Modern Man

See the modern man of fashion,

A man of poor taste, with reason in ration.

A busy man, who wants not employment,

Seeking only riches and mindless enjoyment.

A man who squanders his time and treasures,

Drunken joys spent on unspeakable pleasures.

Goes to Church and pays close attention,

His sexual pursuits too low to mention.

In drunken stupor, tasteless to dress, and pointless in play,

His worthless life is just thrown away.

No mind to hold an opinion of his own,

Inadequacy covered with a disdainful tone.

He looks down on all that his eyes can see,

From his false world appears polite, his friends and he.

Taught by the actor and the low, his smiles how to sell,

Even taught how to write and taught how to spell.

How great the blank verses that he painfully makes,

With empty head copies others’ mistakes.

Customs and fashion copied, his only rule,

Lives a chimp, and dies a fool.

Passed through life, no notice of harm,

Not even the sense to feel any alarm.

Bob Crosbie


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