When men dream about devils, gods, demons and things magical,….



Animal Post 25.09


When men dream about devils, gods, demons and things magical, their imaginative minds stray to possibilities. They are content with these things imagined. It is considered better this way, as they become content. Though it appears better this way, it is not better for the seekers of impossible dreams. Dreams create beliefs. Such beliefs and over-imaginative thinking are a powerful weapon. Generated by the individuals in control, through teachings designed to encourage belief, so that their imagined fears may be used to override reason; such are then used against the believing, dreaming masses. All they are left with is the fear of what they imagine: what they have come to believe. Together with their imaginations, stupidities, and their dreams, it affords such madness strength.

Tell a mad man that he is mad, and he will laugh. Tell a man that considers himself to be sane, that he is mad, and he will want to kill you. Which is mad? Or who is the maddest? The insane doesn't know that he is insane, as he thinks everyone else is. If he knew that he was insane, he would adjust his thinking.

One definition of insanity is, ‘A mode of behaviour that is unacceptable to society’. Are you mad? Is your society mad? What will your imagination make of this? If you live in a god-fearing society, and most of us do, and you don't believe in the same god, or any god, then you are mad according to the rules. Yet no god can possibly exist. Again, who is mad, you or ‘Them'?

It is no wonder to my mind that the world is in such a state, and going to damnation on roller skates. What is truly amazing is that few seem to notice. Why? Asleep and dreaming, perhaps? Why are those that notice considered mad? Are you mad, or maybe I'm mad, and no one has the courage to tell me? I might want to kill them. Think about it.

Bob crosbie © 19/9/15

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