Way Thought for the Day 30th October 2012 – As an Old Oak Tree

Photo credit Hquer

And now imagine me; I am as an old tree,

Standing within a windswept field

That was once part of a great forest.

My roots were once deep within the soil of my destiny,

My branches held aloft as if in worship of the sky.

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My winter is here now; it is cold,

And the wind strengthens within the branches of my being.

I no longer can bend with it as when I was but a sapling.

Now I creak, and the timber of by being rends and cracks.

I look out upon the desolation of the forest of my purpose,

Whose destruction that the stupidity of man has brought about.

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If I was a willow I would weep,

If I was a willow I could bend and sway.

But I am an old oak.

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The wind blows strong, and the time of my breaking is close at hand.

Soon I must fall and all the promise contained in that long ago forest,

Shall be but a desolation.

Weep not for me for I am just a tree.

Weep for the forest that once was here, and is and shall be no more.

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© R.G.Crosbie. 8/4/2002

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