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Animals are funny and are also worth watching. They can teach us so much. We of course supposedly have dominion over them all, and also have an alleged god-given right to do as we see fit to them. We are taught from a young age that we have a right to destroy and ill-use anything and everything. Do we really have such a right? Who exactly is this god that is so adored, and gives such rights? Has he talked to you lately and told you that he put animals and everything else on this beautiful earth for our use? Have you ever seen any evidence of this, or any evidence that this god even exists?

We hear of miracles that he has performed on our behalf, but when did you ever see or experience one that isn't easily explained? Many are just reported by people with problems; and they do it to make themselves appear important. It’s then that the churchmen chime in with all sorts of pontifications, to give it some credence, as it profits them, by keeping bums on seats and a tinkling, or even rustling on the collection plates.

When you study animals, even on TV, they all want to be the head of the herd. Watch the antics of monkeys, our closest relations. I dare not suggest that we behave in a closely similar manner, or that we are in fact animals. Never; not I.

Animals gain prestige amongst their species or groups of the same species by fighting and killing each other. They bully and the best bullies get to be the boss. When humans do it, usually in a big enough way, they claim that it's their god-given right to be the ‘Boss’. Rulers are supposed to be set above us by this god to rule us; and of course everything they do is for our benefit.

Granted we all need guidance, but don't you think that the big bullies should at least know when their bellies are full? Don't you think that they should follow laws that are a benefit to all, and not just make statutes that will make them richer, and everyone else poorer? The strongest always win; but what of the rest? Well, they get to live, or should I say survive, as long as they submit to the bullies at the top. Then, what happens in the animal world? The bully at the top gets old; and so a younger, stronger bully attacks and takes over. Here lies the difference that makes us human. Perhaps there really isn't any difference that matters? I know I can't see any.

When you study human nature it's no different than that of the so-called lowly beast. Some have to submit to rules made by the bullies of our species. Or do they? And what is the thing that drives us? We are gregarious by nature ,” herd or flock animals in fact ,” and we have a pecking order. As long as we obey and submit to our masters, all appears to be well.

So what does the bully get for his efforts? He gets to be the one to make the rules to suit his purpose; and he gains prestige among his herd. In the animal world he gets the best females of his choosing; and then what? Or does he choose, or does he get chosen?

Watch the girls, and the way they instinctively know how to get a man's attention, and manipulate him with their sexuality; flashing their cleavage at both ends. If she flashes the most, then she gets the strongest bully as a suitor and calls him ‘husband’ and bears his children. He, of course, upon seeing all this meat, gets ruled also, but by his small head, as his big one has trouble enough trying to manage his eyes.
The best looking girls get what they want and the rest get the leftovers. It's supposedly called love, but in reality it's about breeding. The female goes for security, but does she actually get it if she is only driven by her need to breed and basic instincts? Sometimes maybe, but then she gets old; and a younger bit of fluff comes along and ‘bingo', his little head takes over once more. Of course this is only so in the animal world. Dare I say otherwise? And of course we are not really animals, are we? If not, then why do we behave so much like animals? Why sexual jealously? Why the girlie games? Why do young men behave as they do? Why follow the same rules as the monkey or the family dog? Can it be that we can't help it, even though we deny it?

The father figure has prestige supported by the amount of money he has. And how does he get his money, which is his badge of status within his particular herd, or should I say flock? He destroys. He forces his will on those beneath him using one method or another. He sees them as weak, stupid and inferior: and takes full advantage, just like any other animal. He doesn't care about the things he preaches about, but he wants you to. He makes others care and observe the rules and religion, by use of fear.

People cower when the powerful one approaches. You are taught to remove your hat, stand up, bow and, in times not long past, even lower your eyes. He wants to control everyone, and it's not possible on his own, so he gets other, considered lower men, to do it for him; and so he helps to create a class system, one that is even observed by those beneath him. I'm not saying that one should not show respect, but why all the nonsense? Whey do these considered lower classes so worship those with power, just like animals do?

So we have the head bully, with another head bully or bullies doing his bidding and being rewarded. Being rewarded can often amount to a false sense of security that the big bully will protect you. However, in reality, you’re gun fodder, nothing else. And of course the herd protects also; so we stick with the common herd for the benefits it offers: promissory, imaginary, or otherwise. But are these things really benefits when you're supposed to be above the level of animals?

The biggest bullies get others to comply, puts them in uniforms, and gives them weapons. Weapons make the difference. The guy with the biggest stick is then in control of the ones with empty hands, so that they cannot defend themselves. So the best way to bully people and stay safe yourself, is to arm yourself and disarm them. Then they are all yours. Fear controls, especially when you believe that you can't win and someone else already has.

The biggest bullies get together and some control you with the fear of losing or harming your life. Another set of bullies threaten your supposed ‘afterlife', which was invented by such as they in order to give them power over you. It’s the power of false belief: belief in heaven and hell, the belief in gods that they claim to be in contact with….and even supposedly control.

Then there's the other group of bullies. They control money, and you can't live without it. It's designed that way. Money for food, shelter, clothing and all the gadgets that we have been led to believe that we cannot do without. But can we, if we have to?

We need constant counseling these days. We are led to believe that we can't do without it. But can we? Think about WWII. How did they manage without it? Think of all the other horrors that have happened in this world and ask yourself how did they get by? But they did. They answered to their instinct of survival, their inner strength, do or die, but today we are threatened more than ever. Maybe that's why we need so many counselors?

Have you ever asked yourself who created this situation. Did you? Who then; and why? Why are all sorts of ideas that make no sense pushed so hard in all parts of media, including the news? You’re being constantly brainwashed. Listen carefully; and you will hear the verbal bombs drop. Even the soaps are at it. Ideas are being implanted to make people neurotic and fearful of everything. And what does fear do to you?
Situation films and soaps show you how to act in various situation, and they are nearly all exercises in gross stupidity. When a problem arises they all act in the most stupid manner, and make things worse. Of course it all supposedly works out in the end. I know as well as you do that it's only entertainment. But is it, when you think of the effects it has on your subconscious reactionary mind? How many people do you know that watch all sorts of programmes and never stop discussing them? Think about it. Look at the actions and the scripted conversations of these animals that call themselves human, and you can't miss it. They have two legs and a head just like a human, but are they really human?

So what then? What is likely to happen to this brainwashed world, with just three main types of bully? They are the state, the churches, and the bankers. I call them ‘the Unholy trinity’. In reality they should be viewed as one body, due to the fact that they work together: all peeing in the same pot.
The three groups enforce their rules through the use of whatever they can use to subjugate others: those considered to be of lower station. These stations have been developed through the pretense of superiority. They do it also through his family lines, just like the beasts of the jungle; giving their offspring a head start. Father is king, and so his eldest male offspring becomes king when he gives up the ghost. What ghost? The bullies from school yard, to street gang, to government, all have their group of weaker ones to help him to keep others down, and they have to pay dues: dues that are then used to buy and get bigger and bigger sticks.
He then threatens and causes fear of him by those lower than he in the pecking order. Put a uniform on a man and watch the change. A new-found sense of superiority sets in. He then invents other things to give him even more control; and so he uses underhanded methods to reinforce his control. He invents gods and fearful things. He plays on the ignorance of others. He decides to allow you to be supposedly ‘educated’. And, who controls this so-called education? He does, but he needs his own bulling types to reinforce him. So he invents money. Money you can't eat, nor can you wrap it around you to keep out the cold winds. He has control of the money and so has control over his fellows of lower station.
Listen to bankers giving so-called advice to governments, and deciding all things monetary. It's not their money. Who voted for them? And why are they of higher station? Because he keeps them there, through education that teaches them only what he wants them to know, so in fact they know little; and through what they are taught. They are encouraged to believe that they are now educated. Those who can learn by rote compete with those who might even have more brains than him, to get recognition, but because of what is taught and the now implanted belief in his superiority, it sets him above others of lower station. They take from those of lower station, despising them for their position in the pecking order. He believes them to be less than he, because it suits him to believe that they are. But who is in fact lower then who? He who bullies and destroys, or he who produces things for the so-called ‘upper classes’ to profit from, and so get more money that he can use in order to suppress those he now considers beneath him.
The result of studying all the different species, is that you learn that the members of the species that calls itself human are just the same as the beasts of the field and forest. So why should you feel that you are better than me, because you wear a suit to work and I wear overalls? I wear a suit, but it's only what covers me, just like your overalls. The beast still lies beneath, warts and all. It means nothing more than that. A suit, or even a fancy title, gives me no real importance. So what can be done to make it appear that I am better than you? Well, I might supposedly observe religion and gods. But do I? How can I be better then you, if all my life is about is to raise myself above my fellows. I might even go to a church and pretend that I am a good man, whilst robbing others of what they have, so that I can have it all: like a pig at the trough. Such people don't know when their belly is full; and I think that in some if not many ways, the lower classes are better than the robber classes, simply because they don't rob anyone.

So what of the individual mind? Surely our ability to reason sets us above other species, or other men? But I believe in gods that obviously don't exist. I go to the priest to forgive me my sins, which by any other name are just wrongs. He forgives me for what I have done to you. I might have taken your life and or the lives of others, but it's justifiable, because the priest has forgiven me. But surely he can only forgive me for what I've done to him? So he assumes a position that his god has given him power which give him the right to forgive me for what I have done to you. So, by seeking forgiveness, of course, makes me a supposedly good person, just because I sought forgiveness, did my penance, and gave money to the priest and am now supposedly without blemish. It’s great stuff., isn’t it? I can go out next week and do it all again.

And what of the priest? He gets to be the head of the herd that goes to his church to worship his imaginary god, who it is believed without reason or fact, gives him great power over life and death. He has the power to give you life after death, or take it away if he likes. So he uses clever words that make those who follow him believe whatever he says. Belief gets reinforced every seven days. If taught to you when you are very young, it stays with you. So so-called ‘education’ is centred on the young, so that they can be not only taught, but rendered unable to think beyond what they have been taught. But they don't know that. They think that they are educated. But how can they be educated when others control and limit what they are allowed to know? Because of this evil situation, the child, and later the grown the person, is limited; and so kept in station. I call it evil; but you may wish to think what you like.

When you watch and balance things in this world, controlled by one species at the cost of all other species both flesh and plant, you start to wonder which is beast and which is man. A man who behaves in such a manner is surely lower than any beast. The beast destroys for his survival, but mankind destroys for gain in and of power over everything. He’s king of the castle; and he is supposed to know better. So why doesn't he? Simply, because he doesn't want to know better. He ignores all that doesn't suit him. If it gives him higher station, he's up for it, but if it makes him look at himself, he doesn't want to know. Animals know no better. This is because they don't have the power of reason.
You may choose to pray to your imaginary gods; but while you do it, ask yourself, where is the reason or point in talking to someone who doesn't exist? When you see men kill each other over what they only believe, ask yourself, “Where is reason?”
When you do something wrong, something that the priests of all religions call ‘sin’, when you crawl before a priest, a man other than the one you have wronged begging forgiveness, then again ask yourself, “Where is reason?”. You might just find that you don't know where reason is. Maybe not even know what it is. But one thing is for sure, you don't have any more ability to reason that any beast: not while you behave and act in such a mindless manner. Search for fact, not belief. Search for reason and complete knowledge. Don't just think that you know all about it, because you don't. Why? Because you behave as a bully on various levels, and may the ‘devil’, who doesn't exist either, take the hindmost. Belief can only exist in the absence of truth, fact, reason or logic. If you are a believer in gods, then reason is lacking.It should be remembered that to appear to be a righteous person is in fact a weapon. That's why the pretense of righteousness is paramount to priests, bankers and politicians alike. They gain your respect and you accept what they say; just like people do the righteous priest. He gives advice, but only advice that fits the grand plan.
There is a man who at this time will probably be the next head of the Bank of England. He proposes, as I have been trying to tell people for years, to take away all cash and give you a debit card. That will give the bullies complete control over us all. Taxes will be taken directly from your accounts. You won't own your wages anymore; in fact you will own nothing. Wages are now paid mainly into your accounts. Imagine a world where you have no control over your own money. Then you will have control over nothing.
It is widely thought that politicians don't take backhanders, but have you ever taken any notice of how wealthy they suddenly become after they leave office? Where can such riches possibly come from? Maybe it came from prayer? They get fat-cat jobs where they only appear as advisers a few times a year, yet often are paid millions. Look at Tony Blair: the last man to give advice to anyone. He was a protestant until after he won the elections and was installed as PM. If he was genuine, why did he not convert to Roman Catholicism before that? Again, maybe it was all brought about by prayer, or maybe it wasn't? Maybe he's just a conniving piece of something smelly. The fact that he was Catholic in all but the water bit, was kept secret until he was secure. Sneaky, or what? There are dozens of very wealthy ex politicians floating around, and we all are led to believe them to be really good people.

Churches collect money for the poor. The poor who? Themselves, no doubt, and poor they are: poor in actual and honest humanity towards anyone. They make a big show of caring, yet they remain aloof and separated from the people that they claim to love so dearly. Then they make statutes that they call laws. Passing them off as laws, they rob you blind. The UHT. manipulate your country's finances and close down factories and businesses. You are then out of work and are called scroungers. They scrounge millions from the general public and that's OK. Bankers get paid in millions for doing what? Robbing you, that's what. Look at the bonuses they got when banks failed. I don't know about you, but if I got a business into trouble, or didn't do my job properly, I'd get my walking papers and nothing else. Quite right too. No wonder they went to the wall. Again, who pays? Three guesses, and you get a loud round of applause.

So what can one man or woman do? Nothing, you will say, but are you right? You only judge according to what you think you know; and most of what you think you know is only belief, not fact. Look at history. Not much new there, yet we nearly all ignore it. Remember Hitler, and compare him to Putin. He’s testing for weaknesses and taking territory a bit at a time.

Propaganda is pumped out and people fall for it. Again, where lies reason? When you listen to the news, think. Don't just listen, but hear. Hear not only what they are pumping, but what is driving the pumping stations.

What do governments do when they fear the public? They do as Hitler did: they increase the collection of information on everyone. Look at all the cameras, supposedly placed there to help keep you safe. If you believe that old rope, you will believe anything.
So why do you think they are spending so much money on all this surveillance? What have they got in mind for you and me? If it was something well intentioned, they wouldn't need to fear, so it must be something rotten. Like what? Food shortages caused by climate change that they have been denying for years, is certainly one of them. They have dug a huge hole that people will someday notice, and finally be pressed into revolt. So they make you afraid of weapons and take them from you for your own safety.

How many murders are carried out with guns and knives? Ask yourself if the victims had guns and knives would they have been murdered. Remember that the vulnerable, and only the vulnerable, are attacked and bullied, but if they were not so vulnerable would they have been attacked in the first place? After all, if someone wants to kill someone else, they could do it with a rock or a piece of wood. So, making people weak only encourages murder, and it won't reduce it. If the police were serious about it, why don’t they make more effort to take the guns away from the gangsters and crooks? They still have them; and decent honest people can't get them to protect themselves their families and those others who can't protect themselves. If they are found with a gun or guns and no permissions, they will go to jail. To carry a knife is a criminal offence. Well, don't you think that the right of self-protection is being made a mockery of? A gun or a knife will not kill. It's the person who kills with the use of a gun or knife. And would murders be so quick to kill, if they thought for one moment that they might get killed if they attacked anyone in the first place?

Germany went to war by telling their people that they were the so-called ‘master race’. It’s nice to be told that you are superior, isn't it? And would you in all modesty, call them liars? Islam is telling its people that they are superior and favoured by this imaginary god. Look what they are doing because of this philosophy. It's only believed; and fact has nothing to do with it. The fact is that there is nothing worse than a warmonger. Toney Blair is guilty of millions of deaths, because he lied. So as a man who claims to be so supposedly righteous, how can he sleep at night? Killing is sometimes necessary, but only for good reason. Reason has nothing to do with belief. Belief is designed to override reason, as we see today in the Middle East. Again, where lies reason? I sometimes think that reason is dead. It certainly is where our politicians, religious leaders and bankers are concerned: the Unholy Trinity that want to rule everyone. These are ultimate schoolyard bullies. They are the evil-righteous, don't you think? Beware, they have plans for you my friend; and they are not good. Their actions show this to be true, and not just believed.

There is nothing in this for me; I'm too old at this time. I've been talking all my life, as have those gone before me in The Way. If reason existed in anything to do with our modern society, all would work out; and there obviously isn't ,so it won't.

I spoke of this lunatic situation and the horrors yet to come and could have been avoided, years ago. But only with the use of knowledge, that is actual. Reason that is based on knowledge, and logic that is based on knowledge and reason, and truth based on evidence of its authenticity. At least only that which makes sense and the good will of the reasoning, can save our species for extinction. It’s time to look at yourself and ask, “Am I really a reasoning person, or am I just a base-nature-driven animal?”
Where lies reason, is my question to one an all mankind. Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated, conned, cheated and enslaved, because you are a slave, although by another name. ‘Citizen’ is one of them. You are led to believe that you have rights that will protect you. Well you haven't: you only have privileges that can and will be taken from you unless you do something about it. Freedom must be won. The bullies of the Unholy Trinity won't give it to you; only take it away.

Like me or hate me. There is no reason to hate me, but unreason will help. Come and talk to me. Think about it.

Bob Crosbie.
© 23/9/15.

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