Bullying – the mark of the Beast within Man

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The subject of bullying has become a common subject for discussion in recent years, and there are many different situations where bullying can occur, but they all originate from the same source.

So, what exactly is ‘bullying’?

Fear and Intimidation


All bullies use fear and intimidation to make their victims feel inadequate and incapable of defending themselves. They get a sick sense of pleasure from knowing that the target of their evil intent feels helpless, isolated and fearful of the idea that harm might come to them, even if the harm is merely implied.

Bullying is essentially part of the same animal or beast nature that resides in practically every animal being since time immemorial. Some people have little or none of this baseness in them, and cannot even imagine using such behaviour against their fellows. It’s just not what they do.

In the case of those who either don’t or won’t control it, it’s derived from a lack of reason, which in effect derives from a basic genetic capacity to empathise with other beings. A false sense of self, with all its illusions and notions of grandeur, is the dominant factor in the make-up of such inhumane creatures. They do it simply because they can, and they can because they believe that they can get away with it. It’s nothing new, sadly, but when our societies’ codes of practice teach us to turn the other cheek to our abusers and automatically forgive without good reason, then is it really surprising that some who have fallen prey to such contradictory ideas and try to live by them as realities, fall victim to those who so readily see kindness as a weakness to be exploited?

Market Share


Our society is no doubt awash with conflicting distractions, religions, politics, sports and games, all aggressively vying for market share, and the spoils of that market comes down to who gets to pick the bones of the ‘losers’, the ‘weak’, those who offend the gods who oversee and manage the market, by daring to not be like them in spirit. It’s the pack nature of the beast that we’ve never really faced as a species, as our egos won’t allow such truths to permeate the narcosis of myth and belief that ‘comforts’ us like some form of psychological thumb sucking ritual.

Therefore, as the need created from inadequates looking for fresh meat to feed their inner frustrations rises up from osmotic societal triggers that are inculcated into us from childhood, rewarding aggression by pieces of shiny metal, ribbon, and peer, tribal or school-yard approval, a continued supply of ‘losers’ must be provided to appease the cold and baleful gods of wanton supremacy and lust for power. There is an all too often nod and wink mentality when someone complains about being picked on, and even some tacit suggestion that this will ‘toughen them up’ or ‘make a man of him’, in future, so that he or she will ‘know what it’s all about in the REAL world’. Is it any wonder that our ‘REAL’ world has so much evil in it, when such behaviour is passed of as some necessary rite of passage? Every effect derives from a cause, and the cause is that such behaviour is held to be the norm to a large extent, and so society at large becomes normalised to what might otherwise be seen for what it actually is ,“ desertion of responsibility for thoughts and actions.



We are an easily distracted species, and anything that appeases the senses and removes the need to see what needs to be seen and dealt with before it gets out of hand, comes low on the priority list when it comes down to something so important as, “Who’s going to win the match?”

Man, with all his false ideas of being sprung from the mind of a god who made him in his own likeness, all too often lets himself down most shamefully when he reverts to being as lowly as something that might be found in the bottom of a petri dish. Deep down we know that we should be more careful and attentive to what actually sustains us, but the lower, baser side of our species all too often turns a blind eye to responsibility, and promotes the assumed merits of the quick gain, regardless of who pays the price, namely, one of those ‘others’, those unfortunates that can’t defend themselves from the mindlessness of the brutes.



Our societies promote ‘competition’; be it in the classroom, the boardroom, the bedroom, the office, the playing pitches, between men and women, for some unexplained form of imagined supremacy over others. Why? Inherent lacking of the nature of a reasoned being, deficiency in what it takes to be humane, that’s why.

“But, everyone has some good in them?” we often hear it said. Well, Adolph Hitler liked dogs, but it didn’t prevent him from causing the deaths of millions of innocent people, did it? It’s not what you have that’s important, but what you decide to use it for ,“ and you do decide, even by default the outcome is of your own making ,“ or maybe you think this is not right? Really, do you think so? If so, why so?

It all comes down to who is master and who is slave in any given situation, that those ‘above’ show those ‘below’ that they must all respect the supposed higher level of importance of the ‘ones set above us in the scheme of things’; and guess who designs ‘the scheme’? Who profits from all of this, and, more importantly, who loses?

Masters and Slaves


When push comes to shove, as it all so often does in this particular arena (and that’s probably quite an apt word for it) is the fact that someone else other than ‘us’ loses, is what’s important, don’t you think? Is it any wonder that the ‘gods’ who rule over us at an individual and societal level, namely the Unholy Trinity of banker, priest and politician, hold us in such lowly regard?

The best slave, the one worth keeping, is the one who doesn’t even realise that he is one, and is content to accept bullying at a level that they feel must be endured while holding on to the crumbs of reality. Essentially, bullying is rule by force and oppression, and oppression can only work when it is accepted as a norm. So, what is your ‘norm’? Remember, this is nothing new, as it has been with us and been part of us in some shape and form, for a very, very long time indeed.

And the shame grew until men were so used to shame, that shame was no more. Men learned of good and of evil; and learned he evil best, for it suited his purpose better; and so did evil become his mark.

And he shall know well of the Beast and of the base nature of the Beast. And it will be strong in his time. It will be a time of false greatness, of greed and of abomination upon the earth. Men will show only the nature of the Beast, and no humanity or reason, which is meant to be the mark of men. Man will oppress in that time, in his pursuit of gain without consideration.

Extract from The Hallowed Book of Man

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