Who’s Mad?

Who’s Mad?

It is said by the church of Rome that The Way was the faith of Jesus, so why don't they follow it?
Why invent something else?
I have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow. because I've seen the evidence each day of my life.
I have faith that if I plant potatoes I will harvest a crop, because I always have, year after year. Sometime good, sometime bad, but they've been there, a crop none the less. Such faith is based on evidence and experience, certainly not blind.
The sun might not rise tomorrow, but it's very unlikely.
I could get blight in my potatoes, but as long as I spray them ,everything will be OK. It always is.
To have faith in God where there is no evidence of a god; and plenty of evidence that there isn't one, defies reason. To go against reason is more than just stupid, it's dangerous.
To stray from the paths of certain knowledge ,of reason, of logic and provable truths, is folly beyond folly.
To have faith that Jesus was born of a virgin, when we know for a fact that he was a child of the quill, also defies reason. The first is impossible; the second very likely.
So why believe the impossible?
Why accept without question that which cannot possibly be true, as truth.?
Why does the church of Rome and its satellite Christian religions, and all the other churches, want you to have faith in things that defy all reason, fact or science?

What defines a mad person? Perhaps someone who hears voices? Someone who sees things that aren't there? Someone with unreasonable ideas and actions, like talking to yourself, or talking to someone who isn't actually there? Maybe their invisible friends are there; and you just can't see them? Perhaps only he or she can see and hear them.
How do you know?
Madness is defined as any behaviour which is unacceptable to society. Plenty of room for interpretation there. You had better be careful, or they might lock you up.
Perhaps you had better conform? That's a safe way, but is it wise?

So who’s mad? Someone praying to a god that obviously isn't there? Someone not praying to a god that isn't there? Unreal and only imagined.
Perhaps someone who believes that their god will always provide, in spite of all the death from hunger we see around the world?
Maybe someone who refuses to believe anything without evidence, is mad?

Are you mad?
Am I mad?
If so, then who says so; and by what criteria?
Maybe they're mad?

Then maybe we don't really exist. Maybe I am just a spirit drifting and imagining that I exist and that you exist.
Maybe you don't exist and you're just imagining that you do.
Do you know fore sure, or haven't you ever though about it? What's real I mean?
Perhaps you just imagine that I exist, because you’re reading this? Someone wrote it.
Maybe I do exist somewhere out there, or maybe you just imagine that you’re reading this?
Who’s mad? The one who asks the questions, or the one who just accepts without any proof, evidence, or certainty of fact?
Perhaps the one who only believes, is mad?
Perhaps science is mad, and only belief is sane and logical?
Where will you put your money, as you probably value your money more than your life? You being a reasonable person.
You may even think that you can't exist without money, but if so, how do you manage without life?
What value do you put on your life, or the lives of those that you profess to love?
What stakes/steaks are you comfortable with, apart from beef?
Where will you put your money in the great competition for existence?
Maybe you're really betting your life?
Mad, isn't it?

Then again……….?

© R.G.Crosbie
12th February 2010

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