Two Ways

Many directions but one Way

Two Ways


There are two ways for everything.

There is the right way and the wrong way.

That which is correct and that which is incorrect.

That which is up and that which is down.

That which is nice and that which is nasty.

That which is and that which is not.

That which makes sense, and that which is nonsense.

There are many opposites from which we can choose. Beware what you choose. You can apply all things to The Way; and there is only one correct way, one right yay. One nasty way, and one nice, or good, way; one upright way. There is the true and real Way; and no other way is worth consideration, for they are the opposite of that which is good.
Only one way makes sense. All other ways to live can only be the opposite of The Way; and will obviously lead to the destruction of all things. Destruction of mind and of body, leading to the self-destruction that we see in all the neurotic behaviour about us. It can be observed in all the wars we now see every day. It can be seen in the misinformation on TV, in the denial of the obvious and in the stupidities seen in soap programmes every single day. Even that is designed to have its effect on the mind with the use of what is called suggestion.
We are now daily bombarded; and the question you all must ask yourselves is; “Why?” To what purpose could and is this effort and expense being laid out? Where does it come from and where will it take us? It will take those who follow their beliefs nowhere. It will take us to the same place, but only if we let it. We can simply follow The Way and ignore what they teach us, as even that which is taught to the little children is designed to do them harm. It is designed to control all, for low purpose.
Beware what you hear and what you are taught. The question should always be, “Why?”

2015 © Bob Crosbie

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