The Compass Needle



See the compass needle swinging,

To the World’s magnetic field.

As o’er the seas of life you’re sailing,

Check your course, and never yield.


To the north there lies a demon,

‘Evil’ is this demon’s name.

To the south, the Lord of Goodness,

Sail you south from whence you came.



To the West, another demon,

Hate is named where sets the Sun.

To the east lives Lady Love,

In whose womb all life’s begun.



To the Nor’ Nor’ West, a lesser demon,

From his loins much pain is born.

To the Sou’ Sou’ West lies Charity,

With the gently nature of a fawn.


To the Nor’ Nor’ East sad Sorrow lies,

And Sou’ Sou’ East lies Joy.

Take care life’s compass, watch her well,

Don’t treat her like a childish toy.


Swing about and check your heading,

As you sail life’s fickle sea.

Only you can chart your course,

Whilst sailing into destiny.


© R. G. Crosbie 28.12.1981

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