Way Thought for the Day – 25th October 2012 – Bank of Life

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear what is written without word or spoken without sound

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There are sixty seconds in a minute.

There are sixty minutes in an hour.

There are twenty four hours in a day.

There are seven days in a week.

There are four weeks in a lunar cycle.

There are thirteen lunar cycles in a year.

There are three hundred and sixty five days in a year.

There are seventy years in the proverbial three score and ten, which is the span of a man’s life, approximately.

There are 31,536,000 seconds in one year.

There are 2,207,520,000 seconds in a lifetime.

Imagine that your life is in a bank. Which, in point of fact, it is in a kind of bank.

When you are born 2,207,520,000 seconds are placed in your account in the bank of life.

If these figures represented cents; instead of seconds, would you spend them wastefully, as you do your seconds?

Would you invest for the future?

Would you gamble with them?

Would you use them for profit or pleasure?

Would you leave your bank book lying around unprotected?

As you spend each minute, 60 seconds are removed from your account.

As you spend each hour, 3,600 seconds are removed from your account.

As you spend each day, 86,400 seconds are removed from your account.

There are 365 days in a year, and approximately 70 years to a lifetime

Imagine if these seconds were cents.

As you spend them each day. Each week. Each month.

You have no overdraft facilities and you cannot get a loan or a mortgage. These seconds are all you have.

Spend them with care.

Spend them with thought.

Waste none of them.

The clock was also set when you were born: and nothing stops it from ticking. It’s a real time bomb .

© 2012 R.G. Crosbie

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