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Copyright 2015 The Order of The Way
Copyright 2015 The Order of The Way


Know ThyselfIt is essential that a man* knows what he is, and knows what he is not. He should look deep into himself, and ask himself the question “Why?”, “Why did I do this or that?”, “Why did I not do this or that?” Don't ask, “Who am I?”, as you already know. Instead, ask yourself, “What am I”? In this manner of honest thinking he gains balance. A man who reaches this hilltop in his existence, can see all about him, and remains at peace within himself. He does not waste his life trying to be what he is not. Instead, he spends his life doing what is possible for him. All mankind's obstacles are within himself; his mind being the greatest. It is what drives, be you man or be you woman.

Learn this; and use it to profit with ease.

Be not your own worst enemy.

Be not blind to your limitations.

Let no anger cloud your vision, as it can drive you into confusion, and end in madness.

Be not driven by false ego, pride, or conceit.

Be not cunning, as cunning is not intelligence. It is as it is, and always destructive. Let not conceit deliver you into evil ways, which will lead you only into the destruction of the self.

Beware imagination which can become out of balance and, as with all things, can prove good or bad.

Beware belief without evidence supporting such belief, as it can lead you into all things destructive, due to misleading information being accepted as fact.

Anger is by its nature destructive. To lose your temper means that you no longer are in control of yourself. You revert to emotions that are better kept under control, and prove nothing.
Being blind to your faults, means that you carry on with those faults. Faults are recognised by others, no matter how hard you try to hide or justify them. The damage carries on until adjustment and rectification is achieved.

False ego is just that. Without ego you would care nothing about yourself; and so would cause harm to yourself. Through false ego, you will override the feelings and needs of others, thereby trying to maintain your own view of your misguided self- importance, and that need of being right, regardless. Lacking in conscience is part of false ego; and so needs no explanation.

Being cunning is being sneaky. It will get you something from time to time, but it will also get you what you do not need. You will become disliked, distrusted, and despised; and so many doors will be closed to you. It is connected with conceit; which, by another name, can be called the narcissus syndrome. This shows by an “I am right because I cannot possibly be wrong”, and, “It’s not my fault. It's someone else's fault, because I know that I am right”, type of attitude. No evidence is required; just the protection of the overrated sense of importance, which requires constant reinforcement, as it isn't real. Paranoia creeps in, and you are doomed through your actual stupidity and lack of the necessary intelligence that would allow you to work it out.
A conceited man is but a fool. He cannot trust himself, nor can he be trusted. For him there will be no escape from the ill winds that he creates, both for himself and for others that come his way.
Search your mind daily, and with honesty, as you set to rest. Recognise your faults and adjust them. Recognise your assets and capitalize on them. First, last, and most of all – know thyself.

Bob Crosbie

(*any member of the human race without differentiation regarding gender)

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