelling process, which is used in all education systems. What of the damage to those who don't achieve a sufficiently high label?

A further consideration is the harm to the personality and ego of the higher achiever; the holders of the high labels. How many doctors do you come across who have become too superior to talk to you, their patent? They're just business people with medical degrees or labels. They're never any good at their jobs, yet they manage to maintain an air of superiority that they didn't earn, and certainly don't deserve.

In schools there is a designed pattern of constant interruption, creating a type of mind distracting chaos that removes the chance of any profound thought entering the mind. They take away all your privacy. You are ruled by a clock, which times and allows the performance of basic human needs, such as eating, sleeping, relieving yourself, exercising etc.

The powers that be deliberately started to destroy the family structure generations ago. Sadly, in our generations they went further by creating an unnecessary separation of children from their mothers, for a large part of every day, with the idea that ‘housewife' is a dirty name that labels women of a lower species. The most important responsibility in this world is the nurturing of the next generation.

The subconscious mind has little or no reason, but it contains all your memory and all your emotions. The main reason it has no ability to reason is because it changes millions of blood cells every day and millions of other cells every day, and it does so deliberately.

The powers that be, both religious and political, work on these facts, and take total unfair advantage. The subconscious controls your breathing, your appetite, your temperature. It decides if and when you want to go to the toilet and every other function within your body. If it had the power of reason, it just couldn't think quickly enough, and you would simply die. Religion and politics play on the emotional side of your mind. The most powerful instinct is self preservation, and so ,• fear. “Never discuss politics or religion,” they say. It's because they are emotional subjects, and little or no reason is attached, so fights, even wars, can ensue.

The destruction of the family started centuries ago with the use of religious belief. They did away with polygamy because the families it created were too strong, and hard to deal with. So the practice became sinful in the Christian world. God didn't like it, and you suffered the consequence should you disobey. Now they encourage children of eighteen years old to leave home and live alone, far from their parents. It's all great fun, but they are still inexperienced children, and very vulnerable.

In the past fifty years, a family of very great wealth in the U.S. financed the feminist movement, again depleting the strength of the family. They belong to and support a group of people who actually call the shots. Should any politician not toe the line, he or she won't last long. You cannot become president of the U.S unless they choose you, and you will certainly lose the elections if they don't want you. Other countries operate in the same way, following the will of the money. The truly independent won't get anywhere anyway, because the money assures that only the unquestioning follower of instructions will survive.

They are well aware that if a child is taken from the breast and just bottle fed, it causes a sense of rejection in the subconscious mind of the child. Sometimes a mother cannot feed her baby for health reasons, which is bad enough for the child. Such a young child relies on its instincts and they, of course, are subconscious and without reason. It just feels and reacts.

Should the child then be taken every day to a child minder, it will develop a further sense of rejection, and fear of abandonment. If the child is then taken from one child minder to another, it really hits deep. The subconscious mind reacts to all this experience, which it will repress to ease the emotional pain; and it is pain. It will of course show itself later in life as depression or anxiety, with related illnesses. This state of mind will, with few exceptions, generate all sorts of satellite mental problems. And so you are slowly weakened and psychologically manipulated for the controlling benefit of the bankers, royalty, industrialists, religious leaders, and don't forget the politicians, who are the foot soldiers of these immensely powerful people, and are not working for you, as you are led to believe. You are trained to believe and accept belief as truth, but belief is just that, and nothing else. It matters not what you believe, the facts remain the same, and is unalterable.

Another objection that needs to be made to the current definition of educational standards, is that most of the required, shallow learning, is unnecessary pointless knowledge, designed to waste time and overload the young mind with rubbish. I define unnecessary knowledge as knowledge that you didn't need yesterday, won't need today, and will have forgotten, because of it's lack of usefulness, by tomorrow.

If you need or want to learn or know anything at anytime in your future, possessing the deep knowledge of such things as questioning, researching and evaluating, will enable you to learn it. So why do they not teach these skills instead of, say, religion?

Indeed, we are all fated to live all our lives in ignorance of most of what is around us, because the world of knowledge is now so vast, and is changing all the time. Without the research skills and some personal confidence derived from practising them, we cannot even make sense of what is necessary to our immediate or future well-being, and are forced to rely fatalistically on ‘experts' who can't even agree amongst themselves.

The 21st century will become the story of human beings around the world pitted against each in mortal combat. “Nothing new there” you might well say, but this will be a constant struggle for food, clean water, and fuel just to keep warm. It will go on and on until there are not enough people left to fight. All mankind; meaning the ordinary citizen of whatever country, will be pitted against everyone else for his/her very survival; and this state of affairs will become the norm.

All this suffering, culminating in the eventual extinction of the species, is simply because of the failure of successive governments to put reason and the well being of the people who pay their excessive salaries before the wants and wishes of the faceless, manipulating powers that be. We will, once again, fail to rise up and demand something better and insist on a better education system, both for ourselves and our children, before it's too late.

I will not tell my children that they may have to be strong to survive. Instead I will tell them in no certain terms that they will have to be strong, not only of body, but mainly of mind, to survive the ruthless competition. That very mind that has been manipulated and washed so thoroughly in order to destroy it, is now so important to them: that is, if they are to survive.

The constant and hypnotic promotion of alcohol will also have a dire effect. You will have trouble enough to simply survive, without that particular monkey on your back as well. Still, if you do as the big boys say, they might give you the odd drink as a reward. Together with booze, drugs and all other dependencies, all most of you will be able to do, is take whatever is handed out, and die. With the so called education process meted out, all you will have to do is murder your granny or something worse, for a pat on your brainwashed, booze-addled head.

I am telling my son that the world will need his talents in a wide perspective? Hopefully he will not only listen, but actually hear me. Perhaps then he will stand some small chance of life, and hopefully help others to acquire the same. Wouldn't it be nice if some of you out there would do the same; and hear me?

© R.G.Crosbie. Jan 5th 2004

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